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  1. Rock N Roll Train, Black Ice, and Rock or Bust are my top 3 from the last 2 albums
  2. If you think interrupting with bullshit is winning, sure
  3. Yup This is what we have come to
  4. As much as I disagree with almost every single post of yours in this thread, I will give you this one! I'm not offended by that, it's the truth. The pandemic definitely makes me think about it regularly, the next step is hopefully taking the action
  5. I live Ava Adore as a song too
  6. I think their last few albums are all pretty average, aside from their lead songs and some others, but I am still fired up!
  7. If the theory that each side of the record is a different genre, it makes zero sense for him to put out only songs from the synth portion as the kick off (not that anyone outside of the internet really cares about new SP music, anyways).
  8. @Swampfox, I am fat (allegedly working on it). I am to blame for that. The food excess and crap in everything, especially in America, does not help but I am smart enough to recognize what is bad and what isn't and have access to the things that aren't. You aren't wrong that personal responsibility plays a huge role. That being said, American habits are a huge problem. The portions and artificial shit everywhere is nuts. I went to Italy in February, and almost everything is fresh and decent quality food is abundant everywhere. Same with when I was in Israel and France. There is definitely
  9. The 2010 Canadian leg was something special. Glad it was my first GNR gig
  10. Def some tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Flowers too
  11. 7 London, Ontario 2010 Auburn Hills, Michigan 2011 Detroit, Michigan 2012 Las Vegas, Nevada 2016 Detroit, Michigan 2016 Chicago, Illinois 2016 Detroit, Michigan 2017
  12. We found a great house to rent and are moving next month, very much looking forward to gardening next year!
  13. He is a crook, and the people who support him are losers
  14. Or Syria or many, many other places as early as last year Anyways, I am looking forward to seeing how all of the Trump imbeciles/cronies are going to spin his taxes
  15. I was one of the few that didn't have a Wii, but of course I'd play it at friends' houses and stuff. Looking back, it had a killer lineup of Nintendo games. 2 full 3D Mario games, some 2D Mario and Donkey Kong games, 2 3D Zelda releases, a Metroid Prime game, a Smash release, a Mario Kart, and more third party and other stuff. If the Switch can add another Metroid Prime game, Zelda, and one more bit deal game like another Mario or new IP or something we would be cooking. I haven't played Splatoon, I keep forgetting Nintendo did a new IP "semi" recently.
  16. I am one of the few that liked Luke in the sequels but I am definitely not opposed to see him at his peak before shit hits the fan! That would be awesome
  17. Tempted to be a nerd and get this https://hasbropulse.com/collections/haslab/products/star-wars-the-vintage-collection-razor-crest
  18. I noticed the other day that they aren't as flat as they look. We are about to move so I might check one out when I pack them
  19. Some of my favorite eras of the forum have been during periods of no avtivity/uninteresting activity
  20. My lithos have been in Target frames so I bet they would be a bit curvy if I ever took them out
  21. I'd say I am a casual gamer too at this point in my life. I like games a lot, but its hard to find time to really sink into them. I like 1 or 2 big adventure/rpg games a year, and then a few Halo matches once in a blue moon (or Planetside when I am feeling frisky). Each big rpg takes me months to complete. I started BotW in December and I still have a long way to go. The Switch is good for me because of the mobile aspect where I can play a few quick minutes here and there throughout the week. Xbox/PlayStation/PC are also good for those big AAA games that pop up a couple of times a year.
  22. I like Wrath. All 4 songs are perfectly fine and in the higher tear of post-revival Pumpkins music. Still, it is asinine to have a three guitar lineup and put out 4 songs with almost zero guitars
  23. I have not, I don't know if I would want to ask to try it on my buddy's system! Yeah, $300 is still a lot imo, to get the full experience you need a high end gaming PC. Google Earth can only be used with the PC hookup too, I believe, and that is one of my favorite VR experiences. I think it is still best to wait a few years, more AAA games and innovative experiences will be made and the hardware won't be as expensive. I bet those cumbersome cords will get a lot less unwieldy, too. They could have released more games for each of those little systems without using much space, b
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