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  1. Man that Yesterdays was painful to listen to, the band and Axl especially ... WHY doesn't he sing in his middle range voice on all of these songs ???????
  2. But it wasn't technically released and do you think Axl in 1999 was worried about disrespecting the other guys?
  3. Definitely is a really weird mix ... Maybe the thought process was exemplifying the transition into NuGnR? But regardless, I do find the '99 re-recording of the 2nd half from the music to Axl's vocals very good and is the main reason why I want to hear the rest of the album. Also, yes Axl's vocals on the original Appetite recordings are without a doubt some of the most powerful rock vocals ever laid down
  4. Yeah but there's not many good quality performances to listen to ... And Think About You was awesome in '02! The biggest reason I would love to hear re-recorded AFD if Axl actually put down proper vocals for each track ... His vocals on '99 SCOM were killer
  5. As a huge fan of the OG ChiDem lineup, I totally want to hear their take of AFD
  6. There is no way Axl records new vocals ... If Axl re-recorded the '99-'06 vocals on unreleased ChiDem tracks that would be the craziest thing to happen in GnR history
  7. I love Shackler's live only because that crescendo Axl does during the chorus "I don't believe there's a reason ..." is so fucking epic
  8. My first time seeing GnR, and also my first ever concert, was in Philly 2012. It was a packed house at the Electric Factory and from what I've seen online of GnR '12 it was one of if not the best show of the year .. My only time seeing the ChiDem (v3) lineup and I'm glad I got the chance that to experience that and see Bumblefoot live playing ChiDem tunes 🤘🏻
  9. If The World is the grooviest song on ChiDem behind or after Scraped. Also one of Axl's greatest vocals delivery in the catalog I think James Bond film was the musically idea they were going for when writing it
  10. I know what you're talking about - I have it. It's just an "instrumental" version
  11. It's not over dramatic my comment was directed towards the fact that the "rock god" has only managed to release 14 songs in the past 27 years ....
  12. "Rock God" who has seemingly "fallen from grace" .... What a joke
  13. Ok but you do understand as time goes on nature takes it's course right? He's approaching 60 years old and his voice has been in free fall since 2016 ...
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