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  1. My bad Blackstar I got the story reversed👍 Guess you can say Baz cares more for his craft since he seeked out Don first
  2. No I pretty sure I remember Bach saying he was Axl’s coach. Axl suggested him to Bach. And he did wonders for that Bach record. His voice was amazing in studio and live. As good as his prime years 89-91
  3. Perfect world it would be Brian with more significantly lingers appearances from Adler. Brain is a beast. A real driving force force for the live band on stage. Check out Better 2008 at Download
  4. Yup and Rick wasn’t wrong. Also VR were in a rush to get the album out and fulfill their contractual obligations with RCA
  5. Don’t think they’d call Matt. He’s too much of a loose cannon and could jeopardize their entire business entity
  6. Filming the new gnr music video…..…..….. for……… Wichita Linemen
  7. Duff was willing to go on with Brando so I don’t think it has to do with any friction between Goldstein/Niven & the Big 3. Just TB’s insecurities and possibly Axl protecting his family like his sister Amy inadvertently getting dragged into recounted stories about the debachery of the old days
  8. TB must feel threatened when successful & experience former band managers are given the forum to speak. What would become of TB if Axl replaced them with real management? Beta will stay on as a valuable asset to Axl as a motherly figure but the rest are grown up and would have to forge their own paths. They certainly don’t have the resume and credentials to latch on as managers for another successful band.
  9. I’ll take the towel if it was used by Chris Pitman
  10. Remember the hate Finck received early on very well. Probably led to him really digging in on playing the solos as written in 2006. I gotta say his 2000-2002 interpretations were much more inspiring and emotional than Slash’s CD takes
  11. That’s pretty funny. Here’s The Seeker 2021!!
  12. I wouldn’t say that about bucket & morello. When they do it it fits the songs arch/climax the other guys you mentioned 100% noodling chicken gobble
  13. Jonesy is the worst interviewer on the planet. Remember all the times he had duff on?
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