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  1. I was just thinking about how we all used to do that here years ago with Chinese Democracy. Daily checks on the Geffen website etc. There was a date on their website (I don’t remember what) that we counted down the days until it was here and then it came and went without incident. But I’ve taught myself to keep the faith. I thought CD would never be released and then suddenly there was a tour in 2006, non stop Axl interviews and eventually a new album. I thought they’d never tour again then suddenly Slash & Duff were back in the band and they were headlining Coachella. There will be an album.
  2. I hadn't realized he'd completely cut his hair off in the late 90's. It's truly bizarre how different he looks in the 2000's. It's like he had facial reconstructive surgery. It also looks certain that he had hair implants.
  3. This is an impressive amount of information. I haven't always had my finger on the pulse regarding leaks over the last 10 years. How do you know about these titles?
  4. I'm now convinced we'll recieve a new album at some point next year. Hard Skool demonstrated they can still throw a great song together and having seen them 3 times on the We're F'n Back tour I saw nothing that made me think Axl still can't belt it out, especially in the recording studio. I've been a skeptic but now I'm a believer.
  5. Was at the show on Saturday night. Absolutely great. I have to say, the venue and the sound quality was excellent. It was one of those places where there genuinely wasn't a bad seat in the house. Far preferred this to the stadium shows I went to at MetLife & Wrigley Field on this tour. Axl was in phenomenal voice the whole night (I overheard various people in the bathroom - obviously during Better - talking about how he absolutely still has it). The band were visibly enjoying themselves and the setlist was cool with Coma kicking off the encore as a nice surprise. Great show - shame the tour is ending cause it really felt like it was just reaching the heights we expect of GN'R.
  6. If I was a member of Guns N’ Roses I’d be scratching my head if my “fans” were giving sarcastic pity to other fans. Feels like needless trolling? You’re right. People are perfectly entitled to their favorite voice, album, tour etc etc. Won’t disagree with you.
  7. I’m not sure I know what that means?
  8. If you feel so strongly why are you still here? I think we feel bad for you rather than the other way around.
  9. I watched You're Crazy from Saturday night and it sounds like Axl is reaching heights (vocally) he's been skipping before. He sounds great. I thought he did all along but now he sounds really great.
  10. No that his weight is necessarily a topic, you are right. He looks healthy.
  11. Wichita is this tour's version of This I Love i.e. Axl's solo vocal performance.
  12. I mean that's great news if true. Was she on stage? I don't know how that relatest to my post?
  13. Beta is streaming live on Instagram. Looks like a great show in an intimate venue. Axl is talking a lot to the crowd but I can't hear what he's saying. He sounds in great voice and the band sounds tight (as usual). I know Knockin' on Heavens Door is usually not a popular one on this forum but it sounded brilliant (from what I saw). Looking forward to Chicago next week.
  14. I think this is fair. I often read the reviews, expecting to read something about Axl's voice sounding poor but it seldom appears. Most compliment his ability, aged 59, to reach some of the high notes. The "rasp" concept was more-or-less an obsession invented by this forum.
  15. Checked out some highlights from last night. Band sounded really good. Axl sounding sharp.
  16. I’m worried about this tour continuing. Some high profile musicians are canceling their tours. I hope not but you don’t want to be the ones labeled a “super spreader” event.
  17. The forum that no one uses apart from the occasional defector and people who have been banned from this one.
  18. Have we deployed a forum member tonight to the show? Really curious to see if the tweet about it being "out of control" had more to it than just general hype.
  19. The modern iteration of Thin Lizzy opened for a GN'R show I saw in Scotland back in 2012. Whilst no one could ever replace the perfect Phil Lynott, I recall it being exceptional. Edit: I guess I should've said they opened for the modern iteration of GN'R...
  20. I keep saying this but you won’t even notice in person. It comes across so powerful in person that it’s the last thing you’re thinking about. Great that he’s warming up though. His voice is so high pitched and unique it’s probably easy to pick holes in it. I still think he sounds great.
  21. This whole post absolutely nailed it for me but I agree with this point in particular. I was with 35,000 fans at MetLife having the time of my life and it dawned on me how much fun everyone around me was having and how not one single person there cared if they played a new song or not. The whole band sound great and I love the show they're doing these days and I cannot wait for Chicago. Really well said @GoodOlJohnnyK and the part about calling the chef a "fat cunt" made me laugh out loud.
  22. I don’t agree. It struck me (and the people I was with) how powerful his voice was. I’m sure on YouTube it sounds feeble but in person it was powerful and impressive. I doubt anyone who was there left thinking the sound guy wasn’t doing his job. The show was in New Jersey so there was no restrictions to speak of. Some were wearing masks but that was personal preference. There was actually a sign outside saying Proof of Vaccine was not required for entry. I can’t speak to the Australian policies.
  23. Just got home. One of the finest performances I've ever seen. I went with 3 people (two of whom had never seen GN'R) and we were all blown away. Axl was on it from start to finish. The people around me who were going wild for him were the only indicator I needed. Slash was breathtaking. I'm sure if you watch videos online his rasp wasn't sufficient, or his high notes weren't the "2010 Axl" but tonight he was perfect. It was a stunning show, he didn't miss a note and I left with 3 people who made me buy them $150 dollars worth of shirts because it was that memorable. Axl also said "Absurd" would be "available for download" as of midnight but I don't honestly know what he was talking about. Separate point - I made a joke the other day about how he's shit at November Rain now. Best performance of it I've ever seen him do in 10 shows between 2006 and now. If you have tickets for the next shows. Keep them. They still have it and you'll love it.
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