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  1. Plus I figure if they were ever going to work that into a film then now was pretty much the one time they could get away with it. It allows the five films to really stand on their own little continuity with a sense of finality to it. Although let's be real - the true tragedy of the film is Mathilde's Dou Dou.
  2. I think that's going to be part of its charm in years to come. Craig is the only Bond to date that really got a proper finale. Most of the other "last Bond films" were just business as usual and not exactly tenure bests.
  3. I suppose Craig kind of earned his one more fantastical Bond after some serious tone for a while, but I know what you mean! I find it helps if you look at it as an updated version of Blofeld's allergy clinic virus spreading stuff from OHMSS. I mean, minus the nanobot business.
  4. First up - I owe you an apology. Re-reading our bit of discussion made me realize that it seemed as though I was directing things at you specifically rather than the general demeanor surrounding the film on some other ends of the Internet. While I disagree about the Q line standing out, my secondary response was rather crass so I'm sorry for that. I think I just poorly explained what I was trying to get at. In my first post after seeing the film, I couldn't help but mention that it was funny what a non-event the whole "other 007" angle was in the film. In particular, the people who had a problem with it and who still seem to be convinced that it is going to be Lynch in further entries in the franchise astounds me. The film doesn't hint that at all. Rather, I find that those old headlines presented a package deal - this is the "black female 007" and thus some people are unable to escape that mindset. Granted, I probably shouldn't give so much credibility to YouTube and/or Reddit comments but it does some to be rooted in it being that she is both black and female. From the "making of" book it seems pretty clear that this was a Fukunaga idea (stripping Bond of the number, though that itself is an indirect lift from the You Only Live Twice novel). That's why I don't think it's fair to consider that Lynch was only cast to "tick a box" because if it wasn't her, that plot point would have remained. I thought she was excellent in the role. Jinx done right. I think the sensationalist headlines created a lens that people went into the film with and held onto. For the Q thing - it's true, we could go around and circles. While I agree that, generally speaking, it is better to create new characters instead of this sort of "hand me down" process of changing existing characters, to me Q is very a much a new character in the Craig timeline. Whishaw is his own Q and not Boothroyd - just as Fiennes is Gareth Mallory and not Sir Miles. In Spectre we explicitly see Moneypenny's boyfriend and he even has a line. I don't recall anybody having an issue with that. We saw Dench M's husband in Casino Royale and reference to him in Skyfall. Q is just another MI6 regular getting some more traits explored, and in the context of the scene I see no issue with him telling Bond/Moneypenny to hurry it up because he has someone coming for dinner. I suppose I just don't see how that is different from Moneypenny in bed with some guy in the last film. Thus, to me, the only variable of difference is that Q is gay. A non-issue, so I'm not sure why it stands out so much.
  5. What did you think was so bad, or what didn't work for you? Minus the ending. I realize that is bound to be polarizing. I've just yet to see anybody who just flat out hated it so I'm curious on your thoughts!
  6. Campbell recently said he'd be down: https://collider.com/bond-26-director-martin-campbell/ I know he's starting to get up there in age but as long as he's healthy and willing I'm all for it. He may not be a flashy name but he definitely gets the job done. Reminds me of the old school Bond directors who got promoted from within and therefore took a more workmanlike approach to the films. I'd be happy for him to complete the hat trick of new Bond introductions.
  7. If only Martin Campbell had directed Quantum... In retrospect, considering it was Forster and Craig polishing up the script it's amazing it didn't end up a total disaster. It's good for what it is! Writer's strike and shaky cam be damned. If they ever went went Amazon spin off route I would totally watch a Paloma show. She was fantastic in the film. The Cuba scene is a highlight of the film and a scene I feel like I'll keep going back to.
  8. Same here. Despite being my least favourite Craig film it falls roughly in the middle of my overall ranking. I like that it's short and to the point. Easily one of the more rewatchable Bond films.
  9. I agree. I also don't mind the brother thing all that much. The problem is that I never get the sense from the performances (or the script) that these guys actually grew up together. Waltz's performance in particular is very one-note. I feel that he was going for cool, calm, and collected - but we never see a real difference between the jealous ridden Oberhauser and the insane SPECTRE leader. He always acts the same. If they're going to do the foster brothers thing, at least go all in on it! Otherwise I find it's Quantum that I've done a complete 180 on. I rather enjoy it these days after being completely underwhelmed at the time. It took a long time to grow on me.
