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  1. I've read the gun had blanks, not live rounds. Even still, why was Baldwin aiming in the direction of the crew? Was it part of a scene or was it carelessness on his part?
  2. https://www.thedailybeast.com/alec-baldwin-film-rust-stunt-gun-misfire-kills-crew-member-wounds-another?ref=home I still don’t know how, with everything that happened with Brandon Lee in the Crow, this could happen again. Maybe not aim and pull the trigger at anyone who isn’t in a scene? Tragic and mind blowing. I hope for Baldwin’s sake he and/or the production have good insurance.
  3. Guarantee the so called “experts” at one pointed to this asshole as proof of voter fraud…
  4. A distant cousin of mine just notified the family that her husband (late 60s/ealry 70s) is now brain dead due to a covid-19 infection and the family is in the midst of getting his affairs in order before taking him off life support. He was fully vaccinated and caught it from one of his unvaccinated teammates on his hockey team (who was younger but still required being hospitalized). Unfortunately many anti-vaxxed individuals refuse to think of vaccines like seatbelts or drinking an driving laws. They have no ability or willingness to consider the concept of probability. Had my cousin’s husband played with fully vaccinated teammates and opponents he would more likely not have caught the virus and hence wouldn’t be brain dead. Again, probability seems like too difficulty of a concept for some.
  5. Well, yes and no. It’s true that Biden has attended less press conferences, but at least there are (weekly) press conferences. Trump did away with them almost entirely for the middle two years of his Presidency. As for Biden’s comments, that’s not uncommon for the President to be advised as to which reporters to call upon. Since the Ford administration most reporters submit their questions or topics ahead of time to the White House Press Office to allow the administration an opportunity to provide information when the questions are asked. I do think Biden is monitored and managed in part because of his age. It’s not ideal that the President is older than fuck. But considering Biden appeared to be the only candidate the Democrats could put up to beat Trump, it’s better than having a Trump second term.
  6. Thanks. Unfortunately I live in Canada and our version of HBO Max doesn't get day-one theatrical releases. It will likely be four or five months before Crave (our version of HBO Max) carries the film for us cheap streamers.
  7. 1.... https://www.thedailybeast.com/fox-news-loses-it-over-woke-superman-motto-theyre-telling-us-not-to-love-our-country?ref=home 1.... https://www.thedailybeast.com/fox-news-loses-it-over-woke-superman-motto-theyre-telling-us-not-to-love-our-country?ref=home
  8. Merged two threads that were discussing the same topic. Updated thread name to include the title of the single.
  9. I’ll likely wait until it’s on a streaming site (netflix, HBO, or Disney). I finally watched the original film almost a year ago and it was the weirdest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.
  10. Yeah, I was and still am a big fan of the Nolan films, but I get what you're saying. For me Nolan's films haven't aged as well as I thought they would, particularly the last two. They seem more a product of their times, less so something timeless. I've ended up liking Batman Begins the best of the three now, which I never would have thought back when they released. It's funny when you look back at each Batman-universe film or era, they kind of speak to the times. Nolan's films, particularly the last two, had elements of global finance/crime and the disease that was its response (the third was a pretty hard repudiation of the Occupy movement). The Joker is a full-throated response and examination of the trends/currents that explain the Trump era. It will be interesting to see how this new film fits into current trends and themes. Pattinson's Batman appears to be the most emotionally charged Batman we've seen in movie form.
  11. Looks like Covid-19 took down Colin Powell. He was 84.
  12. Ughh... Please read: https://vajenda.substack.com/p/the-covid-19-vaccine-was-developed
  13. Superman no longer a soldier for America: https://www.thedailybeast.com/dc-comics-changes-superman-motto-swaps-american-way-with-better-tomorrow?ref=home?ref=home
  14. Thanks. I could barely make out Axl during the choruses. Unfortunately had to remove the link from your post to keep the forum alive.
  15. What a terrific use of resources! The whole billionaire space tourism thing infuriates me. Why spend billions on helping to solve problems on earth when we can spend billions to send rich old assholes into space for a short period of time!
  16. Yeah, maybe. Biden won 306 electoral votes in 2020. In 2024 let’s give Trump Wisconsin and Michigan. That’s 26 electoral votes flipped. That would require either Pennsylvania or Arizona and Georgia (or a combination of those three states) to refuse to certify. That is possible but I still think it’s unlikely at this point. It’s an eventuality that will likely someday happen, but I still have a hard time believing Republicans would commit political suicide for a generation or more over someone like Trump. Winning in 2024 this way would ensure either a) the destruction of the Republican Party or b) the destruction of the country. I could see the blue states revolt on mass with Democratic governors signing executive orders barring local and state law officials or bureaucrats from enforcing federal tax laws (ie, Californians no longer have to worry about paying federal income taxes since there would be no one at the state level to enforce that they do). In the end, maybe we should have faith in McDonalds and let the Filet-O-Fish do God’s work prior to 2024.
  17. I get why the progressives want to fund their social programs for ten years, but considering that’s not what’s going to happen, they should cut the $3.5 trillion by a third to meet Manchin’s ceiling of $1.5 trillion and fund all the programs for three years (though some likely wouldn’t get going, like pre-k, for a few years out). Make Republicans defend their votes in their next congress trying to slash or cut the programs. Turn the 2024 presidential election a campaign on whether America wants to get rid of widely popular programs. Best way to motivate voters is to give them something and then threaten or have it taken away. That is of course if Democrats have figured out how to actually play politics.
  18. Great, one nurse wanting to turn in her hero card for an idiot card. By all means then…
  19. Then again: https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-tells-republicans-not-to-vote-in-2022-or-2024?ref=home
  20. Yeah, I saw this last week. And yeah, it does share the shit out of me That said, I remember watching Maher right after Trump won in 2016 where he claimed that Trump's win meant democracy in the US was over, that the country would never be able to remove Trump from office through either legal mechanisms or the vote. I think his argument was that giving someone this corrupt that much power would ensure that the person would never give up that power. So he was wrong, to an extent. And a lot can happen. I think his scenario only works if 2024 resembles 2000, where one or two states determine the presidential outcome. I don't think it works if it requires Republicans overturning numerous state elections. And those individual state elections would have to be really close (closer than Arizona or Georgia). And while nothing would surprise me about the US anymore, I'm still willing to bet that Trump in 2024 is still as unpopular as Trump is now. Never mind he won't have Twitter to use as a blow horn. So while I think anything is possible, I think the conditions have changed enough where a Trump winning again, without the advantage of incumbency, is less likely. Democrats won't do themselves any favours if they don't keep the economy greased for the next several years by passing the infastructure bill and some portion of the reconciliation bill, but January 6th is one hell of a campaign add against Trump. Oh, and the needless death of hundreds of thousands of Americans due to Trump's incompetent handling of covid-19. We'll see where the country is in 2024 with the economy and covid-19 and before we start thinking about trying to hitch-hike outside of SpaceX.
  21. I never believed he would run again, let alone there was a chance he’d win. I still think his health or the law would catch up to him. But now I’m not so confident. The biggest risk for Biden outside of his own health is where the country is in 2024 with respect to the pandemic and the economy. But he also needs legislative wins. Failure to get at least the infrastructure bill passed and little done with what progressives want in the reconciliation bill will decimate enthusiasm by Democrats. I still think it’s a tall order for Trump, especially after what happened on Jan 6th. I think that day killed any open mindedness some might have had for him. But I no longer put him winning in 2024 outside the realm of possibility.
  22. I hear they're making progress with trips to Mars. Insanity to me that someone like Trump wouldn't be run out of the country instead of being the top choice for nearly half the population. Just pure lunacy.
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