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  1. Phil is looking far better than he did a few years ago. Seems to have straightened himself out!
  2. Really nice! I forget if you mentioned before or not, but are you getting any of these covers or originals recorded with a full band? If so, how is that going?
  3. Very moving as always. Your voice definitely has the qualities of Springsteen. I always knew your tonality reminded me of somebody but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. That's not a bad thing at all I might add!
  4. Paul McCartney just announced a new album, written and recorded entirely by himself during the lockdown. I wonder if Fernando is going to tell him he should respect what's going on in the world?
  5. ADKOT is indeed an excellent reunion album and the songs are fantastic. I don't love the production on it, but that's a minor gripe. Reworked old songs or not, it is a textbook example of a reunion album done right. It's up there with their best so it's a great note to end on. Well, not counting the Tokyo Dome album which I can barely listen to. FUCK is my favourite Sammy album. I loved Eddie's tone during that era.
  6. For me the debut loses points for two covers (as much as I love both), and while I would never dare to slight the impact Eruption had on me (and the rest of the world) I enjoy listening to Spanish Fly just a little bit more. So I basically consider VH II to be a slightly more refined version of the debut, plus it has Women In Love.
  7. Am I only person who thinks VH II > VH?
  8. Oh that London show! What a weird gig. Such a strange, yet fascinating atmosphere at the fairgrounds which in itself was an odd venue to see them at. I recall it being the cheapest tickets of the tour which was great, but yeah Dave was atrocious. Like, really bad. It was such a crime because Eddie was in absolute top form but even the songs that sounded passable in 2012 were far removed. The frustrating thing is that Dave hasn't actually lost his voice. He could sing the songs correctly, or at least as good as could be expected at his age, if he wanted to. It's annoying more than anythin
  9. I think I'd rather play Red Dead.
  10. It's the Lzzy Hale signature one. I had a growing love affair with the Explorer shape thanks to The Edge (and Dave Keuning from The Killers). A few years ago I had traded in various guitars to fund the SG Custom at the time so I was definitely itching to get another "second guitar" and decided to make that an Explorer. To make it "me" I wanted the equivalent to my SG but in Explorer form, so my local tech pointed me in the direction of Lzzy's guitars. I like Halestorm enough but hadn't paid much attention to her signature models other than knowing that she favored Explorers. I also didn'
  11. The Wolfgang's are lovely guitars. Even the budget ones are incredible value for the money. I used to have a Wolfgang Special but sold it along the way to fund other gear.
  12. Since there's still the AXL/DC subforum there's been discussion in this thread here:
  13. I think I like the production better than Rock or Bust, at least based on this song. It sounds more sleek and I dig the guitar sound. Reminiscent of the guitar song on For Those About To Rock (I'm thinking Put The Finger On You in particular). In lieu of the picture disc I pre-ordered the yellow vinyl. I asked my daughter to pick red, yellow, silver, or black. Yellow it is.
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