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  1. This means nothing for the States. Australia took the virus seriously and beat it down. It'll be 2022,IMO before bands the size of GNR can attempt large shows here.
  2. Not screwed at all. If the shows get cancelled you'll get a full refund. I sold some tickets for a cancelled tour. Stubhub took the money back from me and sent me the tickets so I could refund them at my point of purchase.
  3. There were/are people willing to bet money that it won't happen. I'd like to bet them unless it's against forum rules.
  4. Just leaving this here so when the forum inevitably crashes from a new single, I can say I believed all along we'd get a new album. If Gn'R were done with their album contract that information would have leaked by now. Also I doubt he wants to go out with Chi Dem.
  5. I can't believe anyone thinks GnR in the States this Summer might happen. Zero chance. There's a reason no major new Summer tours haven't been announced. Everything on the books (Guns, motley/def lep) got pushed from last year.
  6. Zero this year unless they downsize and pull a flaming lips and put all the fans inside bubbles.
  7. Zero chance these shows happen this Summer as planned regardless of what's on the website.
  8. I remember that. Kinda wish I had done it. How much was the box then?
  9. If there's another leak the boards will be flooded. When the album comes,same thing. It's just that right now there's not much to talk about unless you are in the market for a pinball machine.
  10. Let go of what? Who is forcing us to be here or to be big fans? I feel like a broken record but until someone shows that GnR no longer owe the label any albums, I'll continue to believe that new music is coming. If they never release another song, they'll still be my favorite band. I will see them again as well when they tour which I doubt will be next year so hopefully 2022.
  11. Since large tours may not resume til 2022 ,they may as well do it again for the 30th Anniversary of the tour.
  12. Considering our current "leader" thinks this disease affects virtually nobody as we pass 200,000 deaths , there's a zero percent chance these shows happen. Even a vaccine will take a long time to distribute and see it's effectiveness so yeah zero percent chance in the US that the shows happen as planned in huge stadiums. No matter how many times Trump says Covid will disappear (over 30 now and Science begs to differ) it won't.
  13. It's not rare. Best Buy dumped the vinyls for like $2. The CDs ended up in dollar tree bins. Just spin the black circle.
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