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  1. As a fifer I hate to agree. But also fuck you!
  2. Why is there no International/Email/mobile ticket option for Chicago? Appears to be US mail only.
  3. For stadiums requiring vaccination, what about those who have had AstraZenica?
  4. These shows would sell better if the floor was all standing. Like in Europe. Seats on the floor at $350-$450 is outrageous
  5. It doesn't help sales that the first tickets you see are the inflated verified resale & VIP packages. You have to filter out to get to actual price or a standard ticket. Alot of people will be confused by that system.
  6. Isn't rick banned from the shows? He was probably telling him to shut up as he leaked those songs so obviously not popular within the camp. Also, do you think they would have a whole host of new material for a secondary market tour? We'll get hardschool, pretty tied up, think about you.. and if you haven't seen them recently you might get dead horse, locomotive also. That's "new" enough for me.
  7. Casually dropping my knowledge of St Petersburg Florida into every day conversation
  8. Florida FT Lauderdale. Been posted for around 3 days now. Hard rock, hollywood
  9. Maybe they are booking available venues to fit in their roster, not much available last minute, with covid.. etc Looks like a similar size venue in Atlantic City also. Or it's just a Billboard in Reading for the Hershey show.
  10. For whatever reason I don't think the band will ever put out original material. I'm sure they have crunched numbers and looked at the market and it's probably not "worth" it financially to go into recording new music. They will just tour from stadiums down to arenas & festivals and until their last show.
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