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  1. I saw them in 2009 and it was one of the best concerts of my life. However, when I saw them in 2014 (if I’m not mistaken), Paul was in pretty bad shape compared to before and Gene sang about half of the set, which was significantly smaller than in ‘09. Would see them one last time, tho.
  2. Charlie Watt's passing made me think... no celebrity death hit me has profoundly as Robin Williams. Wonder if I'll ever feel that fucked up about someone I never met again?

    1. Padme


      I just read about it. I'm so sad :cry: Not only I'm Rollng Stones fan. But Charlie was so cool in his own way RIP

    2. Cosmo


      I'm not that sad basically because I know Charlie lived a relatively long life, enjoying what he did for a living, never took shit from people (not even Mick and Keith) and left a legacy anyone would envy. I am sure his family and friends are comforted by the fact he lived a full life. I am usually more saddened by those that suffer from depression or anxiety in silence and take their own lives, like Chris Cornell, Chester and Robin Williams, you know? That must be hell.

  3. I don't think he lip syncs... he sounds pretty bad most of the time nowadays so... makes no sense. He did, actually, at one point, pre-record his guitar parts to "focus on his stage presence" a while ago.
  4. Rest in Peace. His name will be remembered as one of the most significant drummers in rock and roll history.
  5. I prefer Writing on the Wall. Stratego isn’t bad but it’s kinda just there, you know? Goes nowhere, basically.
  6. I think I realized his voice was off during Sorry.
  7. It somehow gets worse every time I listen to it.
  8. Finally got my second Astrazeneca jab here in Rio. Such a powerful moment. There's still a long way to go but still...

  9. Man… it was so late. Like past 4AM in the morning, and we had to watch like 4 bands before GnR so we were DEAD when they came on. Plus, it was raining like hell. Everyone was soaking wet. And it was a Sunday. We did have Estranged for the first time since classic GnR but still… not worth it.
  10. Five: 1- Rio (Praça da Apoteose, 2010) 2- Rio ( Rock in Rio, 2011) 3- Curitiba (Estádio Vila Capanema, 2014) 4- São Paulo (Arena Anhembi, 2014) 5- Rio (HSBC Arena, 2014) ONE of those was worth it, though 😂
  11. Hard School is a Get in the Ring/ Shotgun Blues level song. State of Grace is very uninspired. Perhaps is fine but has a very weak chorus. Atlas Shrugged has potential. Its a good song that could get much better if they invest some time on working it out. Oh My God deserves a re-recording. Zodiac 13 has a killer riff. I’d bet on that one the most. Me and my Elvis/Elvis Presley and the Monster of Soul/Soul Monster seems like it could go somewhere interesting. Going Down is fucking amazing and I’m all for Duff recoding it with a Slash solo and decent Axl backing vocals.
  12. Well… he CLEARLY isn’t in a rush but he might want to release the album while he can still tour
  13. Rock isn’t dead. It’s just not mainstream. The stuff that goes into mainstream nowadays is just a product of label R&D. These bands are as much as industry plants as Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber or Rihanna. It’s just that it’s nieche products. If you want to discover new and amazing bands, it won’t come to you. You won’t stumble upon it on the radio or on most Spotify playlists, you won’t see an ad for a new release anywhere and you certainly won’t see an article on Loudwire, Classic Rock or Rolling Stone. The real authentic new bands are on Bandcamp and Youtube hustling, releasing kickass recorda and touring (pre-covid) their asses off for a living. They do it for the passion of music and not for the music as this shit doesn’t usually make anyone a rich person if you’re not signed to a major label.
  14. That Hard School chorus needed to be worked on. The verses are pretty cool but that chorus is weak and man - imagine out-of-breath mickey mouse singing that live
  15. This is not punk music. This is pseudo industrial nu metal inspired edgy 2000s teenage music
  16. Exactly. Spineless yesmen. Wow, I expected so much more.
  17. Last week I logged into this forum for the first time in over 5 years because of Iron Maiden. This week GnR releases a "new" single lol

    1. Amir


      Good to see you back!

    2. Cosmo


      Thanks, man!!

    3. Powerage5


      The writing was on the wall after all. It had to be Silkworms...

  18. Couldn't have said it better myself. They don't give a fuck. None of them.
  19. I think Axl and Slash just had straight up talk about what GnR is nowadays - a pretty solid and profitable retirement plan. The new album is a boost in sales for merch and touring.
  20. I'm sorry if I'm mistaken but isn't there a rumour Lashana Lynch will be taking up the mantle of 007 after Daniel Craig leaves?
  21. I knew someone would hate me for that. Sorry 😂
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