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  1. Well now the MN Governor (I'll refrain from my comments on him) is allegedly announcing later this week that "Minnesotans can expect a pretty normal summer" IE- letting er rip here. Sooooo you're saying there's a chance....
  2. Well sounds like the Minneapolis show is fucked til 2022. "Target Field representatives confirmed the Guns 'N Roses and Green day concerts will roll over to 2022. Expect the same for Def Leppard at US Bank Stadium" - https://m.startribune.com/minnesota-concert-scene-is-still-rocky-as-another-quiet-summer-approaches/600050773/
  3. Lost punk record from Duff McKagan, Mother Love Bone drummer surfaces after nearly 40 years Well- no new GnR but it’s something to dive into I suppose. - https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/music/lost-punk-record-from-duff-mckagan-mother-love-bone-drummer-surfaces-after-nearly-40-years/?amp=1&__twitter_impression=true
  4. So it’s Izzy’s 59th. Looking back- who’s talent was most wasted these past 30 years Axl or Izzy? As we know, together they wrote magic.
  5. LOL Izzy talking about Indiana with him and Axl- "The girls didn’t even know how to dress when they went to gigs! So the prospects were absolutely zilch."
  6. 30 years? Wow. Where did the time go. That was a great time to be alive. TWAT
  7. Aint It Fun. Look at Your Game Girl. OIAM. Estranged. Civil War. KOHD (can’t stand it live anymore though).
  8. Is there any studio video footage out there of GnR sessions?
  9. Well.....- https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/news/9529217/teg-geoff-jones-guns-n-roses-stadium-tour
  10. The flu vaccine is about 40% effective each year “the experts” say. I can only imagine how effective this new vaccine is LOL. Not sure the purpose of it for 99.99% of population?
  11. Considering I have a 99.9% of survival without the vaccine I’ll take my chances. Now if they (the powers that be) go all Nazi and make it mandatory to do anything normal I guess I’d have to.
  12. JFC - Twiter this, Parler that, CNN, FNC, OANN. NBC, MSNBC, Newsmaxx, Facebook.....Axl was right all those years ago!!! They are all garbage it seems!! We need an Axl follow up to this rant.
  13. I would add LOLD and Don't Cry to the have to play list. *I don't need to ever hear KOHD again. Loved it back in the day but my god they've turned it into a 23 minute snoozer.
  14. That really was horrible however- being that we haven’t had a live show from anyone in almost a year I’m ready for a concert....by anyone. Even that voice.
  15. Listening to Hair Nation and Dangerous Darren just said all the NA dates are off of the GnR website. Soooo??? https://www.gunsnroses.com/tour
  16. I’d be curious of the reactions of Myles and Axl. Myles probably listens and gives it a chance, Axl probably has to get TB “management’s” permission to even listen to. Guessing they preview all emails / mail before Axl even sees. That’s probably another reason it took so long for the reunion to even happen.
  17. 20 years ago? Wow. I remember hearing the audio and seeing the “new Axl”. Crazy that it’s been that long ago.
  18. Minneapolis show 2-3 years ago- Frank came out into the Pit to watch the opening band Def Tones. He was awesome guy. Had a quick chat, told him to have a great show, shook hands and his security guy walked him backstage as DT was just finishing. Still say he has no business playing the GnR songs but really nice guy.
  19. Maybe a lot of it had to do with the anger and hunger. He had so much pent up anger and aggression, where as by 2001 he was a totally different person. Probably hard to sing like he used to when he had matured and gotten older, come to grips with the "Nu Gnr" band etc...
  20. The passion and hunger back then....so good. Glad I saw em back in that era.
  21. Matt called it Axl’s greatest performance. Hard to disagree.
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