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  1. Well, all my theories were wrong. Oh well! EDIT: I’m actually glad none of my theories came true! The show is better for that
  2. Final WandaVision theories before the finale airs tonight: I think that blonde chick Dottie is really Arcana Jones (another witch from the comics). I think “Ralph” doesn’t really exist and was just a red herring. I think Evan Peters is really the X-men quicksilver (I don’t think they’d tease us by having him NOT really be him). I don’t think the aerospace engineer Monica talked about will be anyone special. I think vision and the kids will both survive. Lastly, I think the person in witness protection that Jimmy Woo was talking about is Dick Van Dyke (and this is the cameo Paul Bettany wa
  3. Good point. Axl kinda strikes me as a guy who has trouble making up his own mind anyways.
  4. Yeah but I have a feeling that’s not really the kinda album Axl wanted to make.
  5. Ok this WandaVision show has DEFINITELY become my favorite thing in the whole MCU now! Today’s episode was amazing!
  6. Top 5 (in chronological order): Sweet Child O’ Mine (cliche, but I can’t help it!) You’re Crazy (Lies version) Coma You Could Be Mine This I Love (Remix version) didn’t even mean to pick one song per album like that, actually!
  7. Very impressed with this one! I enjoy the “beautiful but dark” feel of it!
  8. I understand your sentiment. It could be that they’re just afraid they would look bad in the press if they admitted that they were uncertain about the future.
  9. But they’re NOT over. They’re just a touring band now, with the possibility (but no guarantee) of new music in the future. Everything they know, we already know too. That’s why the band members all give vague answers when asked about new music. They’re just as clueless and unsure as the rest of us.
  10. Sounds like the promoter needed a crash-test dummy to see if post-pandemic tours could sell, and seeing as how successful NITL was (at least internationally), they picked GnR to be that crash-test dummy. That’s how I interpreted the article, at least. And hey, if it works and everyone is able to stay safe, then more power to them, I guess. This leg of the tour is still late enough in the year that it might actually have a shot at happening. North America and Europe, tho? Yeah, that shit is toast.
  11. Honestly, at this point, I’m totally ok with the idea of Axl just doing surprise appearances in cartoons for the rest of his career, even if he never makes new music ever again. Fuck it! If he doesn’t wanna continue being creative, he might as well find other ways to have fun! And having always been a cartoon enthusiast, I certainly get enjoyment out of this kinda stuff, so it’s a win-win for me lol.
  12. As a Scooby Doo fan, I’m totally fine with this (despite how bizarre it may be).
  13. Do you guys think Shaggy knows when the new album is gonna drop? Maybe Axl played Shaggy the new version of Atlas that has Slash on it.
  14. Yeah my first thought was “Oh, so this is what Angus meant about Axl being busy” lol. Shortly after his Looney Tunes appearance, I had heard about this new Scooby Doo show in which every episode features a new celebrity guest, and I figured “Yup, Axl is gonna show up here too at some point.”
  15. RIP Daft Punk (1993-2021)

  16. Slightly off topic, but I just had an interesting observation regarding live shows and wasn’t sure where else to mention this: at recent shows, Axl seems to sing HIGHER than he’s supposed to, instead of lower (which is what happens to most singers when they age). So, rather than tuning DOWN like most bands eventually do, maybe GnR should tune UP to standard. It’d be interesting to see if they’d be willing to try that on a future tour.
  17. In my opinion, had Episode 8 continued to double-down on emphasizing the importance of the Skywalkers and whatnot, then it would’ve made everything post-Skywalker Saga feel like even more of an afterthought than it already does. Furthermore, it would’ve robbed the sequel trilogy of its own identity as, thanks to TFA, it was already too similar to the original trilogy as is.
  18. Great episode last night! PREDICTION: Episode 8 will be a flashback to how this all started and will be called “Behind the Scenes” or “The Making of WandaVision” or something to that effect.
  19. I’m not really a fan of TFA or TRoS these days and I acknowledge that TLJ has flaws, tho I think a lot of those flaws have more to do with TFA being a shitty setup. That being said, I don’t think the OT is as great as everyone says either. A lot of the same complaints people have about the ST could easily be applied to the OT (character regression, retcons, tonal inconsistencies, messy worldbuilding, universe-shrinking, etc.). Couldn’t care less about the fact that it’s “influential” or (retroactively) critically-acclaimed or whatever. Plenty of bad movies are successful and influential, and p
  20. To add to my point above: Marvel seems to have set this weird precedent that every franchise needs a grandmaster plan now. News flash: Marvel is the only one that does that shit, and even they don’t always know what the fuck they’re doing. They didn’t know they were doing Thanos until the first Avengers film was already in reshoots. The tesseract and Loki’s scepter had to be retconned into infinity stones. The cartoony-looking gauntlet in Thor 1 had to be retconned into a “decoy.” All the adult humor went away when the franchise moved from Paramount to Disney (after Captain America 1
  21. Empire Strikes Back has way more issues then just that. Why did Han suddenly forget the lessons he learned in the first film and go back to wanting to run away? That quick line in the beginning of the movie about running into a bounty hunter doesn’t count. Show, don’t tell. Why is Leia suddenly way less professional then she used to be? Kissing Luke just to make Han jealous? Falling for “bad boy Han” when he shows no signs of maturity? Kissing Luke yet again on the falcon after they rescue him from Vader (it happens really fast) even tho she already told Han she loved him by that point? I
  22. So just because movie franchises weren’t a thing back then it gives the OT an excuse to be full of plot holes but not the ST? Who fuckin cares when these things were made? What matters is if they hold up long term. And personally, there’s nothing for me in the OT to really see it as any different or “more special” than the other two trilogies. But I recognize that I’m the minority in that regard.
  23. For those of you who hate The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson said today that his trilogy is still happening: https://screenrant.com/star-wars-rian-johnson-trilogy-updates-2021/ Still no word on a release date yet tho. My theory is that Disney is waiting to see what happens with Avatar 2&3 first before deciding whether or not to green-light 4&5. So if Avatar 2&3 fail, then Rian can just take the slots that 4&5 were supposed to have.
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