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  1. It's a real concern because with the greatest respect to Axl, you wonder what a 2 year absence will do to his singing voice. I've no doubt they'll keep touring because fans will want to see shows as soon as we can but they aren't getting younger. I took my money back from the MetLife show last Summer because I had 3 floor seats that totaled almost $800. In New York we feel so far away from a concert being a reality that it just didn't make sense to me to keep that credit with the band.
  2. I thought Ashba was okay. He was a good guitar player but for the non-die hard fan there was a consensus that he was a cheap Slash replacement with the mini top hat. Probably preferred Robin Finck if I'm honest.
  3. I've always made a point of giving as much due respect (as possible) to my fellow members of this forum. What this is, is one of the most nonsensical pieces of texts I've ever read on this forum. I've always valued your point of view. When I saw Axl with AC/DC at MSG in 2016 I walked out the show wondering Axl was in the wrong band all along. He was earth shattering that night and I've never - before or again - heard a more powerful, wonderful live vocal performance in my life. That said, your point regarding "wasted potential" is truer than anything I can think of. GN'R lost so m
  4. Sorry - I don't agree with that. I think the end might be nigh but the band didn't end in 1993. They've released a live album, a Greatest Hits and a new album since then. My point is more along the lines of 'there's probably nothing next', and that's fine.
  5. For clarity, I'm not referring to the forum. I love this forum. I'm talking about what we expect from the band. Everyone is very good at scaling back and saying "I don't care very much anyway" but we all do. My question pertains to whether we need to accept that we've seen the best of this band and perhaps its time we manage our own expectations?
  6. I pose a question to the forum: is it time to let go? Disclaimer: I absolutely anticipate this will be merged or swept into another topic because it doesn't contain a new piece of info but this part of the forum is called "Discussion & News" I joined this forum in 2005 at the same time as @Axl_morris because we were obsessed with the mythology of GN'R; who Axl was, where he's been and what comes next with this amazing rock band. 15 years later, I've seen them 8 times (on both sides of the Atlantic), I've arrived at a record store for opening for Chinese Democracy, I've flown my g
  7. After 15 years on this forum (I'm that much of a veteran and that lame) I'm officially weary of debating Axl's voice. He's one of the greatest live singers who ever performed. Those of us who have seen it live, good night or bad, are lucky to have done so. He's in his mid 50's now. He hasn't sounded like he did in 1992 because that was 23 years ago. You'd struggle to name a singer who can sustain performance over that length of time. Maybe he can't deliver the songs now with the same venom in his voice but his passion, determination and tenacity in his vocals have never failed. That said
  8. Is the point of Guns N' Roses not meant to be that they're as unconventional as they come? Sure, it'd be fun if they'd released a new album every 4 years for the last 30 years but there's something to be said for maintaining quality over quantity. If they don't have genuinely great music to release I'd probably rather they didn't. Part of the fun of this band is the mythology associated with the "what if" element of the band. Since 2016 I've managed to see them 4 times in various places around the US. I'm grateful for that and if that's all I ever get again then, to me, they'll live and d
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