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  1. Why would you keep an interest in something like that? Why do you care if other people still like this band, with or without new material?
  2. Definitely. I said this the other day too, in my country they've been selling out huge venues since the reunion. And the show for next year was sold out very quickly too, and this was before they released Absurd and Hard School and without any evidence of new music coming out anytime soon. Doesn't mean they're the biggest band here, I wouldn't even have a clue who that might be because I don't follow today's music much anymore, but touring wise they are one of the bigger acts out there at the moment.
  3. I have never heard anyone claim that GnR is the biggest in the world right now either.
  4. I was just saying that I'm not a scientist or a doctor. Sometimes you have to believe those who are smarter than you about certain subjects. It's always funny when those who have hardly any knowledge about something, still think they know more about it than people who have actually studied this and dedicated their lives to it. Anyway, I don't know about Africa, it's a pretty big continent and I haven't looked into that. Maybe someone else can do that, but I'm sure there's a good explanation for it.
  5. I am actually. And I think it's always good to ask critical questions and not immediately believe everything you're told. However, numbers don't lie. And when almost every expert in the world says that vaccines are safe and the only way out of this mess, then who the fuck am I to doubt that? I know shit about this stuff. I barely finished college.
  6. I just wanted to make sure I understood you, because I find that hard to believe.
  7. You know people who died after getting vaccinated and it was proven that they died due to side effects of the vaccine? Really?
  8. That's not entirely true because my uncle had been vaccinated a few weeks prior to getting infected. Even when you're vaccinated there's a risk of still getting really sick from it. And unfortunately even a small chance of dying from it.
  9. And I can only repeat what I said, you are more likely to spread the virus than someone who is vaccinated. Look, my folks are elderly. I'd hate to think that I infect them because I couldn't be bothered to get vaccinated. You might say that this is a small chance, but it already happened once in my family. Earlier this year my cousin visited his parents, and infected both of them. His father didn't survive it. It this had happened a few months later and my cousin had been vaccinated, it probably wouldn't have happened.
  10. True, but again, I have less chance of doing so than you, right?
  11. Well, it kinda does because it's fact that there's a much smaller chance of spreading the virus if you've been vaccinated. I hope for your sake this doesn't happen because you don't want to have to live with something like that.
  12. But you don't care that you might infect someone who is part of the risk group and ends up getting really sick from it, or even worse, just because you couldn't be bothered to get vaccinated?
  13. I know you're anti-vax, but even within that group there are different reasons. Some don't believe they work, others simply don't care because they are likely not to get sick anyway because they are young and healthy and are too selfish to do it to protect the vulnerable, and others are concerned about long-term effects and don't believe the experts who say it's safe. I was curious which group you belong to.
  14. That's actually a good point, if this affects his confidence, then I hope it goes to number one. Besides that, I think it's kinda cool they put it out there without all the promo whoring like going on cheesy late night shows and doing a lot of annoying press. Almost 1,8 million views on YT in 4 weeks time isn't even that bad for a dinosaur band. Iron Maiden's song Stratego, with video, was released at the same time and has only 1 million views.
  15. I couldn't give a rat's ass about how well this song does in the charts. I only care about whether I like it or not.
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