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  1. a mixer sets audio levels, and may include simple EQ settings to tinker with. Grand pianos are usually mic'd up with two microphones, and this mixers purpose would be to balance out the two microphones to get the best sound, and looks like it sends out the signal to 6 different signal chains. It has no effect on Axls playing.
  2. Personally, as someone who only drives the most 18 minutes to work without traffic, my logic would be that charging it over night and pretty much only at my house would save on gas, considering I have solar panels (although it is a solar lease, which I took over when I elected to buy the house) it would make a little more sense to charge it rather than buy gas in California. Im sure there are alsp incentives to having an electric vehicle such as possible rebates, as well as the fact that you can use the HOV lane eith only your self present in the car. This isn't taking into account
  3. Chad should be GNRs and or SMKCs nee drummer. I pick him over all of GNRs previous drummers for any theoretical new material. Then its Josh Freese ofc
  4. Playing this game on GeForce Now (the original game streaming service?) on an Nvidia Shield TV I like this game. Looks great, feels great. I do notice a couple bugs, but nothing game breaking Never knew they were making this game for a decade, what the fuck happened there. Barely found about it with the breathtaking presentation they did
  5. The only reason Id like to see it is for Madagascar bc Bucket and Finck. for rhe novelty
  6. Spotify is my main source of music 1 Rage Against the Machine 2 Red Hot Chili Peppers 3 System of a Down 4 Banda MS 5 Michael Jackson Although i have been playing Run the Jewels alot lately, but I barely started listening to them within the past 2 months. I almost never listen to GNR anymore. Only thing GNR related I listen to is the Village leaks that have vocals
  7. isolated tracks dont exist for live shows (i mean technically Axl probably has them)
  8. most Id like is giving Melissa some eerie backing ambient vocals on The General or something
  9. Music rarely makes me emotional. The only song thats ever made me even slightly emotional is You Take My Breath Away by Queen, but even then it was just more of an intense somberness when hearing it the first couple of times when I first discovered it. I do appreciate the artistry of any song however, but rarely does one ever cause me to get emotional. Metallica and Run The Jewels get me pumped while running/working out, does that count as an emotional response?
  10. this dude is on to something with this hybrid of metal and hip hop melodies
  11. Riad n the Bedouins 1st verse going into the chorus is great, but when it goes back to the 2nd riff, with the dumbed down, simplified riff, it loses all momentum and starts sucking. the 2nd chorus is the best chorus. Neither Robin Fincks, Bucketheads, or Bumblefoots solos are particularly good, but the variations of the riffs that go behind the solo are well arranged The chorus is extremely catchy. Axl is the weakpoint of Scraped. The riffs are actually A1. If the World is an extremely well written song, just doesn't go over well with peop
  12. I find it hard to believe with all the Village leaks, that "Oh My God" was the only song written of its kind. State of Grace comes close, but Oh My God sounds like literally no other village leak song On topic: Im starting to like the drum machine/samples used in conjunction with acoustic drums
  13. yes on guitars/bass/808's, thanks for the kind words A guy can only dream of having Bucket shred over his riffs
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