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  1. cool thanks ill expirement with that
  2. Could be, but its the exact same atonal thing that was present in the center channel on the Village leak. So unless Fortus learned and used Bucketheads nubbing technique while Bucket was still in the band,I think itd be very unlikely
  3. I re-mixed All Nightmare Long by Metallica
  4. Slash is doing trills over Bucketheads "nubbing" (that atonal tapping thing he does) Theres a killswitch right below the pickguard next to the bridge pickup of that offwhite aged LP Custom style Scala. Theres also a kill switch on the aged red 335 looking guitar hes using in 2021 for the song
  5. not going for robins tone exactly, but how does he get this synthy guitar tone in this video? according to that rig rundown he did in 2018 he was still using amps when he rejoined NIN in 2008. I assume he is using the Marshall TSL100, and a noise gate, but what is the effect that makes it sound like more than just a Marshall? a fuzz?
  6. If GNR releases new music i dont need it to sound like gnr, i just need it to sound good. They can go in whatever direction they want as long as good
  7. I did this Sony esque (keep the vocals and nothing else) re-work of "Why You Wanna Trip on Me?" a while back. I created modern sounding elements Wish I could find a higher quality version of the acapella, as well as the vocal harmonies stems
  8. well i hope you at least check that one out, the refrain is very modern sounding IMO even on the original
  9. MJ stans are gonna flame me, but the Chicago rewprk that was released on Xscape is a banger. The original is also a banger
  10. cool riff, Id say underrated sure. Most underrated to me is Speed Parade by Snakepit main riff, or the riff at 1:00 of The Truth by Snakepit. Serial Killer's main riff is pretty cool
  11. tremolo picking like that is very unusual for slash. I dig the combination of that and the simple chugging riff. Nice to see slash go outside of his box for a little bit. prechorus and chorus are the typical blues rock tropes. Cool to see that Slash is also breaking out of his usual arrangement for songs. Sounds like SMKC but with a twist this time around. Vocal melodies are nice and catchy, wished that slash would have actually written some riffs for the chorus to match the vibe of the verses instead of doing the usual big--rock-chorus thing But i dig it
  12. am trying to score Pit tickets for Red Hot Chili Peppers at face value in the presales. wish me luck
  13. its a fun tune Id imagine that has something to do with the fact that its a cover, and not their own song
  14. That little preview sounds pretty heavy considering its slash. ala Nothing to Say/ Speed Parade Then again, an Eb power chord is always heavy
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