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  1. I agree. I loved his take on the No Bull tour where he replaced the syncopated fills with some powerful snare rolls, but beyond that he reverted to a watered down version. On that tour he was bursting with energy in general. Snare rolls all over! It's funny that for a band where the drumming often gets labeled as super easy that the person on the drum throne can make a huge impact on the sound.
  2. Disappointed. I was expecting an Ozzy cover. On a serious note I dig it. It sounds like a cross between Gone Shootin' and Stiff Upper Lip. I love the laid back vibe.
  3. That actually wouldn't be a terrible idea when tours are able to resume. I'd welcome a co-headline tour. Shorter sets (90 minutes to two hours) would help Brian too.
  4. As bizarre and yet exciting as AXL/DC was there's no denying that the black cloud that seemingly followed the band during the Rock Or Bust period would have been a sour way to end things. I'm glad the proper line-up is getting another go and Brian is back in his rightful place. I'm a big Slade fan and I genuinely thought Phil phoned it in on the Black Ice Tour, but Phil came back strong the first time around on the Ballbreaker Tour and he played terrific on both Rock or Bust and his solo album so I have no doubt the Phil of old is back.
  5. Releasing new music during a pandemic? How dare AC/DC not respect what's going on in the world.
  6. It's not Bill Bailey, it's Billy Shears.
  7. I think that's exactly what it was. A rebranded version since Wal-Mart wouldn't sell anything with the parental advisory sticker on it. It's basically a redundancy in the catalogue at this point. Might be worthwhile for a collector I suppose.
  8. I'm surprised you've never been able to find it. No links are allowed on the forum but let's just say a very popular Internet video service can probably help you out. Axl's incredible on the opening of Jungle but then it's all down hill from there. One of the many great "what could have been" for Guns, especially during that unique period.
  9. Little late to the current discussion but my two cents - I do think Nintendo really came back strong with the Switch. For me though, as a very casual gamer, I look at games very much as a dollars to time ratio. Horizon: Zero Dawn cost me $10 and that's an insanely immersive game. Got Red Dead 2 for $50. I've probably sunk over a hundred hours into Hitman 2 and that was $15. Want to have a couple races in Mario Kart? $80. Ultimately, I just get better value with the other consoles despite my love for Mario. I don't get too heavily invested in collecting older games that I just won't
  10. Updated photo montage of my trio! I find trying to take photos of guitars in decent light almost impossible.
  11. Yes, just make sure it's the dedicated Electrical Contact Cleaner.
  12. I've had that happen many times. Three way toggles are notorious for that. Usually you can just pick up a cheap contact cleaner from the hardware store and spray it directly into the switch. Sometimes that's all it needs. At at a worst case scenario with a lot of killswitch abuse the switch will eventually seize and you'll have to replace it, but toggles are cheap fortunately!
  13. It's a fat profile, so a little thicker than I'm used to (my old Classic had the slimmer sixties profile) but super comfortable all the same. It's got 57 Classics which I've never cared for, but they sound massive in this guitar. Eventually I'll probably do what I always do and get some Seymour's but these will do!
  14. Usually I'm pretty up to date with the Gallaghers but I missed this. Disappointing, but I'm team Liam anyways.
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