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  1. Every wank you've ever had will be floating around in the air. I imagine it gets very sticky in heaven.
  2. Is that why @DieselDaisy suddenly has the second highest post count on the forum? No wonder nobody can find any evidence of racism!
  3. As somebody else with little in the way of medical training please enlighten me as how one lives without a liver. I only ask because one day it might be useful.
  4. Not strictly unrelated if you want to talk about late term terminations. Up to graduation in some cases.
  5. But seriously my point is that there was an age where you thought to yourself that some of the girls in school were pretty no?
  6. You didn't fancy slags until you were 15?
  7. You didn't fancy slags until you were over 18?
  8. UK Government locking down the north east. Looks like @DieselDaisy and @bucketfoot are due a few early nights.
  9. I actually can't see the point of buying the non digital version for an extra $100. One of the main selling points of these new machines is the superfast NVME SSDs which only work with full mandatory installs for all games so it's not like buying physical media gives you room for more games on your machine. Even on current gen I can't remember the last game disc I bought that didn't require a whopping great day 1 update to be downloaded anyway. I recently reinstalled Doom 2016 on my XBox One and even with the disc there was a 60GB patch that had to be downloaded and installed before I could pl
  10. I'd absolutely take you up on that. I've only ever been to Ocean City in New Jersey and that was 20 years ago when I was a Camp Councillor in Pennsylvania in summer 2000.
  11. So this is a tiny snippet of our exchanges.
  12. One of my very best friends is a hardcore Brexiter and loves Trump. I wake up most mornings to "Sleepy Joe's a Pedo" Whatsapp messages.
  13. So a lot of terrible policies in summary.
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