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  1. YIKES..Dont get so invested. Its only been..several decades. I truly believe it will drop on Spotify...soon.
  2. Why would they so openly tease at this stage in the game unless it's RIGHT around the corner..
  3. 0200 min mark. Axl going "Aye, aye, aye" I can't hear this from the leaked versions?!
  4. All songs which featured on the posthumous albums mostly leaked in some fashion years before the release. Do you know where your children are? Slave to the rhythm and more, they all sound incredible to what was released. Do you guys think an impersonator did the Michael record? (lol) Threatened is a banger.
  5. Let me know when he talks about music with some certainty
  6. There's a part of me that doubts Hard Skool will be released next, nobody ever dreamed silkworms would drop like it did and this is GnR, after all. Looking forward to hearing Quick song.
  7. gunns1: Hey Axl , whats your favourite song from either Chinese Democracy, or from an unreleased album? Axl:The bridge in "Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul aka The Soul Monster (working title Leave Me Alone)" which will no doubt end up "Soul Monster". I think it's r most Black Sabbath moment. Sang it on a Christmas eve. Imo the meanest section of anything I've sung to date. Which having said that I'm sure when it's heard others may disagree but we felt it was a Christmas card of unadulterated venom so to speak. I felt a lot better afterward. (Axl Rose , Here Today... Gone to Hell Forum, Dec. 2008)
  8. Spare a thought for Pitman. Lost his job over a comment on social media. Now look what they've done with his weird song.
  9. His voice was so Mikey he knocked the forums offline, possibly damage control. Anyway, Mikey is back to kick ass. SHANANANANANAAH NUH KNEEES
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