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  1. Ah ok, I understand. Still though, not many people outside of this forum care or even know about HS. They completely botched the 30th anniversary though. It could have been a huge thing and all we got was some shitty merch
  2. Everyone learned a hard (pun intended) lesson last night about hoping for a new song. It won't happen until it happens.
  3. Nah, I was at the show last night and outside of this forum, the reactions to the show were pretty positive. I don't think there's any damage to control.
  4. I'm so grateful that I got to attend this show but I also was not as excited to be there as I was for previous shows. The show was cool and I had a good time but I had much more fun at the 2017 shows. Maybe I've grown past it but nothing really stood out to me. I ended up leaving after Absurd, not out of disappointment but because I wanted to get to my hotel and get some sleep before my trip back tomorrow. Wolfgang put on a hell of a show. I'm not a fan of his music but the show was really cool. It was cool to see all the casuals in the pit being thrown off by Absurd and then there's me rocking the fuck out to it Hard Skool not being played didn't ruin the show for me, it just sucks that it wasn't played. Again, I'm super grateful and I genuinely enjoyed myself but honestly it wasn't as exciting this time around.
  5. I left after Absurd. I had a blast but I physically cannot stand anymore and just wanna get to my hotel Let's hope Hard Skool happens
  6. Changeover now. Wolfgang got off stage about 15 minutes ago
  7. Does anyone going know where the GA line is at? I could only find the VIP line
  8. I'll have to call the hotel during the show and let them know I'll be checking a few days late
  9. Anyone from the Chicago area- I'm coming in from Iowa on I-90. How much should I have with me for the tolls? This is my first time driving through Chicago on my own
  10. They're looking very seriously at what they're doing in that regard
  11. Thursday is a Skool Night GN'R at Wrigley on Thursday HARD SKOOL CONFIRMED
  12. I just tried "Hard School". It will list Shadow but not GN'R whereas searching for Hard Skool lists both
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