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  1. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I never thought you know nothing because I don't even know you, that would be a rather ignorant thought on my part. I wasn't interfering with your little argument on here either. I was merely reacting to you assumption that other people can't like something just because you and all your top musician friends don't like it or don't consider it the right way of playing guitar. Maybe you didn't mean to phrase it that way, but that's exactly how you did it. Unfortunately this happens too often, especially online. I have no interest in debating someone's
  2. Well, this is a forum, people react to what they read. If you don't like that, maybe stop posting? Or if you don't want other people to react to your posts, only communicate in PM from now on with the poster who is only allowed to react to your posts? Just a thought... Anywho, these were your exact words, And no offence, but that makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe don't act like you know what other people like or don't like, or else you can expect people to react to your BS? Just a tip...
  3. There are no rules. Playing a solo in the wrong key probably won't sound too good to most ears and I wouldn't advise it, but there's no rule against that either. But that isn't even what Slash is doing. This guy just doesn't like the way Slash plays, and that's fine, but he doesn't seem to be able to accept that others might do like it, which is pretty weird.
  4. To me Slash is anything but uninspiring. I'm still really into his playing and I love seeing him getting to that zone that only other guitarists know about. As for people not liking his playing or improvising nowadays, that's cool too and totally subjective, no point arguing over like one's opinion is fact.
  5. Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Wild Rose (2018) The Hero (2017)
  6. I have several family members who've had it. Most of them are in their 70's and 80's and hardly had any symptoms. But I know that a lot of other people are getting very sick from it, especially in that age group. And this week I found out my aunt and uncle caught it, but they've had their shots and are fortunately also hardly experiencing any symptoms, at least so far. I agree with what you say, I haven't been anywhere and have been living like a monk this last year, and that's really not for my own safety either but I wouldn't want someone else to get very sick because I've been careless.
  7. My parents are in their early 70's and they have only just gotten their first shot last week. I have no idea when I am next. Probably by summer, but there so many delays every time because of complications, it might even be later.
  8. Yeah, that's why I said when all the risk groups are already vaccinated. I guess it works different where you live, but here I will be one of the last groups to get the vaccination because I don't belong to any risk group. But the majority have medical issues or are overweight.
  9. That is why it's important everyone in the risk group will be vaccinated because it can save lives. But most young people won't get (very) sick from it anyway and I think we all know that by now. Anyway, I'm playing devil's advocate here because I am getting it myself as soon as I can. Just saying I understand better now why some people are more hesitant.
  10. Because it's a new vaccine and no one can be quite sure what the side effects will be. I understand it's very important for the risk groups to be vaccinated as soon as possible. But once they are vaccinated and the young and healthy people are next in line, I am starting to understand better now why some are thinking twice about getting it at this point if they will catch it anyway regardless of being vaccinated or not. Because with or without the vaccination most of them will probably not get very sick from it anyway. I'm not saying I'm against it by the way, I will be getting mine as so
  11. Then I understand why a lot of young people don't want to get vaccinated. Because if this is true and you are going to catch it anyway after vaccination, then why bother?
  12. I don't know, but my uncle is a couple of years older than my aunt so he must have gotten it a few weeks earlier than her. That's how it works here.
  13. So my uncle and aunt both caught covid this week after already having been vaccinated.
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