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  1. as much of a mess they sound like and albeit axl's best rasp is there, steven is the best musician of all of them in these clips lol
  2. they sound like an absolute mess compared to maybe a year later? back off bitch was the only song where it sounded good
  3. couldn't find shit if someone would like to chat regarding the band and this era feel free to DM me as to not litter this thread with too much nostalgia
  4. Guns took a gradual nosedive after Wembley 91 up until now
  5. i read it was quite good actually i think the Cult section was the best part of the book and it was a great group when you compare it to his tenure in GNR, specifically him already having hung out with axl izzy in NY prior he makes the illusion recordings seem like it was just an assembly line production set up the later parts are great to read cause u know he's telling the truth about all the Frank can't play stuff
  6. brainwashing a rock star with new age BS whom is already mentally fragile and "supporting" him while taking charge of his riches is not exactly a rags to riches story
  7. Axl has to give 80% of his earnings to the TB cult so he probably is quite a loss on how to free himself from them and nobody can get to him as far as an intervention is concerned, the rest of his earnings are given to him as a stipend for his basic needs which are neither positive or good For instance what if Izzy demanded one on one time with Axl? It couldn't happen.
  8. it's plausible that Duff Slash and Axl at this point are quite embarrassed by TB Axl would need to really shake things up if he wants to regain any certain level of integrity/popularity among the fans moving forward 1) fire TB 2) work on his voice 3) properly reunite the band
  9. in football or in this case music the manager is responsible for the players and or bandmates to perform they are hired because of a certain track record and ability to get the best of their people -- in this case Axl ammassed such control over the band that he alone can just be indifferent to incompetent while fludging along with the right type of negative yes person such as fer boy he has it exactly how he has always wanted it and it is becoming abundantly clear to all casual observers that it's backfired and hasn't been good for him or anyone around him
  10. there was a video shared in the last year of him with his brazlian gf circa 2012ish where he mentions it and he is quite zonked out, im not sure he cared he was being filmed
  11. Stockholm leg bite Tweaking in a bus with chicks while mentioning Beta is Axl's wife Slash and Tracy Lords non date Duff and Axl's "accidental" meeting in 2010 Merck
  12. im gonna guess he was a "friend" of fer boy as it screams how fer boy would try and spin it back lol
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