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  1. Do you think the EP versions of absurd/HS will be less compressed than the mp3, or the same?
  2. Or perhaps they could record it with Tekashi69 in the bridge lol But seriously, would love OMG, with freeze on drums.
  3. Agree with all of this. BA is one of my 'go to' UYI songs, that chorus rocks, so melodic and goes on forever. Never understand why it didn't get more love from the fan community. The band obviously like it, as If they didn't, why was there a make shift video for It, and a tour shirt for it on UYI mammoth tour?
  4. Agree with this, as Atlas (drums up) is perfect the way it is, and would be a crime to change it. Although......... Atlas could only be made better if Axl tells Caram to mix it, get Jarmo to programme the drum machine, then turn down the vocals and compress the hell out of the song to suck any soul out of it.....then, and only then, would it be considered by the powers that be as a good next single choice lol
  5. SOYL sounded huge, I wish CLA did Hard Skool,. Caram needs to go lol.
  6. Totally agree, song is too compressed and unnecessary loud. Error Not the most miserable fan base, that award goes to the Pumpkins fan base lol. People here give critical analysis, some are baseless, however some is very good, and believe the band can do better. The critrical analysis for this thread has nothing to do with people wanting a new RN/SCOM as we already got that and it's called TWAT/prostitute/the blues(josh drums) and Madagascar. People are pissed that the mythical checkmate, is poorly mixed, compressed/overly loud, and sounds like the verse vocals were recorded in the tardis πŸ˜‚. In comparison, focus your ears on the individual tracks of Down On The Farm from TSI, then the individual tracks from HS, and see if the quality is the same. One sounds like a band is in the room, the other sounds like.......... We'll...
  7. Im over the moon to be getting a new song, however. It feels cut and pasted and overly sterile. Listen to HS, then listen to Down On The Farm, I know axl has moved on from Mike Clink, but he could produce this way better than Caram, and make it sound like GNR. With DOTF, listen to the drums, then guitar tone, then vocals, and it sounds like a band in the same room. HS appears to have a disconnect between instruments/vocals IMO. Why does TSI sound better than this, it can't be the budget, they have plenty of money, and technology has increased since then. However, still hyped to be getting new song, however lackluster i feel about it.
  8. I know its rock n' roll to not care and do what you want. However not playing a song, when its just been released....and you have thousands of people to advertise to, and you choose not too........is just beyond me....this fucking band.
  9. I thought the mix was very slick, however too slick/clean, like CD production when it's over produced. Needed to be raw in my opinion, Axl needs to loose Caram.
  10. After hearing this, I have to admit that silkworms/Absurd, always sucked, just convinced myself otherwise
  11. AUS is good for Russell Crowe and Crowded house,but NZ get HS first πŸ˜‚
  12. Jacking off or stealing cookies from the cookie jarπŸ˜‚
  13. What am I missing, how do we know its getting released at midnight?
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