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  1. Looks awesome, but still hanging out for SZJL 2, which will more than likely never happen now
  2. Awesome thanks for that. I'll hunt out the Giles mix. On dynamic range website it has the Giles mix as the most dynamic version, so looking forward to it as WA is definitely one of my fav albums. Wow, 25 times, that's amazing. Why so many, has it changed over the years?
  3. Just watched vid, really liked it. 2 things, White Album, what mix do you prefer, and why? And your shirt, I was under the assumption that those were only sold at Graceland? You a big fan, have you been?
  4. Wouldn't that be a let down if the album that Susan is referring to is a live album....... Wait for it.....called NITL 😂. Then pele would be justified in saying "tardah, told you so" 😂 🤣
  5. The time lapse between paragraph 2 & 3, was 9 years. At this rate axl could be KOHD............ And that song will last longer than the current live version 😂
  6. I hear you, I used to pray that I didn't die before CD came out as I was waiting for the follow up since 1996. Unfortunately A/HS has shattered my high expectations. With saying that I hold the village leaks in high regard as a fascinating period piece that I listen to as a treat every weekend.
  7. Is RHCP touring, wow, so there album must be completed?
  8. Agree with this completely, it has a flow to it, and regardless of quality, its consistent
  9. They'd lip sync, and I'd bet the trolls would be accusing them of using vocals from 99'🤣 And They'd play a greatest hits set, and Pele would post "told you they don't have any new songs"
  10. Who's Dave Cobb, is he good? And just read below quote from Myles article "Asked about the sound and style of the new SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS LP, Myles said: "The thing about the record is that it's got a live vibe to it. It was a record that was recorded in kind of an old-school way. So, with that said, without giving too much away, it definitely has a bit of that energy and that vibe that a lot of us listened to growing up. So, it was fun. It was a fun record to make". It'll be interesting to hear the riffs that didn't make the gnr cut, assuming axl didn't want them.
  11. I think HS is a very good song, not great, but very good song with piss poor production/mixing.
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