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  1. Although this is a cover, this is great. Sorta odd to hear post 2010 Slash playing a lead melody without shredding the fuck out of it (2:40) Wishing this inspires an album of stuff that sounds exactly like these types of chord progressions, either with SMKC, or GNR.
  2. he did the 2nd Dead Dasies album, which was just sounded like a jam band based on classic blues rock tropes, so I doubt much effort needed to be put into it. On "Better", he wrote the chorus riff ("now i know you better" riff), although its a bit obscured by Bumblefoots overlayed guitar, but you can hear it on the old leaks way better, thats about it tbh. He did the Love Split Love stuff back in the 90s (of which ive never heard) so pretty much
  3. bo hoo the guy from Tool barely made a small jab at axl/guns; just bc he doesn't make blues based classic rock you guys are gonna shit on him? Tool's done some cool shit, but I guess since its not 4/4 you can't fuck with it? @2020_Intensionssince when has music being played on the radio been the only validation required for piece of music to be considered good
  4. anyone have every 2002 and 2006 performance on video? theres was a bunch uploaded on "Scheidungsrichter" youtube channel, but it was taken down
  5. Hello all, I am on the lookout for every 2002/2006/2007 GNR video (preferably the original source, but YouTube rips are greatly appreciated as well). This guy "Scheidungsrichter" on youtube used to have a HUGE amount of GNR videos with different angles and what not on his youtube before the channel was taken down
  6. its because they keep stroking our dicks, but dont give us what we want
  7. the phaser that they put on Axls vocals is also used on the album version of the song
  8. honestly from the kind of music GNR plays, GNR should've opened. I was never there, but the thought of going from heavy metal to hard rock seems like itd lose moment (though after 2 hours eaiting between sets for Axl to get his ass on stage, i guess youd be happy he got thrre at all at that point)
  9. seems like hes shitting on ron, but it could be that egos just got in the way of each other on a personal level. To be fair, they did get along enough that Bumblefoot got Fortus, DJ, Frank and Tommy to record the Pink Panther theme for an official Bumblefoot release, so maybe it was just a matter of not getting along personally, or musically.
  10. Rocket Queen from Philly 2012 was great, but the good quality audience video isnt on youtube anymore
  11. @ everyone saying it wluld sound drastically different than what we have on UYI: i doubt it, the mates rehearsal has adler on it and locomotive sounded fundamentally the same, aka seems like Matt played what Adler played, regardless of the fact that he said mo one asked him to replicate his drum parts
  12. i know its slashs thing to use typical happy blues/classic rock tropes, but I really hope he cooks something up in the vein of Nothing To Say or Good to Be Alive (chromatic progressions/riffs). i know its too much to expect from an SMKC album, but I hope he does the least Slash-type things, songwriting wise
  13. he likes the album Chinese Democracy. hes listened to it over 1000 times!
  14. cheese roll up plus beef plus pico is the same exact thing
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