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  1. Def Jam: Fight For NY Halo 2 Conkers Bad Fur Day(N64)/Live & Reloaded(Xbox) Super Smash Bros (N64) Any one Tony Hawk game NBA Street Vol 2 FIFA Street 2 Need for Speed: Carbon GTA Vice City GTA IV Sidenote: Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube was fun, but once I got to the 2nd disc, I found it to be overbearingly monotonous
  2. Well if you just want it for home studio, a DI box into an interface would suit you, running something like Guitarrig 6 or the like. Personally the way I record guitar stuff is Amp (TSL 100) > attenuator/load box (Ox Box > interface (Arturia AudioFuse Studio) Cheaper gear can be used obviously. To answer your question, in my scenario any amp that I like can be used with the loadbox/speaker simulator. I don't use a real cab myself, just my monitors
  3. The chorus is a top tier melody. Very catchy IMO. The rest of the song is not. 1st is cool i guess, but way to short, good vocal delivery though. 2nd verse is ass-juice: Dumbed down variation of the riff and weak Axl vocals. The ahhs are a little annoying. I can see how they can be accused of ripping of the equally annoying (to me) Immigrant song screech, but the only similarity I see is that it starts on the same note, the vocal runs are different though
  4. sounds cool. Needs more of chesters screaming. or maybe Slash could rewrite a couple guitar parts to sound heavier. Chester sounds cool
  5. id say he was a good drummer, but not anymore. His AJFA parts are nicely thought out, even if he required multiple takes to do them and never replicated them again, but the arrangement of the drums are great for metal. He became sort of a pocket drummer with load and reload in the studio, which didnt hurt the songs IMO, it might have made those songs better, since the style (sometimes grunge southern rock, sometimes grungecinfluenced) they were going for didnt really suit over the top drumming St. Anger has some definitely interesting drumming (not talking about th
  6. I wouldn't say there is an AFD sounding overall song on CD. I will say that Riad's 1st verse riff is very AFD. The overall song however is not. The chorus is great, but not AFD at all because its not just a basic power chord being played (before BBF played on it). 1st verse is cool. 2nd verse sounds not so good, and outro is just pretty much a jam with no structure. IRS has a definite groove to it so id agree with it. Axls delivery is great. Id say that the Antiquiet version of the song with only Brain on drums is far sleazier than the album version bc Brain had an Adler esque simp
  7. damn out of pocket for bumblefoot. Seems VERY bored/upset in that video
  8. Learn a Mateus Asato song note for note. It might take long (which is normal for classical guitarists learning classical pieces) to completely master, but if you learn it note for note youll be able to use his habits on your own playing
  9. thanks for embedding the video and getting it taken down
  10. Interesting i hadn't heard Frank say that. I don't think it sounds like Frank, because seeing how hes played the classic GNR songs over the years, hes changed the kick patterns, fills, and cymbal hits of the songs. Shadow's drums sound identical to what Adler played on the other 2(?) studio versions that exist, but much more lifeless, which is how I came to my guess that its just some modern, lifeless mixing/sampling on them. Like if they replaced every mic'd kick drum hit with a sample of Adlers kick drum from the AFD master tracks. Im also not saying that it couldn't
  11. in my opinion sounds like they just put some samples on the snare and kick and compressed the actual stems in a more modern way (that effectively reduces dynamic range on purpose) And sounds like Slash recorded some new leads, bc his sound was way more saturated back then, but on the record sounds like his modern tone the "hoos" seem new
  12. he just sang an extra line from the previous verse(?) when that last part doesnt even contain the extra line. Just messed up the lyrics
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