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  1. Fingers crossed for something special (meaning anything different than the typical NITL set). Will be bringing my girlfriend & three friends, all of whom have never seen GnR live
  2. GnR fans are so desperate they're actually contemplating being ok with re-recorded versions of already released songs ... God this is such a pathetic state of affairs ...
  3. This My first GnR show & first concert ever was Philly 2012 and I'd easily put that over all the other Guns shows I've see
  4. https://gunsnroses.fandom.com/wiki/Fear_N'_Freedom:_The_Future_of_China_and_Western_Society
  5. The red hand is such a cool & unique design I fell in love with it the first time I saw it
  6. Yes I have an album on my phone of all of the HQ scans of the booklet. I'll probably just keep it sealed. And very cool I will definitely be on the lookout for that!
  7. Just came in the mail today .. Super excited to own this rare copy of my favorite album .. Does anybody on here have one of these? I'm tempted to open it (it's sealed) but also think it better to leave it be.
  8. And shouldn't feature Slash, Duff, Frank, or Melissa ... As originally intended
  9. I completely disagree with your assessment of those songs. Also, are there really people here that would rather current Axl vocals than his takes from the late 90s? That's crazy to me.
  10. Yes they're being sold as two volumes 4 discs in total $136 Ahhhhh the famous multitracks ... Interesting! I've only ever heard bits of them through YT videos over the years from fans making their own edits/versions of CD tracks ... This was of course before the GnR purge
  11. Does anybody know anything about this and/or what exactly it is? This is in the product description for each song: (Disc 1)01-07; "Chinese Democracy"01. Kick Drum02. Snare Drum03. Cymbals04. Bass05. Guitar06. Vocals07. Additional Instruments
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