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  1. Why only look at the mortality rate? A lot of people who catch Covid might not die from it but still get really sick and need many months to recuperate or suffer from lung damage. That alone should be a reason not to lift all restrictions at this point in time with the more contagious delta spreading really fast.
  2. I'm all for going back to normal, but if that moment is right now is questionable with delta spreading really fast and many still not being fully vaccinated. A lot of people might not be dying but a lot of them are still getting really sick and suffering from lung damage, even young people. I guess we will see if it's wise to lift most restrictions at this point.
  3. I'm not following the situation in the UK from up close, but aren't your numbers in the hospitals rising as well?
  4. More than half of the population here still isn't fully vaccinated. I'm not getting my second shot until August. Lifting all restrictions now, or most of them, while delta is going around, is really not the way to do it, in my opinion.
  5. When most are fully vaccinated?
  6. To quote Richey Edwards; if a married man fucks a Catholic and his wife dies without knowing, does that make him unfaithful?
  7. The UK seems to be doing the opposite of what my country is doing. In both countries numbers are rising, yet we are reintroducing several restrictions and the UK is dropping almost all.
  8. In my previous band we used to cover this song... so fun to play! Another Kind Of Green is another great tune from the Trio. You can really hear the Hendrix/SRV influences.
  9. Never cared much for his solo work, too slick for my taste, but the stuff he did with Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino is excellent. He's probably one of the best guitarists of this generation.
  10. Many restrictions have been lifted here a month ago, and since then numbers have been going up like crazy mainly due to the young people who have been partying a lot. Therefore a few are back in place since last week. Only 40% of the population has been fully vaccinated. Good news is that so far the numbers in the hospitals aren't rising because most old people have been vaccinated.
  11. I don't think he was saying that England was playing better, just that they were better than in previous matches and that Italy played overall better in previous matches. I don't know, I haven't seen enough matches to have an opinion.
  12. I heard a football analyst say yesterday that England played their best game of the tournament and Italy one of their worst, yet the difference was still small. England should have really taken advantage of Italy not playing their best game yesterday.
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