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  1. Of all the stuff we've heard from the Village leaks... why? OMG might've made sense as a CD2 bonus track or something, had it come out a decade ago. Shitworms has no business being on what is likely the final album. Even as a big CD fan, I honestly don't see the appeal. There's no chance Slash and Duff would improve those songs IMO.
  2. I wouldn't complain if they played it, but there's plenty of other deep cuts I'd rather hear.
  3. Definitely gonna listen to this one later tonight. Did you talk much about the 2019 leaks?
  4. I always thought it was odd they never stuck with one logo... there's 4 different logos on those 5 discs!
  5. Assuming they still would've made it 2 LP's, this would've been as great as AFD (and it would've just barely fit on a cd) Side 1: Civil War You Could Be Mine Perfect Crime Live And Let Die Side 2: Right Next Door To Hell Dust N' Bones Pretty Tied Up Don't Cry Side 3: The Garden Garden Of Eden Dead Horse Don't Damn Me Side 4: Coma Locomotive
  6. Let's not pretend Frank plays Estranged or November Rain or others perfectly either...
  7. Seeing a bunch of 60-year-old multimillionaires trying to recapture AFD would be pathetic. They already missed every opportunity to do it right... just leave it in the past.
  8. There's too much to list, honestly. My favourite artist just announced he's dropping 4 projects next month - 2 collab albums and 2 full solo albums. He's got a 3rd album dropping a couple months later (produced by Shooter Jennings) plus a full movie to accompany the album he's releasing at the end of April... and he's already released 1 collab album earlier this year. Meanwhile, here we are with GNR...
  9. Assuming they want to release another album, they should set aside 15-20 CD era songs for the current lineup to work with, and release everything else in a box set after they've called it a day. A box set of CD era material is pretty much the grail at this point... honestly the 2019 leaks were pretty much a "2000 Intentions" box set but I'd still like to hear everything from 1999-2010 eventually.
  10. Axl: We owe it to Paul "The Original Guitar Player" Huge to include it. If I'd had time to really complete Appetite, this is how it would've sounded anyway. Slash and Duff: Goddammit...
  11. If it were ever gonna be released, I'd think it would be in a CD box set. And even then, it's just a curiosity thing for a few hardcore fans. It would be cool to hear it once, just to know what it sounded like and to hear Axl's '99 vocals on some of those songs, but if you think they wouldn't get slammed for releasing it in any other context... You're fuckin' Crazy.
  12. The only time I can think of where I had an issue with a seller, was when I ordered a bootleg Buckethead 7". It came from Eastern Europe and at some point I just assumed it was lost in the mail... then it randomly showed up at my door like 6 months after I ordered it
  13. I used to hit Neptoon records and Scrape records whenever I was in Van. Scrape was the best, shame it closed down a few years ago. The stores around Victoria kinda suck, but there's a couple decent ones. Tbh I get most of my records online now.
  14. I really think the AC/DC gig followed by excessive NITL touring has fucked his voice up beyond repair, unfortunately. He can still sound decent but I think even a 2016 level, let alone 2010 or his prime, is less likely than new music... and I don't think new music is very likely!
  15. I couldn't care less about future touring, so Axl sounding like his prime again but still singing the same songs he's sung a billion times would still be boring. New music or GTFO.
  16. At what point did they actively root for Putin over Biden? It's pretty obvious that Biden wouldn't do well in that debate... pointing that out doesn't mean 'rooting for' Putin. It's just acknowledging reality. On a side note, I got a good laugh out of this
  17. Yea, at this point my expectations from the band are pretty low, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
  18. I think if they've agreed to do CD era songs, they'll let Axl get the sound he wants from the recordings, then just play the songs their way live, like they do with CD, Better, etc.
  19. Well yea, I'm not saying it's ideal, it just wouldn't be too surprising...
  20. With any normal band, the answer would be obviously no. But with Axl it wouldn't be that surprising. Not that it's likely, but it's certainly not out of the question. When you spend 20 years (!!) with certain songs, you become attached to certain parts. I'd guess that the 'texture' of the rhythm tracks will largely stay the same - Slash will play all the lead parts and Duff will re-record the bass obviously, but it wouldn't be too surprising if the rhythm tracks were spliced together with guitar parts by Fortus, Paul, Axl, Slash, etc. and the drum tracks were spliced together like on IRS.
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