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  1. I'd rather see someone like that spending the rest of their life in jail and being miserable than getting the sweet relief of death.
  2. Yeah, I've logged in a few times but I realized just now that I haven't posted anything since Christmas. With soon getting kicked out and the US politics being the only real active thread on here (which I personally don't give a shit about), this place has become rather dull. Oh... this is the covid thread... our national lockdown has been extended and we might get a curfew as well... it's only getting worse : /
  3. No. But then again, I don't take it all as seriously as all the negative nancies on here. It's just a rock n roll band. I never thought Slash would ever get back, and look what happened. I'm sure that there will be new music coming out at one point, whether it's years from now or sooner than I think.
  4. I think she was in my recommendation on YouTube and probably only clicked on it because she's so cute (that's how I discovered Phoebe Bridges too) but I stayed for her voice and because she covers songs in an interesting way.
  5. I like her too. And that reminds me of another Phoebe I discovered in 2020. She also reminds me of Phoebe Bridges,
  6. We were mostly liberated by the Canadians. We have been through this before.
  7. Well, you basically turned me down, so now that ship has sailed and I don't want anything to do with you or your country anymore.
  8. We blame Britain for everything. You've made your bed, now... etc.
  9. Pluralone- The Night Won't Scare Me
  10. Ronn Moss was already 35 years old when B&B started in 1987 and John McCook, who plays his father, is only 8 years older in real life.
  11. And many bands I like didn't do shit all year, or maybe they've been active, but there has been a radio silence for the most part. And I'm not complaining, it is what it is. We've been facing the worst crisis since the second world war. No time to be selfish, we don't even know if some of them have been affected by all this on a personal level.
  12. Didn't GnR release live videos? Of course there was a lot to complain about that on here as always, but that's already more than what many other bands have done that I like.
  13. Most of my favourite bands have done even less than GnR this year and there are reasons for that. Think about it.
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