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  1. The response by 'fans' to this is absolutely disgusting. It's a game for fuck's sake, get a grip.
  2. I'm trying to keep the faith on this- there's potential for amazing positive change from a bleak start. Happy New Year everyone
  3. Great job! I've stopped relying on the scale but I'm definitely a lot...squishier, since lockdown. Going to start running again, dancing as much as I can while stuck at home and trying to clean up my diet as I think that's the biggest thing that's deteriorated this year. We've got some resistance bands at home now so I can at least do some strength training.
  4. Had a fun photoshoot a few weeks ago
  5. Yeah it's like a small tree, about 5ft
  6. Anyone know much about Yucca plants? Total plant novice here, I've got a potted yucca out on my deck and I'm not sure he's doing okay or how best to care for him. In the UK so pretty wet and cold here through the winter.
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