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  1. Same here, I really had a blast following this tour - when it started I was so bummed and scared to see Axl, the quality of his performance. But damn the man has been great after a few shows, full of energy, interacting plenty, and sang his ass off. Yesterday's PC is just proof that he has it, he's just pacing himself to not ruin his voice. Jungle was also quite strong.
  2. I was wondering why Axl wasn’t on yesterday’s t-shirt, thinking it was odd given that the three of them were on the litho.
  3. At the very least out of respect for the material, for the people that wrote it, and for the people enjoying the songs? I expect the same when Axl does something like Slither.
  4. I don't mind Slash doing his thing with the solos, but I think he should write one that sounds good and has a bit of melody in it. Most of the times on CD songs it's like he has no idea what to do the second before the solo. And it's like he's never playing the same thing twice. It ruins the songs a bit IMO.
  5. What does hard school means? That's something like a lesson learned the hard way? I'm not sure :-)
  6. Regardless of the fact that they didn't play Hard Skool when we were all expecting it; Axl is sounding fantastic on a lot of the set and is giving awesome performances - the whole band is. Loving the videos from last night, would love to see them again when they hit Europe next year!
  7. The story got picked up here in Belgium as well, just heard it on a rock radio.
  8. There’s so much going on, it’s so strange ha ha We can’t keep up.
  9. You keep going with the same argument, I'm starting to think you don't get it.
  10. Seems to me like you associate perfectionism with creating something beautiful. The second is subjective and the first applies only to the one doing the work, that will keep on going until satisfaction is reached.
  11. Looks more like you don't like those songs and you don't know how to make an argument about it. Or you just troll.
  12. It overlaps with the previous lyric, it’s unsettling or annoying - I haven’t decided yet. But I firmly believe it’s intentional.
  13. I does leave me with a peaceful feel as well. That all has been said, a,d all will be well - at long last.
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