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  1. Especially me! Last time I got my hands on a hand gun in Texas I almost deafened myself shooting (full) paint cans in my brother-in-laws garage.
  2. Guns rule! They shouldn’t be allowed but they are awesome.
  3. Cunt is either offensive or not depending on the context and the country you're in. If you're in the UK/Australia/New Zealand then it's often used as a term of endearment almost. People will refer to each other in a friendly manner using it all the time. If you're in the US however it's considered much more offensive.
  4. You can’t really be antipodean and not use cunt after every second word. That’s why they call it the Aussie comma.
  5. Give it a rest you couple of moaning cunts!
  6. There’s more than enough to track me in my farts if I’ve had a hearty breakfast.
  7. Can I just point out that vaccines are typically drawn from multi dose vials so how do you make sure only one microchip goes in each shot? Imagine if your doctor draws up all the chips in the vial in the first dose and you end up walking around with 5 of the cunts in you and the next fella gets off with none.
  8. It’s okay in person. I’ve been to a couple of games in Philly and had a great time.
  9. Can’t wait for a pint! Vaccine program still going well.
  10. See this is why I miss Len. At least he never judged me.
  11. Well you can hardly have “anal” in the job description can you?
  12. Not really. I'm a bit sad that Corrie has been cancelled for the night but otherwise I'll live.
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