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  1. What I took from the synopsis it's that it's only covering his life up to and including Back In Black, so while I don't expect the book to abruptly end I wouldn't expect much detail about the later years in general. Granted, I suppose there isn't much he can really cover beyond that anyways. He wouldn't be the type to go into detail about what truly happened with Phil in 1983 or how he felt about Slade's sacking and so forth.
  2. I enjoyed his last book despite it be more anecdotal in style (and about his love of cars as opposed to life in the band), but this is a day one purchase for me. I was very happy to see this get announced.
  3. I think he could still bring it for that part and let it rip. It's the first half of the song that he seems to Mickey for no real reason. The opening lines are the biggest crime! Likewise with Live And Let Die. Why he slips into Mickey for the intro is beyond me. It's not like those are notes out of his natural register.
  4. Songs that don't require either his raspy highs or his grandma voice wouldn't require much rearranging. I don't mean go all acoustic or anything like that, but he Mickey's so many parts of songs that were quite literally sang in his natural voice on the album and it's puzzling. Look at how he approached November Rain in 2002 where it didn't sound like Mickey/Grandma at all but still sounded like the song. Live and Let Die, the bulk of Estranged, Used To Love Her, and so forth are all songs that would sound far better in his natural register than whatever it is he is currently doing on tho
  5. Indeed, and his overall tonality in his natural register is still great. So many of the songs would sound totally fine if he readapted then to fit his natural voice. Different, but fine, and he'd knock it out of the park every time.
  6. I have to say, I actually gave this one a second watch. The only other one to get that distinction from me was the Mexico/Houston one. I think most would agree that this is far from the best of the 2016 shows, but ultimately it proves that even a weaker 2016 show is lightyears ahead of what was to follow. Seriously, just give us a bunch of 2016 material and we'll probably shut up for a while!
  7. Honestly probably the only thing that'll get me to buy a ticket to a future show.
  8. I mean, for everything Axl is and isn't, the man definitely has a sense of humour!
  9. This was a pleasant surprise. If only the Selects the entire time had lived up to this quality here then I think we would have seen far less complaints. It also shows how ridiculously easy it is to please the fans and let the negativity dissipate slightly by putting out something actually decent. Much better versions of ISE and RQ than we had previously. RQ was pretty listenable overall thanks to a pretty decent outro from Axl and I thought the jam in the middle seemed to drag less than usual. Tasty licks from both sides. Nightrain saw his voice on the verge of total break-up but he
  10. I feel like summer 2016 is the safest bet for any and all Selects (it's a shame the powers that be don't feel the same), but at least this is among the better of the SA shows if memory serves me correctly.
  11. The more 2016 the better, and Welcome to the Jungle from 2016 should sound especially good considering it's usually one of the stronger songs for Axl in general. Cautiously optimistic for this round!
  12. This thread is something else. Fernando and Beta may very well be the nicest people in the world and it's nice that they've been a support system for Axl, but that doesn't make them qualified to run a rock band, of which the "management" has been laughable at best. I have a friend who is super nice and has been a support to me over the years, but I'm not going to hire him as my accountant or something seeing as he would be extremely unqualified for such a position.
  13. I don't know. I think you could pretty comfortably bet on Axl sounding like shit at the first show back or the band being a continued disappointment.
  14. Ah, 2016. Who knew it could feel so nostalgic already. Axl was back on top of the world between the long awaited reunion and fronting AC/DC. There were basically nothing but positive headlines on all fronts. The broken foot, the Dave Grohl chair, Coma back in the set at every show, Axl sounding very good overall, the leaked AC/DC rehearsal videos that proved what a voice he still had, and a bright future. Then the next four years happened.
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