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  1. Yup, Scoob Your Illusion I&2. Featuring Shaggy Stradlin' and Daph McKagan.
  2. How was Axl's voice on the first and second nights? On the third night (the one officially released) - he sounds like he is gargling shards of glass. (That's not a good thing, IMO).
  3. Are you serious?! That's the worst idea I have ever heard! Who is going to be flapping a stupid 'passport' around when they could be rocking to the climax of PC?
  4. Ah yes. Songs from the HOB show (and the Rio show) were some of the first that I ever downloaded from Napster. It took half and hour per song, and massively increased the phone bill. But it was worth it! At the time I thought that, when CD was going to be released, it would have been a multi-year promotion campaign, with multiple album volumes, loads of videos and B sides, a long world tour and maybe even maybe another spinoff album (in other words, a replay of the UYI era). We all know how that turned out.
  5. I have reached the point where I would welcome new songs (not just recordings from 1999 with Slash and Duff overdubs) as a nice surprise. GnR is now a money juggernaut, and even a few live shows (once we are all allowed out again) will bring in more cash than they could ever hope to bring in from new records. But also, I no longer feel like there will be something missing from my life if GnR did not put out any new songs. (And I did feel that way during the wait for CD. Oh, to be young and carefree again).
  6. A personal one this - I'd love a soundboard of the the London Arena show from 2002. It was my first ever big rock show, and a great gig in its own right. It was only three days before the now sadly infamous VMA surprise.
  7. Or it could be a multi part, intergenerational epic like the Godfather trilogy! (Or an overlong, bathetic mess like the Atlas Shrugged trilogy)
  8. For Axl... Tom Cruise? (Yes, really. In that otherwise crap film 'Rock of Ages', he actually did a reasonable impression of Axl's offstage demeanour). For Melissa - Lady Gaga (or if she isn't available - any blue haired hipster off if Instagram will do). For Frank - Flo Rida (that party rapper who was famous a decade ago) For Izzy - Richie Edwards (ex Manic Street Preacher. Although he has been missing for about 25 years) For Richard - Izzy Stradlin'. For Slash - Dawn French (yes, really. She did a good Slash impression for a parody of the November Rain video). Fo
  9. Someone, somewhere in the internet, once said that Sarah Brightman was involved in the CD recording process at some point. Oh wait, it was on this very forum: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/203066-does-anybody-else-think-axl-should-have-brought-in-pavarotti-or-one-of-the-other-tenors-to-add-some-back-up-vocals-to-this-i-love/&ved=2ahUKEwj3x5LHhbLtAhWPTsAKHRzCA4YQFjAGegQICxAB&usg=AOvVaw2zG1qqXVfmCb1kHkls05A4
  10. Part of me still can't believe that it was actually released in the end. Not that I don't like what was released. I do. A lot. It's just that the whole saga still seems so unlikely.
  11. Ashba's new music... On the plus side, at least he is putting new music out, unlike his old boss. On the minus side.. everything else. The songs and videos look like they could have been from a 5th rate David Guetta wannabe, ten years ago. Expect Ashba to discover trap music in about 2028.
  12. Lest we forget, the original version of this Puffy Diddy Daddy Diddy Did Did song featured one Tommy Stinson.
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