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  1. Literally every other band embraces fan shot footage on their social media which automatically means that this brand will do the exact opposite.
  2. It sounds like the tour is going ahead so while it's disappointing that the pandemic delays are what caused me to miss seeing the original trio live (I have tickets for a twice postponed show next May - first time seeing them), part of me is still happy that I can at least see Billy and Frank and get some of the experience since both guys still play at the top of their game. I was watching some of the last gigs with Dusty last night and while he's leaning back and taking it easy on the hip he still played and sang great right until the end. Absolute legend.
  3. I was just coming to post that. But awful news all the same.
  4. I agree. I never liked when he goes right for the higher voice on the first verse. It suffers a similar fate these days when he Mickey's half the song when it's a song incredibly suited for his natural voice. I just don't get it. That said - amazing footage all the same. It's nice to have some footage of Axl sounding good which is few and far in between on their official channel!
  5. Glad to hear the tube swap went well. I feel like I've read reviews on the factory tubes being duds for many users. Should not be a thing for a UK made Marshall but alas - at least it is fixed! I actually recently went ahead with my lunchbox purchase - got the newer EVH 5150 LBXII-S. It was the only one in stock when I went so I was a little worried that the Red channel would be way too hot for my purposes (like it is on the bigger brother), but it's been great. So great that I'm thinking of leaving the Jubilee behind for the second time. It succeeds in getting the "cranked Marshal
  6. The Killers put out a new album just ahead of the pandemic and the tour inevitably got postponed. What did they do while they weren't touring? Recorded another album. They just announced its release date and will now be touring behind both albums in the new year. What a bunch of disrespectful cowards.
  7. I think Slash's TWAT solo shows how much he respects Buckethead's work. It's probably the only one of the CD solos that he sticks more or less to the principle melodic content and then just Slashifies the rest. Great take on the solo!
  8. It's amazing how the band/management always find a way to sink to new lows. What an embarrassment.
  9. I'm all for more Buckethead live releases, but this seems a bit of an odd Pike release considering the overlap with the excellent 2019 live album and the truncated versions of Siege and Soothsayer.
  10. I really do wish there was a better way to order from the Pikes. It wouldn't take much to get the site better organized and shipping a little clearer. That said, I find it slightly amusing because usually by the time my order shows up in the post I've long forgotten about it. I just picture Bucket himself packing up the stuff and walking it to his local USPS drop off.
  11. Pretty Tied Up is a given I would think, but I also agree with others that songs like Bad Obsession, You Ain't The First, etc... should be played anyways since they're much easier to sing.
  12. Had the Toronto show not been cancelled I probably would have taken them up on the four pack offer if applicable. Despite my overall disinterest in the tour I'd definitely go for twenty bucks. I'd bring my daughter along and a friend or two. It'd make for a fun night out so I'd even settle for a passable sounding Axl.
  13. That's truly an outstanding quote. "We don't do drugs." I guess Slash actually encountered the shadow monsters for real.
  14. I feel like 300 would be a nice round number to move on from the Pikes.
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