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  1. They can bill it as GNR40. It'll still do fine. Nobody but us is there to hear TWAT or Hard Skool. Maybe they can do their own Gn'R eras tour and incorporate Izzy and Adler.
  2. My local show is now $25 as part of the Live Nation concert week promotion so everyone that doesn't have tickets should see if their date is participating. $25 with no added fees is a steal for this lineup.
  3. I like LAG but I definitely couldn't name any of their crew. Would knowing who that guy is be the Gn'R nerd equivalent of us knowing who Beta, Fernando etc are?
  4. Ha. Yeah if anything it makes the picture funnier. If I had paid for it I might not like it but for free on the street,by their van before the show,it is what it is.
  5. Nah. I wish I could go back to being as young as I was in the Adler photo 20 years ago though. I am sure my Slash and Axl pics are on here. Buckethead too. But at some point I'll make a thread of everyone together. I'm lucky to have met so many. There's massive fans in places some of these members will never play. Or if they do,the tickets are too expensive. Never got into when people claim they are bigger fans. We're all fans and someone isn't less of one because they can't afford something. I get a kick out of seeing and reading other fans stories of meeting our favorite band.
  6. A few reasons. Both he and Phil think mostly everything is for eBay. Even though a few fans asked him to personalize the autograph with their name. Now I'm no expert but I don't think an LAG autograph is worth that much unless it's a classic lineup signed piece (Phil, Tracii, Kelly, Mick and the recently passed Steve Riley) Also,they sell a meet and greet for $135 (ticket not included) VIP Experience Includes: VIP Laminate Signed Glossy Photo One Personal Item Signed (A signed guitar is $100 extra in cash, no exceptions) Photo Opportunity With The Band https://www.eventbrite.com/e/la-guns-vip-mar-15-st-charles-il-tickets-851146631487?aff=aff0bandsintown&bit_userid=5164163&appId=wf_jjj.ynthafzhfvp.pbz&comeFrom=700&artist_event_id=105144667 I've posted a few on here. If we get to a few months of not much Gn'R activity maybe I'll post all in one thread. Or when I get to 20 members!
  7. I think that's the ghost of Robin Williams that photo bombed me. I believe he works for L.A. Guns.
  8. I now have pics with Axl,Slash,Duff,Adler,Dizzy,Matt, Tommy,Brain,Melissa,Fortus,Josh Freese, Pitman,Dj Ashba, Bumblefoot,Buckethead , Frank, Gilby and Tracii Guns. I just remembered I also have a photo with Teddy Zig Zag but I'm keeping my count at 18 members. LA Guns are playing here tonight opening for KK's Priest. Took me a few shows to get Tracii to take the photo with me. Buckethead took less time! But the way I see it is I'm waiting to meet them,they aren't waiting to meet me. Tracii didn't wanna sign any autographs but I already had one of his from a few years ago.
  9. It probably isn't just from the venue I posted that leaked. Lewiston,NY is still a good half hour from Buffalo, NY. So that's definitely not an obvious city even though Buffalo is the second biggest city in New York State. The venue depending on what portion it's held in can hold upwards of 10,000 people or around 2 ,500/4,500(if the lawn is open for the smaller stage ) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_W._Brydges_Artpark_State_Park I don't think a tour like this with Keb Mo and ZZ Ward as openers (assuming the "hosts" for the leaked show are correct) will exactly play obscure places so I'd guess all the usual big cities will be included along with some places like Lewiston. Unless Keb Mo and ZZ Ward are bigger openers than I thought.
  10. Zero chance he's the singer. See my post above. I have heard of the names Keb Mo and ZZ Ward. I assume they are the openers of whatever The S.E.R.P.E.N.T. festival is . Also I'm not assuming Myles is the singer this tour just because the venue used a SMKC photo.
  11. This local date near me was posted by the venue. The other "hosts" are Keb Mo and ZZ Ward. It appears they have since deleted the post. Too late.
  12. I bought the Illusions on release day and I don't feel that old yet.
  13. I do. Pawnshop guitars is one of the best solo efforts from a Gn'R member. If someone can link me to something Fortus has written that's as good, I'll listen. If you mean as far as playing on stage with Gn'R there's tons of people that could do what Fortus does.
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