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  1. thanks for embedding the video and getting it taken down
  2. Interesting i hadn't heard Frank say that. I don't think it sounds like Frank, because seeing how hes played the classic GNR songs over the years, hes changed the kick patterns, fills, and cymbal hits of the songs. Shadow's drums sound identical to what Adler played on the other 2(?) studio versions that exist, but much more lifeless, which is how I came to my guess that its just some modern, lifeless mixing/sampling on them. Like if they replaced every mic'd kick drum hit with a sample of Adlers kick drum from the AFD master tracks. Im also not saying that it couldn't
  3. in my opinion sounds like they just put some samples on the snare and kick and compressed the actual stems in a more modern way (that effectively reduces dynamic range on purpose) And sounds like Slash recorded some new leads, bc his sound was way more saturated back then, but on the record sounds like his modern tone the "hoos" seem new
  4. he just sang an extra line from the previous verse(?) when that last part doesnt even contain the extra line. Just messed up the lyrics
  5. @19AT5 Axl came in late bc weird the keyboard noise came in a measure too late, which is the cue for the guitarists to come in, so the guitarists (both Bucket and Paul) came in a measure late as well, which caused Axl to come in halfway on the 1st measure of the verse out of breath (to bd fair he didnt sound that much better on the HOB 2001 by alot, and everyone came in at the right time on that version) to OP, yeah it has been blamed on a Slash shirt, maybe the guy was waving it around mockingly? idk, Ive never seen any concrete proof that it was a Slash shirt. Could have bee
  6. Axl died, and his doppleganger, who couldn't sing, took his place
  7. Ballads are the most popular songs amongst mist listeners of music If The World is an extremely well written song: great vocal melodies, and great instruments. Just doesn't sit well with the so called rock purists bc it doesnt follow conventional blues rock tropes
  8. Cause he's the most calm person, but he was also a fucking psycho; but he had that voice. He's predictably unpredictable. I don't even know what the means, but I believe him to be it He's fucking weird man
  9. they are remasters by a third party (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab) It is a niche thing to most people because the only changed are that they gave more dynamic range In the case of GNR, it helps songs with loud parts and way quieter parts like Estranged, Civil War, Coma. However for listening in the car not very good because in the car ideally to be equally loud all the time to hear over the road noise. But for headphone users and listening at home its great The kick and the bass are slightly more punchier.
  10. Whatever remaster they do likely won't be better than the MSFL remasters (more dynamic range)
  11. forgot about this sorry. heres the only "difficult" part of the song. included drums at the end to show how it sounds in the whole thing sloppy as hell sorry @Nesret
  12. Rocket Queen Stuck Inside Better I also like his mix of clean (verses) and classic rasp (choruses) on Hard School, but the song itself is not a favorite
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