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  1. I like Adore, it’s a very personal record with some beautiful songs on it, but from a career point of view it wasn’t the smartest move.
  2. I don't know about each side of the record being a different genre, but I doubt that it's going to be 20 synth-pop songs on there, I think there will be some more rocking stuff too. But I could be wrong. As for it making zero sense, has that ever stopped him before? Most people told him that making your third record a double record would be career suicide but he did it anyway and it became their biggest record. Then he followed that one up with an electronic/acoustic record that alienated a lot of their fans who wanted another Mellon Collie with rock songs on it. So yeah... he's never done wha
  3. Also, this is not what I associate with the Dutch, the south perhaps who have a Burgundian background (like the Belgians) and who are more known for celebrating and enjoying life with food, drink, etc., but the rest of the country comes from a Calvinist background which doesn't really gel with ''partying, laughing, having a good time'' as you see it. Not that it's so black or white anymore nowadays, but that's not how I would associate them.
  4. It's basically just carnival without the history and tradition behind it, isn't it? Adults dressing up, singing along to medleys, drinking a lot and having a good time. I'd rather get kicked in the balls repeatedly than attend a Toppers concert, but each to their own.
  5. A colleague of mine went to see the Toppers, it's an annual thing... needless to say I never looked at him the same way again.
  6. Obesity isn't always a result of how much you eat but of what you eat. In a lot of third world countries you see a lot of obesity because they have poor diet.
  7. That's what Steve Albini wrote in his letter to Nirvana when they were discussing making In Utero together. He ended the letter with ''If a record takes more than a week to make, somebody’s fucking up.'' (although it took them 13 days to record In Utero)
  8. This is so bad... even for a bad actor this is remarkably bad. You can actually see him reading his lines off the cue card.
  9. I just realized that a forum like this is also social media...
  10. I wouldn't want to be on social media if they paid me, to tell you the truth.
  11. And McCartney had a bit of a reputation of merely writing sentimental, poppy love songs, also because Lennon criticized him for that later on, which of course McCartney reacted to by writing Silly Love Songs, but that isn't entirely true either.
  12. It actually sounds more like his first solo record from 2005, which was also synth-pop inspired. I don't think the songs are lazy just because they're simple, and I applaud them for doing this, even if it's not my cup of tea. But like I already mentioned, there are twenty songs, we've only heard one side so far, I bet that there's a lot more on there than synth-pop songs.
  13. It would be tough for me to choose because in my opinion McCartney probably wrote the most good songs, especially at the end, but some of my all-time favourite Beatles' songs were written by Lennon. It's subjective and whatever you prefer... McCartney was more about catchy melodies, so if that's important to you in music, I can imagine someone choosing him, he was probably also the better musician. But of course you're right about how their best work was created together and that is what made them so good.
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