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  1. Can't wait for the 5.1. Closest we will get from having multitracks for the Illusions.
  2. He really is. Too bad it looks like we won't hear him on new music
  3. As expected, it was, mostly from a vocal standpoint, pretty bad. Mixing was supbar, as usual. Still, I loved Richard's licks during KOHD. I never took the time to listen to it as singalongs are only interesting when you're actually there, but I don't really get the overplaying criticism at least for this performance. Some nice, tasty runs, outclassing Slash to be honest - who looks bored as hell, but I guess we can see why. Slash's noodling during PC was awful as well.
  4. Agreed. But the video is pretty cool !
  5. No, it's the same take as the UYI II version, but mixed differently. So it's Matt drumming.
  6. Exact same take, but the mixing is different. The so-called '98 remix is the UYI II version without the phone call interlude.
  7. Way better than WOF which is definitely overrated on this board. I think I still give AL the edge though.
  8. It is not a different mix. It is the exact same as the album version, without the phone call interlude -so it's simply a bit shorter.
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