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  1. I'm trying to keep the faith on this- there's potential for amazing positive change from a bleak start. Happy New Year everyone
  2. Great job! I've stopped relying on the scale but I'm definitely a lot...squishier, since lockdown. Going to start running again, dancing as much as I can while stuck at home and trying to clean up my diet as I think that's the biggest thing that's deteriorated this year. We've got some resistance bands at home now so I can at least do some strength training.
  3. Had a fun photoshoot a few weeks ago
  4. Yeah it's like a small tree, about 5ft
  5. Anyone know much about Yucca plants? Total plant novice here, I've got a potted yucca out on my deck and I'm not sure he's doing okay or how best to care for him. In the UK so pretty wet and cold here through the winter.
  6. As a key worker myself I get her reaction, even if it was a bit excessive. Everyone is stressed and scared right now, even moreso those who have to work in public-facing roles right now, and remember she's essentially risking her life for likely minimum wage. OP you were 100% in the wrong for crossing the barrier designed to keep her safe and should have found an alternative, she was justified in being alarmed but does sound like an overly aggressive reaction. On a related note, I got yelled at the other day by some old lady for having the audacity to walk on the pavement instead of the
  7. You say that, but people have very variable symptoms and some none at all. I had a moderate chesty cough which isn't totally gone 3 weeks later, plus a few days of being really tired with bad headaches and shivers. A week later I was getting better, my husband started coughing but not as bad as mine was, however he had a week of sleeping pretty much constantly, running hot and cold and he was quite nauseous and hardly eating. Both of us lost our sense of smell which I've never experienced before, his has come back but mine hasn't. I wasn't so sure I'd had it until he had symptoms.
  8. Not tested, but reasonably sure my husband and I have had it.
  9. Unless you're a key worker, yes. Don't be surprised if there's extra measures to properly impose it eg. where the police can detain you for being out of your house without a good reason, too.
  10. Vets aren't on the key workers list in event of a lockdown, apart from out-of-hours emergency vets...which makes no sense as emergencies still happen in the daytime when a lot of these facilities aren't open as the GPs would usually be...so who's to be there for those animals? I completely understand shutting down routine appointments and surgeries but someone needs to provide medical care for sick animals. At my work we've all been given letters to carry around with us to say we're essential staff to care for the animals living at our shelter, for if we end up in a situation where the p
  11. UK to close schools. I have heard from a couple of different sources that we are effectively preparing for lockdown to come on Friday
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