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  1. For the spectacle, it was immense, but for me, there was only two performances that I thought were top drawer and that was ‘39 by George Michael and Bohemian Rhapsody by Elton and Uncle Ax.
  2. It’s all part of the podcasts charm ha! It’s no problem at all in regards to feedback, you guys have provided great content throughout a not so enjoyable pandemic, so it’s the least I can do to show my thanks!
  3. Queen every day of the week, twice on Sunday. That opinion is subject to change, as the only thing preventing me leaning towards Guns is how small that catalogue is. Still time.
  4. You're spot on with Beast of Burden. Either that or Moonlight Mile would be the songs I would show to anyone that didn't know what The Stones are all about, however, if they ever released a song about Pizza being a burden on our lives, I'd have never entertained them! Ha! Keef's voice is an acquired taste so I can see where Michelle is coming from with Before They Make Me Run but I'm with you on Shattered, though I don't think my opinion would change if it was slotted in somewhere else. I laughed at Kyle's appreciation for Jagger not giving a fuck with how people interpreted the title tr
  5. Before They Make Me Run has always been one of my favourite Stones tracks, though what more can be said about Beast of Burden? Truly one of the all time greats. I just got finished listening to Some Girls, I've not played that in it's entirety in well over 10 years. The title track isn't really a go to for me when listening to The Stones, but I'd forgotten how much Keith truly shines on it, though that's much the same for the entirety of the record. I dunno if it makes my top 5 Stones albums, though I love the live record they put out from Texas. One of my favourite versions of Beast of Burden
  6. It must have been! Very nice touch from Len also with the Arsenal kit for the wee one!
  7. Someone was rocking Tony Adams as their avatar for the longest time, I always thought that was Dazey! Apologies for any offence Dazey, but that surely can't be worse than assuming you're a Geordie or Mackem?! I feel bad for dragging us off topic slightly, but I can't see mass gatherings taking place in any of those stadiums any time soon, especially in that shithole Stadium of Light and their beautiful pink seats!
  8. I always thought you were Arsenal for some reason!
  9. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to judge fitba teams being shite as this season, Celtic are the definition of it! Spurs are a tin pot club though.
  10. Promising signs, though still unlikely that 80,000 will get crammed into Spurs' new stadium.
  11. I binge watch a lot of Wrestling Bios content though I have always wondered how he gets away with using footage and music? He adds another beat to the tunes so I dunno if that gets him off of any copyright issues
  12. Managed to get the MP3's from Amazon. I think this is vastly superior to the version we all know and love.
  13. Any fans of T. Rex familiar with this version of Get It On? I’d love to know where it’s come from or if it ended up on an official physical release somewhere
  14. I've picked up a Brazilian pressing of Rod Stewart's Unplugged and Seated from Discogs for a snip of £35. It'll no doubt be too good to be true though, so I'll expect the worst. I was watching the Rio 2001 show earlier and I always loved Finck's solo spot where he performs Sossego. I've known of that song for my fast approaching two decades following this shit show of a band and not once did it ever occur to me to look up the original - it's a 70's Disco Track... I've got the album that's off of bought from Amazon, ha! If you like a bit of 70's disco, it's £13. I think the original pressi
  15. Latest purchases: Chairmen of the Board's self titled effort Bread's Baby I'm-A Want You, Guitar Man and Lost Without Your Love Gilbert O'Sullivan's I'm a Writer, Not a Fighter Rod Stewart's Never a Dull Moment I picked up another copy of Wings at the Speed of Sound, my pressing was a hand-me-down that has seen better days! Rolling Stones' Tattoo You Barry White's Let The Music Play IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!
  16. Guns N' Roses - Out Ta Get Me
  17. I'd be more curious to hear The Yellow Road to Compton.
  18. I've just finished watching Hart vs Austin WM13. That is what professional wrestling is all about! Artistry at it's very best.
  19. Ha! You have that memory forever man, that's what it's all about!!
  20. Great to see that all of this carry on around the globe hasn't effected your productivity! My Quarantine certainly fits the vibe of what a lot of people have experienced throughout this pandemic. Eerie in places, I could see this being the soundtrack to an independent horror movie or something - which wouldn't a bad shout at trying to make happen
  21. Haha!! Hey, there's always hope for when it's officially released, however those beautiful women may be in zimmers by then!!!
  22. You are correct, good sir! That fucking intro is what Guns is all about to me. The suspense to it kicking in after it leaked, I'll never forget that feeling, it was literally just before I got on the drink too, so it set the tone for the evening!!
  23. That’s my bad, it’s the way I worded it. He sounded absolutely dug scheidt on Hardschool, but was still great to see that they were rehearsing something ‘new’!
  24. Ha, that image of mygnrforum 🤝 Team Brazil that was sent along to management along with the request of Axl answering 5 questions is forever ingrained in my head. I think Joe said he’d love to interview Axl and that he’s one of the most requested guests.
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