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  1. Fernando is an abuser Maybe just like Axl Who could believe either of em. Their words mean shit.
  2. I've asked if that same person makes a lot of threads on a forum and/or enjoys writing homosexual fanfiction, pretty straight forward.
  3. WRONG THIS is a thread only about FANS jokes, not ACTUAL jokes, members of guns N roses have said. Hahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahhahahaha
  4. Does she obsessively make new threads on not defunct guns n' roses forums about the first thing that enters her head, too? ... Does she have a thousand plus word creepy fan fiction referencing homoerotic encounters, as well?...🕯️
  5. Most of the people named in this thread will be forum regulars. Not a good idea Karice. 😱 🤔 💡..... 🕯️
  6. The 2000 bucket and fink version is far superior
  7. Who's gaslighting? What aren't you understanding about what I said? Who's mocking? Let's not repeat the same threads.
  8. I've only asked for your thread to receive more attention, so you can't be talking about me.
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