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  1. i find it odd that matt did not mention that encounter in his book, they seemed to have partied and hopped from one place to another, with axl dropping him off at some point
  2. Guys I think we're overlooking something quite sinister here...what the fuck are they hiding? This type of behaviour would to me appear to be fraudulent actions in the background, I don't have to guess that they are stealing everyone blind
  3. i personally think this thread 'un'deniably extinguishable since about 4 years ago fam...
  4. axl is married to his mother then he hit our mother! yeah, she's my wife
  5. Are TB the leaders of a cult? I say that with seriousness. There is no other explanation for this behaviour - keeping Axl on drugs, drunk, fat and stupid, not letting any interviews happen - blocking everyone involved in GNR from the real world etc etc This is like the wicker man for real!
  6. hey funnyt guys rest my case - axl sounds 300 times better with a real drummer such as presented on this my michelle clip the other ones are atrociously mickey for my liking
  7. correct i haven't purchased yet but something seems suspicious about this new return - they did post a pic of adler recently so they may suck me back in - no pun intended
  8. no you are correct they didn't ever really have the full AFD cross but perhaps it was slightly introduced prior to mexico city in 2020 these prices are a major rip off, the mexico ones - mock me all you want but it has to be original 5 nobody is gonna go otherwise
  9. it means that we all share the common denominator of being abused fans so paint it as you wish or complain as you wish, or simply get in where you fit in on the complaints complaints complaints side of things
  10. get in where u fit in gnr suck idiots i was there when they didn't play it that was so promising! yeahhh
  11. i have to laugh too when i see any defence at all of frank and to a slightly lesser extent richard, you change the drummer and it can have a massive effect why u think slash plays like shit why u thnk axl sings like shit b/c its not a real reunion and the drumming is horrendous, nobody likes each other cause it aint GNR period
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