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  1. In my eyes it stopped being a real band the moment Axl forced Dizzy into the lineup against everyone else’s wishes, way back in 1990.
  2. I agree. I love Contraband, but I hate Libertad. Scott sounded like he was giving it 110% on the former, and then just completely phoning it in on the latter.
  3. I remember way back in the day I was listening to the radio with my brother (who wasn’t familiar with UYI at the time, only the hits), and then Don’t Cry Alt came on and he was like “wtf? This isn’t Don't Cry!” And I was like “Yes it is. It’s Don’t Cry 2!” He looked so confused lol.
  4. I think keeping the GnR name actually helped Axl to push for things like the epic buckethead solo on TWAT, among other elements. So maybe keeping the name is indeed what was best for the music. As the post above says tho, we can never know for sure…
  5. The official title of that song will actually be “Hard School, drums +1 dB, no vox, rhythm guitar only, weird sub-bass reverb, wind howling outside the window, and Silkworms drumbeat from TWAT.”
  6. Hopefully you’re right. Even though I still don’t think we’re ever gonna get anything, I’d rather wait a long time for a GREAT album then wait a short amount of time for just another decent one.
  7. Yeah from what I gather pretty much everything Ashba and BBF brought to Axl got rejected. Ashba ended up using his stuff for Sixx AM’s double album, and BBF ended up using his stuff for Little Brother Is Watching.
  8. Maybe the point of the tour will be to culminate with the release of the album? And then slash will tour for SMKC4 early next year (before GnR does the euro makeup tour)? Maybe the UYI box has been scrapped, to not get in the way of a new record… Eh, who am I kidding? There is no new record!
  9. Oh yeah I forgot about Contraband. That album was actually really good too!
  10. If you took the best songs across Izzy’s ten or so solo albums and put them all together then I would like that better than CD. But as is, yeah CD beats all of the other post-TSI albums from all the band members by a country mile.
  11. Slight Correction: The best music they released was written by both of them WITH IZZY. That’s how we got shit like Nightrain and Out Ta Get Me. If it was just Axl and Slash writing, the best we can maybe hope for is stuff like Estranged and Coma (though I’d be fine with that).
  12. I think the real problem is that the record label and the casuals (and maybe even some of the band members themselves) all want to do Appetite For Destruction 2, whereas Axl and a lot of us diehards all want Chinese Democracy 2 (literally and figuratively). …So they should comprise and make Use Your Illusion 3!
  13. I know lol. But eh, it’s fun to imagine all these “what if” scenarios, even tho I know none of them will ever come true.
  14. Would be a smart move! Even just a surprise single to go along with WVH’s album release would be smart.
  15. Yeah and then the infamous Dublin gig happened two shows later. Crazy stuff!
  16. When they played Reading the weekend prior, Axl showed up late, and then the festival organizers shut the sound system down halfway through the setlist. So then Axl grabbed a megaphone and told the crowd “we will not be playing Leeds next weekend.” But then I guess the promoters must’ve threatened to sue him or something cause he still showed up to Leeds, but was once again late and totally phoning it in and, once again, the organizers cut the sound system off about halfway through the set. NuGnR became an even bigger joke than they already were after that.
  17. I mean, technically, it was like four albums all at the same time. It probably overwhelmed people. Too much all at once usually excites people in the moment but then doesn’t have as much lasting power. Kinda like the 1978 Kiss solo albums, I suppose. But the good news is that is diehards got more material.
  18. Yeah I know a guy who thinks GnR was a Sex Pistols type band that broke up after only one album. Tho I imagine most people out there know what the UYI albums are.
  19. For the few of you who still care: The entire GnR catalog is now in lossless on Apple Music and SCOM in particular is in Dolby Atmos. Edit: WTTJ and PC are in Dolby now too.

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