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  1. You guys serious? Noah Weiland is tremendous! He’s channeling his fathers spirit. He not only sounds like Scott but he naturally & effortlessly inherited his vibe! It’s so surreal! At 20 he already runs circles around STP’s current singer Jeff Gutt. Need to hear more from these kids. They might’ve unlocked the future of rock n’ roll! Niko, London’s childhood friend is the guitar player but I’d be damned if that’s not Slash playing on this track. Unless Niko’s sound has fully developed past those Joe Perry riffs. edit: So it is Niko. Very impressive. These guys don’t need
  2. If they can manage to play at the highest level I’m sure they can handle shaving
  3. The drums Is the reason Rock am ring, rio 91, & Ritz 88 Jungle sounds so good. All 3 drummers play it with incredible energy and swing that’s the driving force for the song and the entire band. Especially Brain & Adler! Swing drops a bit on Sorum After the bombastic start. The main reason Rock am ring, rio 91, & Ritz 88 Reading 2010 sounds like shit. Extremely bland and zapped of energy because Frank as a drummer is not on their level. Give all 4 versions a listen. Listen to the energy level as soon as the drums kick in. Frank’s is a major dud. The songs goes to s
  4. It’s very hard to notice Gilby as he often doubles up on whatever Slash is playing.
  5. Illegal eye, but more so the little Izzy-request nuances in his playing that complimented Slash’s playing. Which Slash has referenced . Of the top of my Dave can be heard doing his thing in the left channel on Slither, Superhuman, Illegal I Song, Headspace, Get out the door, Spectacle, Come on, Come in, Pills demos etc, American Man, She Mine, & She Builds quick machines
  6. You are probably right. Further proof this is not a band. It’s a dysfunctional joke of a band while only purpose is lining the pockets of the band and their entourage. They’ve come a long way from the old loft behind guitar center with outdoor shower days
  7. Yea they had Kushner on deck knowing Izzys history. it was duff who brought Kushner in. Dave replaced Squires when he and Rouse were busy with their band ACS. Just so happened to be that Slash and Scott knew Dave. Dave was the perfect fit for VR. Truly perfect. Matter of fact since we’ll never see Izzy I rather have Dave in gnr over Richard & Gilby. He’d add some of the creative element that was lost when Robin Finck bolted. Maybe Axl will be inspired again. He’s been mailing it in ever since Robin left as he clearly had no confirm Richard, frank bumble etc
  8. I’m with Tomass. Those slash Gilby live bits were pure gold .
  9. VR wanted to experiment with a newer more modern sound especially once Scott signed up. Had Izzy stuck it out things would’ve turned out differently because those guys make magic. Once Izzy left they wanted to steer clear From sounding like rehashed Rolling Stones/Bad Company. Also VR was competing with Nuguns. Gilby was done being a solo artist by that time as he came to realize making expensive records and footing the bill for logistically expensive tours to go and play empty bars in front of 10-15 bar dwellers just wasn’t lucrative enough. Gilby certainly would’ve jumped at the
  10. “Alien” from the Swag album - my favorite Gilby song. What a great time 2000-2002 was for my 17-19yr old self. Blasting Snakepit, Loaded, Gilby, Izzy & nuguns in my first car(Mustang). Visiting Hollywood & the Strip for the first time
  11. Gnr really don’t have an original song I that’s overrated but I’ll go with You’re Crazy covers LALD & KOHD. More overplayed than overrated
  12. Maybe Slash is trying to expand his horizon. He’s always studying and trying to be a better more rounded player. Maybe he will successfully expand his skills and re-invent himself. That would really be something. If he could shred like with best shredders and not losing his superior melodic style. He’s got a long way to go that’s for sure.
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