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  1. Just watched it, pretty awesome! He just played checkmate live with Slash, I could care less how he sounds.
  2. Good job, GNR team! But keep the new songs coming
  3. Good job, GNR team! But keep the new songs coming
  4. HaRd SkOoL 2nItE!!!!!!@11737-71111!!!!!!!!!! Jokes aside, yup, it’s gotta be tonight lol
  5. I honestly think this is the perfect GNR reunion single, I don’t have many critiques. A new album might not be coming “soon” but this and Absurd show that Axl is not afraid to put out new music that was “made” (redone) quickly. I think we will get one more album out of them for sure. Hopefully 2022. I doubt this will be the last Guns N’ Roses song
  6. Maybe I’m just not an audiophile but I’ve been very impressed with the mix. Loved it through my studio monitors at home
  7. The drums in the demo are pretty amazing, particularly in the bridge. However, I’m still glad they changed the bridge as a whole
  8. I’m excited! Saw them twice (once was at the HoF, though) but something was missing. Glad to have Frusciante back
  9. This. It’ll get played. The priority will always be new studio songs. A live version is welcome because it shows Axl stands by the work and might be into it. That being said, the dude put this out and it rocks so I’m not too worried Edit- still, it’s weird
  10. I do believe we will get one more GNR album after Absurd and Hard Skool. I do not think it will be out in 2021. These are good preview tracks, then in 2022 they could put out a lead "album single" for that. I hope I am right. I lost hope in a new album, but having 2 new songs in a month is unprecedented for Axl Rose. I am back on the hype train.
  11. It would be baffling for them not to play it tonight, I am sure they will
  12. Yeah! I actually love that little duel guitar breakdown in the 99 version right before the "AfD-esque" part right before the bridge shifts. Pretty sure its Robin and its awesome. I love Slash's parts and everything about the new version, but I am glad to have the '99 demo, too. That guitar part is super cool.
  13. I think the drums kick ass, I am not hearing the problem? I have actually been really into the drum song on this and Absurd. The kick sounds really cool and modern. I like the drums in the '99 version too
  14. I love the "new" 3:10 to Yuma with Christian Bale and Russel Crowe.
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