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  1. “Guns N’ Roses has grossed $774.1 million and sold 9.6 million tickets over 453 reported shows over their career.”- seems they’ve played more than 453 shows - https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/9649107/guns-n-roses-tour-earnings-2021/
  2. Vegas residency would be great. Keep this momentum going.
  3. Houston 2016 was excellent if I recall.
  4. I never knew it was originally titled "Cocaine Talking". Definitely a top 5 Guns song. "...it's about how all these nice young girls in L.A. can't do anything before they do their coke." - https://ultimateclassicrock.com/guns-n-roses-terminator-2-you-could-be-mine/
  5. Greatest all time song. Should NEVER leave setlist. - https://ultimateclassicrock.com/guns-n-roses-estranged/
  6. It was a kick ass tour to follow along with here (on MyGNR) and my show (St Paul) was so awesome/fun. With all the "Covid" issues a lot of tours have had I'm glad Guns went off without hitch. Band is on fire and Axl is kicking ass.
  7. Zero chance Axl does the SB. Ain’t happening.
  8. So for St Paul I was in the Pit (back as I don't need to be smashed up front). Main floor is all reserved, then yes a small buffer zone (for security) then the Pit. maybe that's what you're talking about.
  9. The Pit is the Pit (single space). Early entry just gets you in before the GA crowd. Looks like the final show has early entry still available.
  10. Awesome thanks for heads up!!!! Meegan took photos and filmed 99% of the time. Does she do that every show I wonder?
  11. 1 more comment- Axl looked like a million bucks. (They all actually are in great shape. Which bodes well for future touring).
  12. Last night show was A+ outstanding. Loved it all (form back of the PIT). Some thoughts: Band sounds so good and Axl gives 100% no doubt, can't take that away. For 59 years old he sounds kick ass (singing ass off, running all over stage, dripping sweat). Estranged was outstanding. Slash just dominated all night. Crowd was great, Axl was in a great mood. Wish they'd dump The Seeker and add PTU or some other Illusions track. Never need to hear KOHD again. Meeghan was right in front of my sight line- does she take that many photos/videos every show? My god she was non stop. How many shots does she need? Melisssa- LOL. Other than some backing vocals no idea what she brings to table...would anything sound different without her? Is her keyboard even plugged in?
  13. That review is from the Mpls Strib (liberal covid nutters) hence it's a biased covid op ed basically.
  14. Pretty sure all tix are "mobile" only. I could be wrong but mine (PIT) are in my phone wallet. It reads: Section <GA1>- Row <3 digits>- Seat <#> and under Entry Info it says General Admin PIT
  15. We are likely seeing the final 6 shows of GnR for a while. Highly likely that NZ will go the way of Mexico. So what next...off til spring, add more US dates? Vegas residency? Just disappear until things (worldwide) are back to normal?
  16. Wolfie is what 7-8PM then has Guns been 8:30 or 9 start? Thanks in advance. Prepping for my St Paul show next week. Can’t wait!!!!’
  17. So Wolfie is on at 7 (St Paul show next week). Guns coming on 90 minutes later then...or what time have they been hitting stage? Thanks in advance!
  18. Was a great time to be 18 years old. I remember being glued to MTV NEWS for reports on the albums and tour -Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion tour Backstage Videos-
  19. Great guy but he’s sucks as drummer. (Which is an issue).
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