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  1. ZZ Top is a very underrated band! RIP
  2. Huge knot fan here. Very sorry to hear about this. RIP
  3. Welp, it’s official. We’re getting TWO slash albums post-reunion before we get a GnR album, unless you count the boxsets… Sigh… Oh well… in other news: interesting to see a guitar company go this route, and cool of slash to support them in this way. Hope it all goes well for them!
  4. Nice! Hopefully this continues. Theory: This must be to try to drum up excitement due to the current tour not selling well.
  5. Was this the time when slash got cold sweats from not being able to go buy booze due to the studio being in a blue law county on a Sunday? Lol!
  6. Mammoth WVH is the only opener. Opening acts usually play for about 45 mins so my guess is Mammoth will be done by 6:15 and then GnR will go on at 7 so that they can play a full set before the Boston curfew (which is usually around 11:15, if I recall correctly). This is all just a guess, though. I have no idea when either band will go on, or when either band will be done. EDIT: or maybe “doors open” at 5:30 and then Mammoth goes on at 6 and then GnR at like 7:30 or 8. I don’t know.
  7. Rick Rubin was supposed to produce Libertad but basically told the band “the songs you’re writing all suck, write other ones!” Which he was 100% right about, by the way, but VR got lazy and didn’t listen and probably felt pressured to follow up the hype of Contraband as fast as possible, but that ended up backfiring on them and Libertad (and VR itself) crashed and burned as a result.
  8. FWIW Rick Rubin was just on Marc Maron’s podcast and said he was on a deadline for a “top secret” project. He was probably talking about RHCP, though.
  9. RHCP are currently recording their new album at that studio, if I’m not mistaken. Maybe Slash will do a guest spot on their new record. Frusciante and Slash… what a combo that would be!
  10. Shouldn’t this thread be locked? I’m 99% sure we already know this isn’t GnR-related, at this point.
  11. I meant TB burning a bridge with him though. Like “oh, you don’t wanna play on a few songs for free? Fuck you, then!”
  12. He was offered a guest spot tbf but turned it down since no money was part of it. I guess that’s what burned the bridge, if anything.
  13. Unfortunately this is the real answer. After Adler and Izzy were both gone, the “big three” were the only real members. And during the NuGNR years, Axl was the only real member.
  14. Not to be a nerd, but slash is slightly off with his timing here (though I understand he was just being tongue-in-cheek). This interview is from 2018. Slash was in GnR from 1985-1996 and then again from 2016-2018, by this time. So that’s 13 years. Meanwhile, Frank has been in GnR since 2006, so that’s only 12 years, by this time. But in the words of Peter Griffin: “Oh my god, who the hell cares?!”
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