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  1. they need to release perfect crime asap i'd pay 200 bucks for it
  2. no more ancient t shirts fucking left any ones that are post illusions dont count for shits
  3. psycho much? i happily purchased a bootleg shirt in Mexico City then eventually threw it away i have not gnr shits left the best one i had though was the original bad apples one
  4. there were a few worst topics going back but this one wins it
  5. Is probably one of the top 10 songs unreleased the recent apetite demo release on the box set clearly sets this song as an appetite shoe in not only that if they were do bring something back like this damn ----- i may say adler beats sorum by a large margin clearly due to the groove that is no longer really seen after
  6. thanks i already saw the fax MTV print out read out no need to repeat it
  7. no its not good - you cant copy and paste slash in and say tadda
  8. agreed - my world actually sounds ok towards the end atrocious beginning but after trhere is somthing there absurd is absolute shite all round everything about it except for the fact that axl was actually crazy enough to perform it
  9. these lyrics are far superior in prose how the fuck did Duff and Slash agree to this - they are distorted
  10. they are the most pitiful lyrics ever have far have guns fallen
  11. it was fun to listen the first time cause of the WTF of it but it is ATROCIOUS like a torture chamber song LITERALLY
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