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  1. As an episode, The Jedi is the best of the series imo. For badass crazy fanboy extravaganza apalooza, the finale wins for me (with The Tragedy close behind) This season ruled
  2. So if the hearing happens after the inaguration that means he will be convicted, right?
  3. Nintendo should really keep with the local multiplayer, its been a great feature on the Switch. Overcooked and Smash have been a lot of fun for local multiplayer, I need to grab Mario Kart I played the SNES Metroid @Dazey, its pretty awesome
  4. I got one. Sleeping Like an Angel bought them for those of us in the states. It's ok. The 2016 book was a lot better quality
  5. A Metroid trilogy would be awesome. I never really played those. My friend bought me Hades, looks awesome!
  6. The GOP is weird. It fundamentally caters to racism now but in doing so, the most devoted members are either low income white trash goons or really well off greedy , country clubbing motherfuckers. Idk if it is the general insecure whiteness or false sense of Christianity that accounts for the middle of this fucked up diagram. Probably both.
  7. The Bottleneck Gallery is doing GNR prints I'm going to pass, but they are a great company. I own two of their Star Wars prints
  8. Imagine how fucked we'd be without the vaccines
  9. If we get Metroid Prime, another main Zelda, a Zelda all stars I'll consider it a good win An N64 and Gamecube virtual console would also be killer
  10. Yup At the rate vaccinations are going, summer is probably shot. We'll see
  11. I wasn't bonding with it the past few days, I was kind of shocked considering this was a holy grail amp for me. Spent a good amount of time with it today, and plugged in the Helix for effects. I got superb tones out of it on all 3 "channels"! The rhythm clip is the one I was most familiar with because it is what my Alexander Silver Jubilee pedal emulates. Still has a ton of gain on tap. Got some great crunch. I LOVE the clean channel. It's louder than the rhythm clip and lead channels at face value, probably because it has far less compression. I can get it into JTM45/Plexi territor
  12. They are way off with the piece count
  13. I don't mind the push/pull because it is accurate to the original. I like how its pretty much an exact recreation. The mirror panel, big logo, and silver are all deliciously 80s. I hope the issue is just with the power tubes, maybe I can get the seller to purchase some. From what little I played, it is much harsher than I remember from the times I have played a Silver Jubilee. Again, I wonder if that could be because of a power tube needing replacement. My fears of this amp cutting through a mix are now gone. It is relatively transparent and harsh. It will cook with a band, and is clearly
  14. All of congress was gathered yesterday, why couldn't they just get this shit done in a matter of minutes? With all the GOP senators that turned yesterday to save their own tail, why the hell not? I think you are right
  15. So it's normal for the lead channel to be default with the knobs in? Edit- Nvm reread your answer!
  16. Today will go on to be the image of his leadership
  17. But how would supporting Trump achieve anything? He will go back to strictly being Donald Trump again in two weeks.
  18. At this point, I have no idea what there is to lose. Trump will not be president in two weeks. Despite his criminal behavior and pitiful coup attempts, he is out the door. The senate and house will be blue. I do not understand what anyone in his cabinet or congress has to gain by supporting him. He offers nothing of value to them, anymore.
  19. Policy aside, Trump is SO CLEARLY over his head and unqualified for the seat he has desecrated. The rallies, the march (like today's disgusting display), the poor vocabulary, disregard for facts, and overall classlessness of his conduct strictly cater towards the lowest scum of the American people. He is a washed up celebrity who ran on hate. How is this remotely acceptable to have as the most powerful single human being on the planet? Putin and XI are powerful, but no country still has the influence, resources, and might of the United States when it comes to the world stage. Over 4 year
  20. Well, that was a disgraceful side story that will go down in history. Congress is back at the capitol to finish this, hope they remove Trump. If he, his entire family, and the GOP members who supported him are not prosecuted, it will be a huge injustice. He should be removed unceremoniously immediately The Republican party has become the party of white- trash, racist, ignorance that either caters to the greedy and hateful
  21. So @James BondBond I got the amp today.... Holy fuck balls it's loud. The 5 watt setting smokes the old Class 5 I have. The amp itself is also way bigger and heavier than I anticipated. Either way, that I can work with. However, there is a horrendous hiss when knobs are past 12'o clock. It's VERY noticeable, and really bad. I also was wondering if the clean channel should have the knob "in" or "out". Currently, the lead channel is engaged when it's in and I have to pull it for the clean channel. Is that right? The rhythm clip, on the on the hand, is engaged when pulled out.
  22. You have done a stand- up job of staying away, I see!
  23. Shut the fuck up, for fuck's sake!
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