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  1. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/record-labels/9605940/gibson-record-label-slash-album-2022
  2. Five hour drive but I'm going. My Daughter has never seen GnR and neither of us have ever been to Hershey park so I'm going up Friday and spending all day Saturday in the park before the show. Don't have tickets but I don't think that'll be a problem getting them through Stubhub or at the box office before they start. Wolfie at 7 so I'm thinking Guns from 815 to 11.
  3. GnR wouldn't be selling tens of thousands of additional tickets if they released a new album. If the sales are really that poor then maybe Live Nation will think twice next time before putting them back in stadiums in the States. Even if there's "only" 25,000 at MetLife , they make a fortune on t- shirts and beer. Half empty or not, what counts is how the band (well, Axl) is.
  4. I doubt it. They'd be better off shooting commercials showing tRump getting the shot since a lot of surveys show his base is hesitant to get it. Maybe if they see footage of Don the Con actually getting the shot (I believe he did before most back in January) and hearing him say to get it, that could change their minds. Crazy that some people will let politicians not science dictate their health but at this point it couldn't hurt.
  5. Since there's no new songs to rank, do the merch. 1) Live and let die w/Covid 45 shirt 2) Anything GNAIR 3) The pinball machine (would be number one if I had it 4) SCOM children's book 5) GNR truck 6) GNR yo yo Honorable mention : Ashba water, Bumble fucked hot sauce.
  6. Yep. They had a ten club version which I think was clear vinyl that quickly sold out and then the regular version should be everywhere upon release later this year.
  7. When I bought the Motley CD they had a mail in insert that you could send in for like $10 (I can't remember it's been 27 years) and get a cd EP Quarternary. I never knew there was a vinyl of the album let alone a single. I wasn't collecting vinyl at 14 when I bought the cd. I did two years later though buy a pearl jam no code vinyl since it was cheap even though I still didn't have a record player. I found it still sealed last year and apparently it's worth a couple hundred bucks. I know there's a reissue coming out but some people want the original pressing. I'd buy that motley album but I'd
  8. I'd guess the fact that they had to cut prices on the AFD set and that it's still available showed that maybe $1,000 is too much money. Yes you'll have completists that'll buy it no matter what but a set that expensive is geared towards die hards so they want stuff they don't have. If this UYI set comes with the Japan shows on dvd, well that's a letdown. Hopefully this one is closer to the $200 price point. I'm sure tons of people on here can point to re releases that are around that amount and come with lots of rare material that die hards would want. No casual fan is spending hundreds l
  9. Momoa is friendly with the band right? He probably asked for the song and got it.
  10. Are these guys anything like tRump's Frontline doctors? The Demon semen lady that he wanted to lead the Covid response? She's an MD but nobody I'd ever wanna see.
  11. tRump is no dummy. He knows this has as much of a shot in court as his #stopthesteal nonsense. This will allow him to get his base fired up about "MURICA MUH FREEDUMBZ" as he fleeces his idiotic base for millions of dollars once again. tRump 2021: the grift continues.
  12. I think they'll play a new song and some rare Illusions material but that won't move tens of thousands of tickets. Not sure what would. Even a full AFD reunion tour might not move the needle.
  13. Not bad for $240. Doesn't seem to be too loaded up with bullshit nobody wants. $240 Limited edition deluxe numbered box set (with magnetic flap) of Metallica (Remastered) includes the album remastered on 180-gram double LP and CD, "Sad But True" picture disc, three live LPs, 14 CDs and six DVDs featuring unreleased content (live shows, rough mixes, demos, etc), MP3 download card of all audio, four tour laminates, lanyard, three lithos, three guitar picks, lyric folder and sheets, and a 120-page hardcover book with never-before-seen photos + stories from those who were there
  14. I've always wanted to go to Hersheypark. It's a six hour drive from upstate New York. The show looks to be selling decently. I still plan to wait til 30 minutes before the show and play around on Stubhub. As I told @RussTCB the only time this strategy didn't work for me was Paul McCartney in Buffalo probably eight or so years ago at our arena. The tickets didn't drop in price on Stubhub and the box office opened up seats at face value but they sold out while I was in line . I think that it being a Saturday night, at a busy park/tour opener could lead to a good crowd but I'm still c
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