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  1. The song just isn’t good enough. Not interesting. It’s hardly played currently here on NY/NJ radio. It was played at least once a day the first couple of days after release but very little interest and feedback good or bad. absurd garnered more interest
  2. But that was then and this is now. Axl is a different person. Still don’t see him and bucket ever mending fences
  3. Yea take any casual fan and play them Easy they will never guess it’s gnr
  4. I don’t disagree but it’s definitely harder on the singer
  5. That’s a little different. Axl gets some slack because as a singer it’s hard to control his vocal performance. It was hard to do in his 20s let alone @60. Slash can certainly put the extra work in
  6. Agreed and that’s how it should be just wish Slash would step it up and show a little more pride and effort
  7. The problem isn’t Slash being more blues based. He could’ve killed it on Buckets bluesy Sorry solo. Problem is the incoherent, uninspired, unprepared noodling
  8. It makes perfect sense to me. I stopped listening to Hard Skool. Between the subpar production, the drums and the lack of depth. I actually listened to Absurd a lot more
  9. I agree. Since Anastasia on the first SMKC record. As far as memorable solo and songs go. I know battleground and The One is pretty good but no one outside of us care. Slash solo had a bunch like by the sword. Snakepits had some of his best. And of course VR
  10. 100% TAY & Perfect Crime Definitely is the most underrated IMO.
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