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  1. Lol. This Forum rules. Half say it was awesome,half say Axl sucked. I'm more curious to know the live crowds reaction. Obviously they are there for the classics but the song is out so did anyone care or did it go over like a fart in church?
  2. Is Izzy there? If not, what does this have to do with the guns show tonight?
  3. Pass. For close to $40 shipped that should be a limited color version signed by everyone on it that's not Axl,Slash or Duff. I'll wait for the full album on vinyl and purchase that. Definitely not a *complaint, complaint, complaint* many (not me) thought our favorite band wouldn't release new music. I can't imagine this appeals to anyone outside of the diehards that paid a grand for the AFD box.
  4. A broken clock is right twice a day. Time to collect from those who said GNR will never release new music. Yea it's new old music but who cares? Maybe the gnfnr ep guy was right or maybe even better it's a new full album.
  5. AFD 5 in studio. Didn't see GNR live til 92 so I guess that's my favorite live lineup.
  6. I saw the tour in London,Ontario and while it wasn't quite as awesome as my first Gn'R show in 92, it was still cool to see probably the second best time for the band besides 85-93 .
  7. Illusion era GnR were a stadium band at times. Obviously Axl and whomever weren't gonna fill stadiums in the US. Axl,Slash ,Duff (to a much lesser extent) and any random musicians are back in stadiums.
  8. Dang. If Beta is attacking the number one GnR super fan then it's truly the end of days.
  9. I don't think it's that so much as he could have seen people referring derogatorily towards his Mom. Criticize GnR management all you want but to attack his Mom with demeaning names is childish and uncalled for .
  10. As long as Lars Ulrich doesn't have to sign off on anything things should be good
  11. I can see it now on Rolling Stone. Earlier today Gn'R manager @Fernandoconfirmed the release of _______ by Guns n Roses on GnR fansite Mygnrforum.com. Forget cassettes GnR should press up a limited number of hard skool 8 tracks .
  12. Well that was unexpected. I figured people would kiss his ass which is better than the usual bashing since none of us know him or Beta in real life really. If vinyl is being pressed I'd imagine that bodes well for an album since as others have mentioned,plants are backed up for months. Can't imagine they'd just press an Absurd single that would only appeal to the hardest of hardcore fans. Anyway @Fernandohow about giving us a scoop? Forget Rolling Stone this is the largest online Gn'R fanbase.
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