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  1. Yeah exactly. Billy talks a big game but a lot of it never comes to fruition. There have been many “canceled” Pumpkins albums to bee the years. The guy changes his mind a lot. He’s probably just saying all this after The five advanced tracks from Cyr got so poorly received.
  2. ...I never said that. Did you quote the wrong person or something? Kiss has released MANY good albums. I was just talking about Psycho Circus, since that’s their “reunion” album, which is the situation we’re in now with gnr.
  3. Yup. That’s pretty much what Psycho Circus was, and it was crap. Pretty sure that I would rather NOT have something like that from GNR.
  4. I was just talking about Psycho Circus. Of course I know that most of their other albums are awesome. Why don’t you actually READ my post before commenting on it next time?
  5. I was marathoning the Kiss albums recently and when I got to their shitty “reunion” album Psycho Circus my immediate first thought was that if this is what a “reunion” album for GnR would be like it, than I’d rather we never get it.
  6. Yeah I just post here out of habit too now. I really don’t give a fuck about GnR anymore, at this point.
  7. How is Slash able to do so much when he’s been in Axl’s ass since 2002?!
  8. Really cool! Thanks for sharing!
  9. What’s soad? I know it normally stands for System of a Down, but you’re saying it like it’s a GnR song.
  10. I just realized something... Hard School would’ve fit perfectly on this pinball machine, but it’s not on there, cause the band has taken too long to make another new album... And now I’m sad.
  11. A rep from Sony was asked about this today and they responded with “those rumors are unconfirmed.” NOTE: They could’ve simply just said “those rumors are not true,” but they specifically chose to use a neutral word like “unconfirmed.” I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is happening now... but I still feel kinda pessimistic about it’ll turn out lol.
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