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  1. my bad, just assumed it was the OG version for some reason, sounds like a demo version.
  2. This sounds sick! there's something about this version that I dig.
  3. Hardskool Live would sound amazing in his 88' voice!
  4. well, I've watched a few vids, and He's a huge fan of the appetite era, and never been a fan of the UYI Tours mainly because of the change in members, mostly bummed out about steven being kicked out.
  5. a quick reminder that hard skool is absolutely kick ass

  6. This is the first time I've heard a "NEW Release" That absolutely bangs, I wonder how stoked you guys were during prime GN'R's appetite release. jeez.
  7. it exactly released during my online class, had to skip economics to jam out to hard skool
  8. I always thought the oklahoma concert was pretty similar to chicago and seeing now that 3 days later they play in chicago lol.
  9. What's even worse gnr related on youtube is those fools that just sit there and react to songs, and give their fake ass opinions and act like they're enjoying it. all of them are double talkin jive motherfuckers.
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