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  1. Not only the songs suck, his guitar tone sucks big time also. The thing is, the guy did some good music. Beatiful Creatures, the Crue album and the first two Sixx AM albums where cool (you could argue about the third one too). I guess that's more than I did, but he became a meme.
  2. It shouldn't be necessary but there's a fucking lot of people in the USA that doesn't vote. Actually, why voting isn't required in the USA?
  3. I think it's just a picture and since he has a wolf on the jacket that's the caption
  4. If they do promotion like ACDC is doing I expect similar if not greater results. That's a big if on GNR's world though
  5. It's cool to have a proshot of Locomotive for sure, but that was all over the place
  6. At least its better than the children's book. I guess this not too bad of a thing, but you will get complains if you only release pinball machines. You need to release something that the fans actually want first, then you can start selling whatever the fuck you came up with, like pinball machines.
  7. Man, this build up campaing is awesome.
  8. Can we compile a list of all known bands/records? That would be nice resource to have
  9. I pretty much love the entire Live Era album, besides rerecordings.
  10. We need that full Houston show! 2016 was a great year and that was the best gig.
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