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  1. Yeah! I absolutely agree about Robert, he is the blueprint for how a singer should sound as they age and reinvent themselves. Brian still sounds good for what he does for AC/DC, but if you listen to his early stuff both with Geordie and with AC/DC up until 1983 you will notice that he did enormous amounts of damage to a voice that was absolutely beautiful. Both Robert and Brian are examples of the damage done by abusing drive an constantly pushing into the upper limits of their range. Both of them cope with their limitations and adapt better than Axl this days, but I'd say that they lost
  2. Well, for many reasons both personal and professional I have been studying vocal techiniques and working with a vocal coach for the past year, and thought I'd chime in. Unfortunately Axl's singing has every indication of someone who studied a lot of vocal techniques, applies them and seems to be working hard on getting around his sadly increasing limitations. There are a few examples. When Axl screams or sings a longer vowel, note that his tongue is pressing against his lower teeth. That is proper singing techinique, is something that you study and train or body to do as it ensures optima
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