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  1. He really is. Too bad it looks like we won't hear him on new music
  2. As expected, it was, mostly from a vocal standpoint, pretty bad. Mixing was supbar, as usual. Still, I loved Richard's licks during KOHD. I never took the time to listen to it as singalongs are only interesting when you're actually there, but I don't really get the overplaying criticism at least for this performance. Some nice, tasty runs, outclassing Slash to be honest - who looks bored as hell, but I guess we can see why. Slash's noodling during PC was awful as well.
  3. Agreed. But the video is pretty cool !
  4. No, it's the same take as the UYI II version, but mixed differently. So it's Matt drumming.
  5. Exact same take, but the mixing is different. The so-called '98 remix is the UYI II version without the phone call interlude.
  6. Way better than WOF which is definitely overrated on this board. I think I still give AL the edge though.
  7. It is not a different mix. It is the exact same as the album version, without the phone call interlude -so it's simply a bit shorter.
  8. Can't wait for the looped vocal intro from Scraped as a hidden track in the inner groove.
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