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  1. I does leave me with a peaceful feel as well. That all has been said, a,d all will be well - at long last.
  2. Yes Estranged for me too. It came randomly the other day while I was riding my bike, it was dark and I was in the forest - so "isolated" and the song hit hard. It probably helps that it's my fav GN'R song.
  3. Either way I think the world is fucked. If he wins he'll lose the last bit of restrain he has. If he loses we'll be up for that scenario of yours.
  4. One is a rock n' roll band. THe other is the US president. I think they might be subjected to different standards.
  5. I'm like you, in the sense that I can't stand the man but I'm watching everyday what he's up to - ever since 2015. Every. single. day. And I'm not American, go figure. But I have never seen such a person in my whole life, nor have I witnessed someone that can somehow escape any kind of consequences regardless of what he does and says. It's just mesmerizing in a way.
  6. Regardless of the suspicious “charity” angle, I’m very happy they are taking on Trump. I keep on thinking that it’s crazy he still has supporters proud to back him up. With all the disgusting actions he took, and disgusting and stupid things he said I just don’t get it.
  7. If there’s a political song, I hope it’s one that eviscerates that Trump clown and his cohorts. But at this point I’d even take Axl singing pancakes recipe - that’s how badly I want something new.
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