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  1. I wrote another series of Star Wars articles (three this time) where I analyze each film and show one at a time. Here's Part 1 (there's a link to the next part at the end of each post): https://henrynsilva.blogspot.com/2021/01/the-good-bad-star-wars-lucas-era.html?m=1
  2. They really should’ve just taken the $400 million deal for Apple TV+ and just called it a day...
  3. He did say he was jamming with/ writing for both smkc AND gnr, to be fair, but he did say GnR second and it did sound a little passive, yeah.
  4. Old Man Slash seems cool! Way more talkative and “animated” these days lol.
  5. Nice! I actually prefer the album versions of everything except Street Of Dreams (MSL Leak), If The World (Rough Mixes 2), There Was A Time (Antiquiet Leak), and Riad (Rough Mixes 1). But it’s cool to see other opinions on this!
  6. I actually like what Ron added to IRS, but to each their own! Speaking of EP’s, sometimes I think NuGNR shouldve just two EP’s, one for the industrial songs, and one for the ballads.
  7. Hot take: The album would’ve sold better, and us diehards would all like it better for being more of an “honest” reflection of what the band really was at the time... But in the long run, casual listeners would’ve ended up hating it more than they even do now. As great as those 2000 demos sound, they’re missing one major thing that most casual audiences consider essential for Guns N’ Roses, and that’s solid lead guitar solos. On those 2000 versions of the songs, most of the leads come from a guy who wasn’t even in the band (Brian May). Besides, as poorly-received as chidem was in 200
  8. I wrote this on discord, but wanted to share it here too: Yah know, I just realized something. I think the reason why AFD stood the test of time and none of the other albums did is cause, even tho a lot of the AFD lyrics are rather dark, they’re still presented in a way where the “feeling” is mostly optimistic. Whereas all of the other records feel rather pessimistic. I think that’s why most casual audiences just care about AFD and nothing else. It feels like a “party album.” Really even by UYI they already were “the Axl Rose show” since he forced in a keyboardist that nobody else w
  9. Lol I used to relate to this when I was a teenager. Not so much anymore, tho.
  10. You’d think the massive 2019 leak would’ve lead to a new album too then, tho I suppose they figured the Hardschool soundcheck was enough “proof” to court that a new album was coming. Idk, just theorizing.
  11. Yeah AJFA is a good comparison, in that regard. I like AJFA, but definitely not as much as the Burton albums, or even The Black Album!
  12. Exactly! I also wonder if the Skrewl leak in 2008 had something to do with the album finally coming out (along with Dr. Pepper, Best Buy, and Azoff, of course).
  13. As much as I hate to say this, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if the only reason Hardschool was soundchecked is because it leaked, and nothing more.
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