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  1. Speak for yourself. I knew. That's why, after already having seen them twice, I jumped on a plane to London in a last minute decsision the morning of the gig to go see them a third time and then flew back home the next morning. Didn't even take a jacket with me.
  2. Well. When you're a douche, the job can be gone regardless of being a musician or not. He's only got himself to blame. And even non musicians could/would have lost their jobs for that.
  3. Let's hope Elton doesn't die before they go on tour again. Edit: I mean, he also shouldn't die whilst they are on tour. Under no circumstances do I want that cover.
  4. Alright. So I guess I have to start there. Before I lose interest again and stop, like after the first.
  5. Cool. I guess I have to finally watch it. Except the first one, didn't watch any of it so far.
  6. Well, said. They say the fish rots from the head. And the head is Axl. Always been. Also the first 2 points really don't have anything to do with management. Booking a tour, selling tickets and advertizing the concerts is Live Nation's and the local concert promoter's job. Not management of the band. And most likely GNR get their fee either way and won't lose any money if ticket sales suck.
  7. 107 € for FOS in Prague, which is cheaper than the usual 150 €. Don't know if cheaper than the 2020 Prague show though.
  8. But on the UYI they could play all the AFD songs anyone expected and still could do new songs with no one missing out, as people where expecting those new songs anyway, as it still was a productive band and that's what band do, when they start out, build the setlist with adding songs from the current album. But yeah, it can't get rougher than being subjected to all of CD, when you come for AFD and UYI.
  9. As per the postponement E-Mail from GNR, it looks like they are still planning with North American dates: Light is at the end of the tunnel and we are looking forward to getting back on stage later this year in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and next year in Europe and more! Other than that. No, you won't find anything credible.
  10. But that is the difference, they have gradually released new material. They've never allowed themselves to become a nostalgia act. Unlike, GNR. So the expectancy is something different. And nevermind that new music isn't all. It also has to hold up next to the old stuff. And yes, when I went to Iron Maiden shows (the 2 times I saw them), I definitely walked away missing some songs. And that kinda sucked.
  11. Don't laugh. That's the way it was done back then.
  12. Seriously, that is so not the point. It's more like you guys should manage your expectations/demands and see different angles. But whatever. Keep complaining. I will stop reading.
  13. That’s what you (and people like you) keep saying all the time, don’t you? Why should they change up setlists for people, who mostly go to the one show in their country and spend the rest of the year, checking every setlist on the internet to see if there is a change? Makes no sense, really. Majority of people see 1 or 2 shows. Except. That is not happening. Show me my „constant“ or „daily“ complaining. I rarely say anything to that matter (both on the band or forum members). Especially since it’s beating a dead horse anyway.
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