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  1. I’m moving to south London in November. Nothing sorted re accommodation yet. I’m putting the family in an AirBnB in Manchester until the end of January and moving in with my sister down south while looking for somewhere to live for that time. Might stay longer with my sister and send the family to France or Spain for a couple of months after that to save some money. 😂
  2. You only have to look on google street view to see why.
  3. It's that special kind of captivity. Y'know, the type that you can end at any time of your own volition?
  4. I’ve tried to watch Revenge of the Sith a bunch of times in recent years and can’t get through the first hour. The story is awful and I’ve seen better special effects on a PlayStation 2. 😂
  5. The first movie was and still is a stone cold classic. The less said about the sequels the better. Watched the second one at the cinema and that was enough for me. To this day I've still not seen the third. Bit like the Star Wars prequels in a way. Saw the first one and managed to enjoy it at the time based on goodwill from the original trilogy so went to see #2 and it was so shit that I've still not seen Revenge of the Sith. Like women having proper parts and not getting their tits out every 5 minutes I'm guessing.
  6. He is. He's a right fat cunt!
  7. New footage of the allied troop withdrawal from Kabul. 😂
  8. I use CEmu. It's a WiiU emulator but the game is the same as on Switch. Configuration can be a little tricky but worth the effort IMO.
  9. You can play all the Zelda games up to and including Breath of the Wild via emulation on even a half decent PC. I've got it working on my parent's laptop at higher framerates and resolution than the Switch version.
  10. No they haven't. Islam is only 1,400 years old so that would be a neat trick.
  11. You’ll have a great time. Just don’t go with @Ace Nova
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