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  1. The lineup will be the same: Axl & Slash will be good if they're motivated. At this point, they can only be motivated IF there's something new.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CN3Ls_wjAID/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. Axl doesn't release a lot a material, but he IS a musical genius. Just look at the catalogue and see the number of great songs that he wrote. Rock anthems, epics, great lyrics, you name it. On top of that, he has his own unique vocal style that nobody can't really replicate. Besides being a great frontman. But @Euchre says he's no talented, he definitely knows better. Such a shame that GN'R wasn't fronted by Bon Jovi
  4. Great selects! There were better Nightrain in 2016, but it was good overall. Just release an entire 2016 show.
  5. It's up there with the other one from 2016. They can release a lot of selects from 2016 and most of it would be great
  6. Yep, just click at the beggining of the red progress bar.
  7. Man I could watch 2016 selects forever. This is what you get when the band is on
  8. Having some crowd sound is great! Lots of Axl screen time too!
  9. This one should be good! Hopefully the mix is good.
  10. I guess everybody is entitled to praise or dislike whatever they want. Maybe the question is why spend time following something that they don't really like? Be it a band, person, or whatever.
  11. I voted for new music from this lineup, reworked CD II and/or original CD II as is. I really like CD and the musical direction that Axl was going, so anything that cames up from these sessions would be nice. An AFD5 record deosn't sound that good to me, because the circumstances are totally different now. It was all about being raw, and young. I don't want them to make music about that being slow and old 😅
  12. Lots of lies and half-truths, but nobody really watches this so no problem I guess
  13. Oh man. 😅 That lady trying to rasp
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