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  1. You can't really do that though. No legal system is going to have a different threshold for conviction. It's either beyond reasonable doubt or it's not. You can't say we're pretty sure that this guy did it so we're going to give him a life sentence but this other guy we're REALLY sure about so we can kill him.
  2. "A group of Karens is called a complaint."
  3. It's also a LOT cheaper than putting them to death interestingly. Check out the cost of executing a prisoner in the US vs keeping them in jail for life. With all the appeals and legal avenues that have to be exhausted in most cases before you can execute somebody it's pricier than life in prison. Here's Ian Hislop making (it's a good thing she's) Priti (cos she's not very bright) Patel look like the dumbass she is.
  4. The old thread is only halfway down the page. I've got it narrowed down to 3 suspects so far.
  5. Where is the miserable old bugger? I've missed him this past couple of weeks. Hasn't gone and got himself banned has he?
  6. Surely the British virus is herpes?
  7. Nope. They still need to get 17 Republicans to cross they aisle so it's a big ask.
  8. The death penalty has no place in a civilised society. I'm not going to cry myself to sleep over this one getting deleted however.
  9. Have you played Super Metroid on the SNES? Absolutely awesome game and it's available on the Switch store thingy.
  10. Hey, I'm a dick but I'm an equal opportunities dick.
  11. Far be it for me to defend Trump but given the number of bullshit affidavits from people claiming election fraud I’d not be surprised if many of these were also highly dubious.
  12. Pfft! I was playing this on my Commodore Amiga in 1991. Nearly a decade before Ocarina of Time came out. :p
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