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  1. All of this. They clearly had their sights on a billion dollar box office but I don't think any film is going to be hitting that again for a long time. The thing is, nobody is going to look at any film right now and call it a failure. It is unprecedented times for everything, and indeed the film industry as well. Just put the film out for rent on the VOD services and call it a day. Sure, Bond is a very special "cinema experience" as it were but now is the time to make an exception. October is also somewhat silly as well. If it's that close to the year's end, they might as well just bump i
  2. I really like the interface of my Zoom G5n. It's dated, but it is super easy to use and edit on the fly. It's very practical as a stompbox replacement and my "patches" are essentially just different combinations of pedals. Switching in and out is a breeze.
  3. What he said above. I was under the impression that it was essentially an amp version of the GT-1000 or what have you. Either way, all the more impressive that you've got such a killer sound at 0.5 watts! Be careful not to speak that too loudly on a guitar forum.
  4. Absolutely. Great tone can be had for cheaper than ever!
  5. @ZoSoRose I agree. My first amp was an MG15 and it was perfectly respectable for a budding guitarist, and I quite literally used to carry it through the snow to bring it to school when I'd play and it never failed on me. I think some people just have some unrealistic expectations because "this $100 amp doesn't sound the same as a true vintage JMP" or "iT's nOt tUbE" and it's like... well no shit. I'm also with you on the low volumes thing. That was a huge factor in why I ditched the Vox. In general, I find that Marshall's perform well at low volumes anyways. I don't use a lot of gain
  6. You know what Marshall series I feel bad for? The MG series. Of all the solid state amps out there, I could never understand why this particular series became the most hated of all. With some proper EQ and a decent player, they rip. These days you'd be better off with a Katana for the same price, but still.
  7. I couldn't decide which colour vinyl to get so I left it up to my daughter. She chose the yellow one, so that's what I got. Looks dynamite when it spins.
  8. I think it was 25 years for the amps, 50 years in music. Double anniversary for Jim Marshall. I agree though, super confusing naming especially when you consider the original run was later rebranded the JCM 800 Custom Series but contained identical circuitry, and of course the JCM Slash 2555 for the first reissue.
  9. Definitely! I like that I can crank the Lead Master but roll off the Output Master to get great tone at controllable volumes.
  10. I admire your willpower! I'd like to say I'm pretty set now. If I ever downsized now I'd like just move over to the DSL series and pocket the difference, but otherwise I think at this point in my life I'm in the Marshall family for good. For effects I've condensed to a single Digitech Whammy 5 and a Zoom G5n. Covers everything I desire on that front. Fortunately for my wallet I never got into the boutique pedal thing!
  11. Unfortunately no. I'd love to have a room full of the various amps I've owned over the years, but I generally just buy/sell/trade my way to the next thing on my mind. I've had a serious GAS problem with amps over the years as you can probably tell. Glad to hear the tube solved the issue! It sounds like you set it where I do (output master at about half on 5 watt). That seems to be the sweet spot! The only further thing I might do eventually is swap the internal speaker to a Vintage 30 like the big brother.
  12. Pretty Tied Up in particular sounded great. Further proof that they should stick to songs that allow him to sing in that range!
  13. Kidding aside, there were several clips from the same soundcheck that were clearly all the current line-up.
  14. How to know something is real - Axl sounds like shit.
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