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  1. I will buy it when it's out, I don't see the point of preordering.
  2. Absolutely agree. Love some Bad Apples !
  3. I don't remember who did it, but it's so frustrating that the revamped version using drums from Civil War and parts from Jungle was (obviously) removed from Youtube. It sounded really cool.
  4. Let's hope every chance will be given tonight.
  5. I hope she at least does the classic Matt "turned your brain into mashed rice" perm, as a tribute. That would be #lit
  6. Yup, my understanding as well. Pretty straightforward song.
  7. Tacky as hell, even by GNR standards. Awful. Talk about slapping the b(r)and name on a completely unrelated work...
  8. Juste rewatched Sweet Child from the Golden Gods as a tribute. We miss you, DJ. Better than the old one. #Demented
  9. I really have trouble believing that. Sounds Absurd.
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