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  1. Nintendo have more soul and creativity. This captures my feelings pretty spot on.
  2. Hades is an absolute masterpiece. I cannot put it down, it seeps into my head when I'm not playing, i find its word story and characters on my mind all the time. Its a type of feeling I haven't expected too often with a game. Its supergiants masterful stroke at their own sorta rouge lite, for those unaware. Another boon for the Switch!
  3. Hes been wild lately. Back to it in full swing. Made sure to buy unexpected journeys Caterpillars trail is lovely. As well as once upon a distant plane. Awesome atmosphere, rocky tracks.
  4. Psst...most games do... But hey if you wanna illegally pirate games, you do you. Nintendo's IP is so substantial. Everything feels better on a dedicated console In my experience. Phone gaming makes me hurl.
  5. Good luck streaming Breath of the wild...one of the best games to release in the past ten years on anything but Nintendo hardware. Oh and the same goes for the heavily anticipated Breath of the wild sequel. No other system has a true system seller of this magnitude.
  6. Stadia won't be changing anything. Luna..im not optimistic. Xcloud has a good chance.. But Nintendo have already dipped their toes into streaming..quite successfully too. Resident evil 7 was streamed for Japanese users as far back as 2018. I'm most excited to see what Nintendos "next gen" plans are. Typically when they make moves, the industry listens. They have shown countless times before, a powerful console isn't what sells the most.
  7. A gamble and something to waste a large amount of money on...give it a year or so. Maybe if those Metal Gear rumours are true...
  8. They make great hardware and fantastic first party games. They have a long lineage of that, if your in any doubt of the quality of their finest offerings...keep enjoying GTA I guess. Nintendo bring a style and feel not attainable anywhere else. They own IP which is worth more than most. - Meanwhile...Xbox still doesn't have that exclusive killer must have game...STILL. why are THEY still making consoles?
  9. Goodbye is amazing. Scary little green men and Under The Graveyard are other favourites. Today is the end is great too. It's got a dark lyrical tone throughout - No surprise but I like it.
  10. I cringe, facepalm and die a little inside whenever I hear SCOM for the millionth time.
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