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  1. The planet called W.Axl.Rose I personally prefer - CDII (pre 2006 Bucket/Robin/Brain) released at Christmas 2021 - Current lineup proper new album released 2022 with a worldwide tour
  2. UYI could have been 2 Albums. UYI 1 (1991) - The Guns Album Right Next Door To Hell Back of Bitch Bad Obsession Double Talkin Jive Don't Damn Me Bad Apples Dead Horse Coma 14 Years Get in The Ring Shotgun Blues Pretty Tied Up Locomotive You Could Be Mine ☆ 3 Singles (YCBM, Dead Horse, Coma) UYI 2 (1994) - The Roses Album Live And Let Die Don't Cry You Ain't The First November Rain The Garden Civil War Yesterdays Knockin On Heavens Door Breakdown So Fine D
  3. I feel confused, cause i notice you defend someone who criticises and judges everyone else around him, while stating for him not to judge him.
  4. Axl, all the years he played the victim while criticising everybody else. He was the first to point the finger and badmouth others in front of thousands of fans. and in every official gnr statement. Bear in mind his lyrics at Get in The Ring & Double Talking Jive. He was the one costing thousands of $$$ with his antics, late appearances, childish behaviour and riots etc. He never managed to keep a successful lineup long term with constant changes. He could not keep a woman in his life long term with at least two lawsuits of serious charges. He has been taken care of and even ma
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