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  1. This is my all time favourite. 😂
  2. They got a Mike Hunt in too. 😂
  3. I'm not even joking. I'd even give Marjorie Taylor Greene one given the opportunity!
  4. Avocados are fucking horrible too!
  5. Have you ever noticed that Norway, Sweden and Finland kinda look like a penis? You're a geographical glans!
  6. I guess it works if you have a variable refresh rate monitor but I'm playing on a TV with 60hz fixed refesh rate so it just makes it look jittery and gives me a headache.
  7. The problem I had was that the framerate was jumping by only 1 or 2 frames between 57, 58 - 60 FPS so it wasn't dropping massively but was just really juddery. As soon as I turned off the variable frame rate and just set it to target 60FPS it ran completely smoothly. You're right about the 3 daughters though. During those scenes I went from rock solid 60 FPS to about 15 at one point.
  8. More like tens of millions.
  9. I had the Astra Zeneca a couple of weeks ago and felt a little achy for a couple of hours the next morning but I was fine by lunchtime.
  10. Resident Evil Village. Word of advice to anybody thinking of buying it on PC. Turn variable frame rate off in the settings. Ran like a bag of shite until I switched that off but now it runs brilliantly.
  11. Good! Saunders is a sack of shit! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
  12. Yeah, we're fucked!
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