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  1. Yeah. And nevermind that persistent rumours that Melania is looking for divorce, once this is over.
  2. The thing is, none of the judges really seem to give a shit, which is the problem.
  3. Why not? A judge decides on what the penalty is. There are sentencing hearings. If there is still some doubt, despite conviction, he could decide on prison for life instead of death row. Take the Peterson case for example. They don't know how the woman died. They don't know when the woman died. They don't know where the woman died. They just know by circumstantial evidence, that it had to be the husband who killed her. That to me is a case that should be a life term, whereas the Aurora/Batman shooting, where there are actual witnesses, would be a clear cut death penalty case. If that means a r
  4. For that you don't need to abolish the whole death penalty. There just needs to be a bigger threshold of when one is "eligible" for it. And that should look into the quality of the conviction and case the prosecution puts forward, meaning how likely it is that the verdict is wrong. Also usually people don't get put down the day after the verdict. It's usually years. You would think enough time to get any verdict corrected.
  5. Depends on the crime. And how proven it is that the person is actually guilty. In this case, she got what she deserved. Won't shed a tear for her.
  6. I base it on how the fucker left before the Zurich show, making me drive out there, only to find out that the show had been cancelled. Good thing he never came back.
  7. A little update on recently watched shows on Amazon Prime: The catch Siren Season 1 Quantico Season 2+3 Station 19 Season 1+2 The Shannara chronicles Babylon Harper's Island From Dusk til dawn Mr. Robot South of hell Bellevue Utopia Condor Bullets The city & the city SS-GB Sleepy Hollow The Orville The girlfriend experience The Killing 9-1-1 Falling Water In the line of duty Series 5 Dreamworks Dragons Season 1+2 Charlie's angels Season 2 Homeland Season 6-8 Damn, and there is still so much to go. But lockdown is good for somethin
  8. Geez. You weren't really responding. You were merely doubling down on what that other guy (in response to me) said and repeated what he said. So forgive me in assuming it was directed at me. Way to dodge the issue though. But alright, should have known it was a waste of time to even respond to anything here. There is nothing worth to talk about GNR at this point.
  9. Right. The old "I haven't read what you posted in the last 5 hours" thing. Yeah. Whatever. No point discussing and reading what people write here.
  10. Since you're responding to something I have said/are misrepresenting something I said, it's a given. No one else was making a similar point. And that a new album will solve all problems isn't proven either. I think the main obstacle are ticket prices. The novelty has worn off. People who haven't seen them before, already caved it and bought expensive tickets. Some don't want to do this again.
  11. That's what I said a page ago already. I said there is no point in terms of touring and actual demand for new music outside of die hard fans. I never said that they shouldn't do it. Don't twist what I said.
  12. Yes. I'd wager the prospect of having those songs played would drum up more interest than any new song taking the place of a well loved classic song.
  13. And that's the truth. Whether you like that or not. And that's the only reason why it could make sense. The marketing push. Not the actual music.
  14. Probably by constantly releasing new stuff, never descending into that legends mode where new material is irrelevant and don't count anymore and most people come for the old stuff instead of the new. But even for artists like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Kiss, Prince (while he was still alive) Metallica, Alice Cooper... who have managed to release new stuff here and there, the casuals to not go to their shows to listen to their current songs. They go for the hits. I'd say most bands reach the point after a number of years, where casuals come see them for the hits and not for the weak
  15. Casual fans are interested in seeing the hits. Not in new songs that most likely pale in comparison.
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