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  1. Probably hangs out in circles with other celebs where theres no paps or nerdy fans
  2. I think we would have heard all those 4 songs, not necessarily at the same show. The tradition is they add more songs to the set as the tour goes on. Oh and axl has been at rehearsals plenty times since Vegas!
  3. There won't ever be a new guns album. It's been 12 years since the last, and you're being strung along believing so. The money is in the touring, a hits tour will bring in more money than a new album (that will quickly be forgotten)tour, these guys aren't 30 any more.
  4. I'm crying into my Hammersmith 06 & Vegas 16 ticket stubs reading this. I cant let go..
  5. 180 days what bullshit, never attending any future shows in poland
  6. Who's idea was it to have a fireworks factory near a storage facility of ammonia nitrate?
  7. Why aren't you a nutswinger? If you're not swinging your nuts at Ax and the boys then your opinion doesn't count.
  8. I'm sure it's so easy and jungle already exist from this show?
  9. The cenataph is a war memorial remembering those who died in both world wars. The monarchy and political Leaders gather round it once a year to pay respects. It was graffitied with ACAB last week, and someone tried to burn the flag. Some soldiers in civilian clothing went to clean it off the next day and were given all sorts of abuse. This ignited alot of anger in the veteran community, who have lost friends In various conflicts. So they made a stand to defend it as it continued to be graffitied, they don't want drawn into a political/racial debate thats essentially started in America. The ve
  10. Metallica must be seriously disrespecting world events as they have uploaded 4 full length concerts in the last month
  11. Received London refund but not Glasgow. Maybe the date of the show has to pass before a refund?
  12. You have to request. I got confirmation of a refund, still waiting for it to drop in but it is a weekend. https://help.ticketmaster.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360002617858-Submit-a-new-request was approved within an hour
  13. Axl wouldnt take the shit he does with all those paps outside his house!
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