  10. They added a character trait. Does it take away from the film? No. Does it add anything? Also no. Therefore its a non-issue. It should be possible for gay characters to be in films just because and not immediately jump on this ridiculous bandwagon of "it's gone woke" or whatever. I can't honestly imagine being bothered by it. The thing is - if people truly didn't care that Q was gay, then it wouldn't be an issue that it was mentioned. People are taking issue with it being mentioned, so as much as they might like to pretend they don't care, clearly they do. How am I reaching or making things up? Literally ever headline was "Lashana Lynch becomes first black female 007." I am not making that up at all. None of that was EON's doing. What made it amusing to me is that yes, people were actually believing the sensationalist headlines - many of which could be argued were rooted in agenda pushing (I'd give you that). Then it ends up being played mostly for laughs in the film and resolving itself anyways. Total non-event based on those headlines from early on. End credits roll - James Bond Will Return. Barbara Broccoli confirms Bond will stay male and they will reboot again. So again, where is the agenda? I'd like to think that most people wouldn't have an issue with "yet another minor character" being black, as you put it. It's a nicely diverse cast in this film, and I'd like to think that it may very well be they hired Lashana Lynch because she's talented and fit the role they were going for. I had my skepticism ahead of the film, don't get me wrong - mostly that she'd be another Jinx - but certainly not "oh my God they cast a black woman, there goes EON pushing that agenda again!"
  11. I suppose it's just astounding to me that out of an (almost) three hour movie that a fleeting line from Q while he's quite obviously making dinner for someone or like four lines from Nomi where she tries to get under Bond's skin for having the number is what the takeaway from the film is for a select vocal group on the Internet. I guess I'm just not remembering the scenes where Nomi constantly overpowered Bond or where it was confirmed that the franchise is continuing with her in the role.
  12. Exactly - whether Q is waiting for a male or female is irrelevant. That's why it's a non issue. If he had mentioned it was a woman people wouldn't give two shits. They're only bothered because it's a male. You won't convince me otherwise. Who gives two fucks if Q is gay? As for the female 007 - there is no way that people would have been so pissed if it was a white male character as the replacement 007 or Ana de Armas. The fact that things like that make people so insecure is pathetic. As soon as you cast a black woman or a gay character it's suddenly "to fit an agenda." Might be able to make an argument if Whishaw was still playing Major Boothroyd but he isn't. Are Moneypenny and Felix also agenda driven casting? I found Wright to be inspired casting back in 2006. Perfect for a modern Felix to Craig's Bond. It'd be incredibly hypocritical to be bothered by Nomi - an original character with whom they can give whichever story - but be cool with Fleming's "straw haired Texan" being played by a black man. They weren't forcing anything. Nomi is actually quite an insecure character, and it's not like any of that overtakes Bond in the film or threatens his masculinity.
  13. Ultimately I think they played the "aging Bond" card a little too early in Skyfall. I know the implication is supposed to be that much time has passed after QOS but in hindsight I think that particular theme became a little too dominant. I think it works far better in NTTD since it's less to do with his age and more his desire to have somewhat of a proper life. NTTD is book ended wonderfully with the OHMSS thing - the film opens with mother and daughter and ends with mother and daughter. Bond has guaranteed that they will have all the time in the world - a nice play on expectation. One could also argue that the reason that the gun barrel sequence shows no blood is to foreshadow Bond's demise. Maybe, after nearly sixty years, it's Bond getting shot instead. The bits of the YOLT novel that showed up (in particular the quote M reads in his tribute to Bond) were most welcome as well. Fuck it. This is my favourite Bond film of all.
  14. Don't lie. You actually recorded your podcast in 1999 and are only just releasing it now after splicing Bumblefoot's parts into it.
  15. True, but the code name theory was that "James Bond" itself was the code name so I don't think the whole "female 007" thing is going to mean anything going forward. Cary Fukunaga said that giving the 007 designation to someone else was added to give Bond yet another struggle since he pretends it doesn't bother him but it does. I remember there being a lot of fans going "well how is he supposed to get the number back" and then Nomi literally just tells M to give it back to him. Plus the credits give us the usual "James Bond Will Return" so I think we are truly safe from the code name theory. One thing I do hope with the inevitable reboot is that they don't do an origin story again. I'd rather just jump right in. I think it'll be too soon after Craig to try any sort of narrative arc without repeating what's been done. Also, if you haven't yet, I recommend the new "The Making of No Time To Die" book. It made me appreciate of lot of Fukunaga's decisions even more. I don't know if I've made it obvious or not, but I absolutely loved this film. 80% OHMSS, 20% YOLT novel.
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