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  1. Yeah me either ... When it first came out I remember people on this forum were hailing it as this amazing vocal performance ... I only listened to it twice and I'll probably never listen again given it's a freaking Looney Tunes song for godsake ....
  2. Love that song and it's so cool right before Axl comes in there's an awesome guitar lick almost like an introduction then Ax comes in with a menacing rasp and his scream he holds for nearly a minute and it's all around so epic crazy to think he was singing like that as late as '07/'08 ...
  3. And is the inspiration for a lot of the lyrics on Chinese Democracy
  4. If GnR doesn't tour this year that means the next time Axl takes the stage he will be SIXTY years old .... Yikes!
  5. It's not just Black Hole Sun ... If Axl sung every Guns song in his middle-lower range voice they would all sound a million times better ... That voice still sounds just like it did in the Glory Days ... I seriously do not understand why he insists on using his incredibly weak & flat high voice
  6. GnR deserves to be laughed at & embarrassed by their frontman's abysmal performance put on full display (without even crowd noise to add some cover). Hopefully this tanks any major demand there may been to warrant charging $200+ a ticket for a decent seat ....
  7. Man when the first verse of Live And Let Die started and Axl came in "What does it matter..." I busted out laughing ... It's honestly sad how far Axl has fallen in just a short few years ... Time to hang it up
  8. Thank you I do remember hearing that now .... I still like the old leak intro better .... And man Axl just sounds awful ... I can't imagine what the band thinks every time they hear him
  9. Can someone link me the Hardschool soundcheck? I feel like I heard it last year and it was barely audible but the way ya'll talk about it sounds like you could clearly hear them playing
  10. I seriously cannot believe people are contemplating a post-Axl Guns N' Roses .... I would NEVER support a GnR without Axl ....
  11. LOL I would take current-situation Axl over ANY of those choices every day ...
  12. Slash's recent comments I think more than confirms there is no "new" music on the horizon ....
  13. I really enjoy ISE as the opener .. ChiDem is a great opened .. But as for something different .. YCBM would definitely be cool .. I wish Axl would try and use his lower mid range a lot more .. I feel like songs like YCBM & Perfect Crime would sound great
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