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  1. So after 2022, Axl, Duff Slash and others did not wonder where did Kat dissapear? She was friendly with everyone, I am sure all of them knew what was going on, especially Megan and Susan.
  2. I feel Fortus would know about all of this, but he would never stand up to Fernando, before also he said that he will not work with Slash and when the reunion happened, he was all love for Slash, at least DJ Ashba had more spine than Fortus.
  3. I really hope Kat gets justice, it's not just about money, she went through mental torture and so much harrasement. Kat was always cool with Axl and the other members. Fernando and whole TB should just stick to take care and clean Axl's house, they are not capable at all to manage any kind of business.
  4. Wasn't she and Fortus dating back in the day? Was he aware of this? I guess even if he was aware he would not stand up to Fernando.
  5. Logged in after 7 years! hope everyone is doing well. This is extremely disgusing, really kick out TB and get a proper manager. I am honestly not surprised and won't be surprised if something similar happened with Mellisa too.
  6. Well I thought to make this thread as the last thread got closed, I usually don't post my pics on the internet and especially not on forums and I would be like the last person to make a thread like this, but well I guess no one over here will do me any harm. So well this is me, this was taken Last Year in Singapore.
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