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  1. Yeah. While SCOM, NR and PC for me easily could go. Wouldn't dampen the enjoyment of the show for me. But no ISE and Brownstone? Fuck no.
  2. As with the first Star Wars of the last trilogy, I think it only can be judged once everything is said and done. Of course we all know how that latest Star Wars turned out.
  3. Wichita Line Man Beautiful But yeah, Spaghetti 2. Then 2 years later UYI 3 and 4 years later AFD 2 and call it a day. Perfect bookend.
  4. 30 years after Spaghetti Incident. I would love that. I like even numbers.
  5. Seriously, it is depressing talking/reading about this shit. What could have been if cooler/less stubborn heads prevailed.
  6. It's Slash way of saying, that he doesn't give a shit about a new GNR album, he got his own shit to take care of. Good for him. 5 years of GNR reunion, zero GNR albums, 2 SMKC albums. Who would have thought? We know he's living the dream. Wonder what the new one is gonna be called.
  7. Yeah. And people think Sade fans have it bad. Well, at least here is touring in between and not complete radio silence.
  8. Yeah. I had the same thought when I saw it first pop up on his IG.
  9. Luke Evans will be at least 45 when a movie with him would be due. I say he's too old.
  10. No. I don't. I could imagine he gets more money than the others, due to seniority and maybe Axl sees his value as the only hold over from the UYI era, but other than that. Same deal. Hired hand.
  11. Oh, well. I have to wonder, why only 5 episodes? Why not wait until they have enough to tell a decent story? And why have He-Man barely in it, but and I guess that is a spoiler, have him die twice. It's hard to rate it, not knowing how it's going to continue. Visually, apart from the butch lesbo vibe, it looks great.
  12. Except Fortus, Ferrer, Reese and Reed are no members. They are hired hands. So there definitely are areas where they don't have shit to say and they can't say whatever the fuck they want and questions should be directed at management (which includes Axl and to a way lesser extent Slash and Duff). You also don't see Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Nine Inch Nails, Megadeth and so on members do interviews talking about future plans of their employers/acts. They know that they are hired guys and whatever is going to happen is not for them to answer and reveal.
  13. LOL been doing the maths too before I reached your comment. But yeah, from '93 until '96 there wasn't all that much going on GNR wise (at least not much playing), so I guess he's correct in saying that Ferrer is doing it longer.
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