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  1. Axl sounded just like he has for years now ... When are we all going to collectively accept that this is what Axl sounds like now and it will only get worse as time goes on until his (most likely soon) inevitable retirement
  2. Not to be negative because I'm stoked GnR is actually releasing music, but I just can't get into this release because I find the original leaked version to be superior in every way ... There's not one part of "Hard Skool" I think was done better than "Hard School" .. I feel the same about "Absurd" & "Silkworms" as well ... Slash & Duff just didn't make this song better or even as good ...
  3. What happened to the recent "Frank tour drummer Brain studio drummer" rumor I've been seeing? Out the window?
  4. Weird to have a bunch of merch for just a single ... Could the forthcoming album possibly be titled "Hard Skool" ?
  5. Uhhhh Dizzy, Fortus & Buckethead are leagues cooler than Pink ... ??? LOL
  6. There's no room for breathing that's why it was never attempted. He didn't sing it straight through for the album
  7. 14 Years & Dust N' Bones are obviously not played anymore because Izzy sang those. Axl couldn't do Don't Damn Me live back in the 90s why would you think he could do it now?
  8. I see you talk about Perhaps' instrumentation a lot but I for some reason struggle so much with hearing it so clearly in the leaked form we got ...
  9. Man 2006 Axl with Bucket live has got to be the #1 wish it could have happened moments in GnR history .... Those performances would be something else .... Just hearing Bucket do his TWAT solo live is my #1 GnR fantasy I'll never see happen
  10. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/unreleased-guns-n-roses-songs/?fbclid=IwAR3qUd83yjJxPcjskvl9wKtaV1QVf6giyLLwUdcVPD-MiD__xh6BjO1WQkU
  11. I love Quicksong so much ... Axl's vocals are great and very catchy ... I remember always joking with my friend's that I could listen to just Axl making noises with heavy guitars then we get this song leaked 🤣 That last scream he does though before the outro is INTENSE
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