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  1. honestly from the kind of music GNR plays, GNR should've opened. I was never there, but the thought of going from heavy metal to hard rock seems like itd lose moment (though after 2 hours eaiting between sets for Axl to get his ass on stage, i guess youd be happy he got thrre at all at that point)
  2. seems like hes shitting on ron, but it could be that egos just got in the way of each other on a personal level. To be fair, they did get along enough that Bumblefoot got Fortus, DJ, Frank and Tommy to record the Pink Panther theme for an official Bumblefoot release, so maybe it was just a matter of not getting along personally, or musically.
  3. Rocket Queen from Philly 2012 was great, but the good quality audience video isnt on youtube anymore
  4. @ everyone saying it wluld sound drastically different than what we have on UYI: i doubt it, the mates rehearsal has adler on it and locomotive sounded fundamentally the same, aka seems like Matt played what Adler played, regardless of the fact that he said mo one asked him to replicate his drum parts
  5. i know its slashs thing to use typical happy blues/classic rock tropes, but I really hope he cooks something up in the vein of Nothing To Say or Good to Be Alive (chromatic progressions/riffs). i know its too much to expect from an SMKC album, but I hope he does the least Slash-type things, songwriting wise
  6. he likes the album Chinese Democracy. hes listened to it over 1000 times!
  7. cheese roll up plus beef plus pico is the same exact thing
  8. went to the drive in concert. Crowd was having fun with it. We were all honking our horns and what not after songs. Lars slowed down almost every song to near album tempo, even for "One" (which he always speeds up astronomically, among others). The songs greatly benefited from that. James sounded great, as good as S&M2 vocals, no noticable autotune or anything. The mixing was a little weird, but once you cranked the car radio it made more sense. Lars double kick drum was VERY audible for once (as opposed to their youtube videos) Fun stuff
  9. Couldn't tell who was playing what, or if Finck/Fortus are even on this version of the track (the promo says several new remixes), but it sounded great, never having heard the original before
  10. Thats why you gotta take the bois along for the ride. Like $20 a person
  11. I feel like that EDM drop was already done before
  12. Not trying to make a point so to speak. I was just adding that if he doesn't do this (send in federal troops to protect federal building), then Trump could look weak to his supporters for possibly "letting the country go to shit" or something. So I think that it is within the realm of possibilty that while they are preventing the federal building from being vandalized, the whole charade of the confrontation in Portland could be used to Trump's advantage as a win for himself for his possible reelection.
  13. i have not read any of the other responses. I think cancel culture is only good when there is obvious evidence against the guy/girl/entity they are canceling. I also think sometimes people cancelled too fast without evidence
  14. Its obvious they're there under the guise of protecting a federal building from vandalism. I meant look good to his supporters by having the protestors "dispersed"
  15. Also likely to look "good" to his supporters for the election
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