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  1. I see. I was speaking specifically in reference to an earlier point I made (to Downzy) about the vast majority of republicans being utterly regular people and not racist, xenophobic, anti-immigration etc. etc. etc. In doing so I'd cited the fact my girlfriend's family were voting for Trump but legitimately didn't like the guy for the reasons you probably wouldn't like him, yet agreed with his party's policies concerning the economy. Was in no way meant as a reference to alternative ideas being an unacceptable alternative. I have many Biden voting friends and I only have respect and admira
  2. I don't believe I said or implied that, did I?
  3. Downzy - I've taken a few days off to observe the chaos unfold before responding to you. Allow me to acknowledge your thoughtful disagreement and sensible, fact-based retorts. Looks like you were spot on with Biden being the president elect (assuming we don't get another surprise). I do maintain that I was (somewhat) correct because whichever way you slice it up, America didn't give the outright rejection of Trump many expected. He was/is clearly a popular president for many people and many seemed to have wanted him re-elected. The whole "take Pennsylvania to the Supreme Court" and "deman
  4. Again, I don't genuinely believe that most Trump supporters support kids being separated from parents at the border. Everyone knows its an absurd policy which has no longevity, hence its been fought in court in almost every state in America including bordering states such as Texas and New Mexico. Disagree. Obama's administration had a tough immigration policy against illegal entry so for many Americans I doubt they genuinely recognize the difference in policy other than the media talking about cages at the border. Not a popular thing to point out but Trump was correct in highlighting i
  5. I said "roughly half". It's an electoral college system so it's not about winning the majority is it? It's about winning where it counts. You may be right that he wins less this time. We'll see. I actually don't agree that you become complicit based on a vote administered. I can't remember a prior election or referendum anywhere in the world whereby if you decide against voting for the Republicans you're, therefore, automatically providing a vessel for racial, sexual, political violence/abuse etc. etc (I'm clearly not quoting every bad thing Trump supporters are accused of - can't reme
  6. Downzy, statistically half of America will vote for Trump. Let go of the notion its because they like the person. That can't be true, surely? I think it's almost more of a protest vote against the "standard democrat alternative".* * Note: I quoted that to help make my point but no one has actually said that.
  7. I've always made a point of giving as much due respect (as possible) to my fellow members of this forum. What this is, is one of the most nonsensical pieces of texts I've ever read on this forum. I've always valued your point of view. When I saw Axl with AC/DC at MSG in 2016 I walked out the show wondering Axl was in the wrong band all along. He was earth shattering that night and I've never - before or again - heard a more powerful, wonderful live vocal performance in my life. That said, your point regarding "wasted potential" is truer than anything I can think of. GN'R lost so m
  8. My two cents; historic 48 hours ahead. I've lived in the US for 5 years now (UK originally). I don't have the right to vote quite yet but I think I can give an reasonably interesting perspective as someone who is removed, yet exposed to what's happening. Honestly, whoever wins, I wouldn't be surprised either way. I personally think Trump will be re-elected. Speaking to friends, family (my girlfriend's immediate and extended family), colleagues etc. you get the impression that really level headed people are going to vote for Trump but just wont advertise it. I find it really hard to accept
  9. Sorry - I don't agree with that. I think the end might be nigh but the band didn't end in 1993. They've released a live album, a Greatest Hits and a new album since then. My point is more along the lines of 'there's probably nothing next', and that's fine.
  10. For clarity, I'm not referring to the forum. I love this forum. I'm talking about what we expect from the band. Everyone is very good at scaling back and saying "I don't care very much anyway" but we all do. My question pertains to whether we need to accept that we've seen the best of this band and perhaps its time we manage our own expectations?
  11. I pose a question to the forum: is it time to let go? Disclaimer: I absolutely anticipate this will be merged or swept into another topic because it doesn't contain a new piece of info but this part of the forum is called "Discussion & News" I joined this forum in 2005 at the same time as @Axl_morris because we were obsessed with the mythology of GN'R; who Axl was, where he's been and what comes next with this amazing rock band. 15 years later, I've seen them 8 times (on both sides of the Atlantic), I've arrived at a record store for opening for Chinese Democracy, I've flown my g
  12. After 15 years on this forum (I'm that much of a veteran and that lame) I'm officially weary of debating Axl's voice. He's one of the greatest live singers who ever performed. Those of us who have seen it live, good night or bad, are lucky to have done so. He's in his mid 50's now. He hasn't sounded like he did in 1992 because that was 23 years ago. You'd struggle to name a singer who can sustain performance over that length of time. Maybe he can't deliver the songs now with the same venom in his voice but his passion, determination and tenacity in his vocals have never failed. That said
  13. Is the point of Guns N' Roses not meant to be that they're as unconventional as they come? Sure, it'd be fun if they'd released a new album every 4 years for the last 30 years but there's something to be said for maintaining quality over quantity. If they don't have genuinely great music to release I'd probably rather they didn't. Part of the fun of this band is the mythology associated with the "what if" element of the band. Since 2016 I've managed to see them 4 times in various places around the US. I'm grateful for that and if that's all I ever get again then, to me, they'll live and d
  14. If you're so anti-GN'R why bother? We know how it works these days so is it even worth worrying about? i spent around $700 on floor seats for me and my girlfriend at the show at MetLife Stadium in July. If they're unable to play I'll get the money back but I'm not holding it against the band. If anything they're not cancelling because they probably want it as much as we do. I'd rather they didn't confirm its canceled and hope that it happens and if it is canceled I'll know that they likely did everything they could've to ensure it happened. I'm not picking a fight, I just can't see how th
  15. In that sense, of course, I agree. However it's more complicated than that given this is a global tour where different legal scenarios apply to different countries/states. I imagine the promotion company are scrambling to understand what is feasible vs. what is not and that is causing a challenging scenario. Look at the golf championships for example; you have 4 Major tournaments + 1 international tournament all governed by different bodies who all have different opinions of what "correct" looks like. If the band were to add a poorly thought-out statement to the circumstance it may only furthe
  16. I'm not sure I agree with this. This is a band who've been continually slandered by fans over the years for being non-committal, half-baked in information sharing and generally non-responsive. As far as this goes, absolutely no one can predict what can and can't go ahead so rather than needlessly frustrate fans with further unconvincing messages, they've done nothing until they have facts which, from a business point of view, is smart.
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