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  1. If a record really does happen this year (it won’t) then I guess that means the UYI box set is either canceled or delayed to 2022 (both of which I’m fine with, if that means we get a new album instead).
  2. Yes, it will be released on Blu-ray in Europe in late May. No word about any other regions yet tho.
  3. I don’t know who this person is but nevertheless I am sorry to hear this and I hope he pulls through. That being said, if it’s true that his brain stopped receiving oxygen for 30 whole minutes, then my guess is that, even if he were to survive, he would most likely be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life, like Michael Schumacher.
  4. Yeah I like Keanu Reeves but I can’t see him as Constantine.
  5. Personally I’m more excited for the smaller-scaled movies they plan to make about lesser-known characters. They recently announced new movies for Blue Beetle, Hourman, and Zatanna. THOSE are the dc movies I want to see. I’m tired of the popular characters and the big-scaled shit.
  6. Estranged doesn’t work as an opener, and not all of those fit into one 80-minute disc.
  7. I gotta say, this list is actually pretty solid, even tho it’s very different from my own list! Just shows how much good material there actually is between both albums!
  8. If I absolutely HAD to cut it down... SIDE A 1.You Could Be Mine 2.Perfect Crime 3.Live & Let Die 4.Double Talkin’ Jive SIDE B 5.November Rain 6.Garden of Eden 7.You Ain’t the First 8.Dead Horse SIDE C 9.Civil War 10.Yesterdays 11.Locomotive SIDE D 12.Estranged 13.Don’t Cry (Alt. Lyrics) 14.Coma Some of the other tracks could’ve been b-sides, I guess.
  9. Yeah as of right now he’s focused on his Army of the Dead franchise for Netflix. Plus, Affleck seems to be using the Flash film as an “exiting vehicle” for his incarnation of the character. Fisher has issues with the heads of WB (and they have issues with him). Cavill doesn’t really seem interested in returning. He skipped out on Shazam and wasn’t involved with any of the reshoots for ZSJL, so they had to use repurposed footage of him from MoS and BvS instead. The biggest roadblock of all tho is the fact that making new films on the scale of ZSJL would be quite expensive, and it’s not like the
  10. How Did We Get So Dark is one of my favorite songs by any band ever, so I’m looking forward to whatever they do now! Funny enough, I first heard of these guys in 2013, before they even had their first album out! They were mentioned in a bbc article about up-and-coming bands! I had no idea back then that they would become as big as they are now.
  11. Down on the Street by The Stooges. I used to be one of the people who would say shit like this lol. Gave up around 2019.
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