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  1. Susan commented on Melissa's latest IG post "Beautious Maximus" ... I might be looking too much into it but considering she made a comment about the new album could that be a low key reference to the "Circus Maximus" leak ???
  2. I really like it think it's cool hearing the song with a more standard verse / chorus style .. I like weird shit like My World & Silkworms
  3. Someone made a My World / Bucket song edit on YT and it's epic
  4. Hell yeah ... That clip of them that's around doing You Aint The First is such a tease ...
  5. Uhhhh what happened to Gibbo's BitTube channel? Every video has been blocked for me ..... This is so fucking ridiculous ....
  6. The reason why GnR will never agree to a movie about them is their story is too wild and the behind-the-scenes personal problems that culminated in them breaking up is too personal to dramatize imo ....
  7. Man a "The Dirt" style GnR biopic would be the coolest music movie ever ... It's unfortunate something like that will never be created ...
  8. Ozzy's dying & still managing to release & create new music ... This is beyond sad
  9. So the GNR Youtube page is uploading the "new" Greatest Hits tracks .... People are commenting on Aint It Fun "cool new song ... sounds like Estranged .. Axl is back " ....... SMH
  10. Fortus is good for Bucket leads because he's been around for the entire ChiDem era ... Slash does not do ANYTHING from ChiDem good IMO
  11. They included all of Lies though, so they didn't just not add OIAM off, they singled it out to not be included
  12. Good points! Back Off Bitch & Pretty Tied Up came to mind because the band has been seemingly trying to deny their "sexist" past lately
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