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  1. No it doesn't. It's simply outlining how the Obama administration responded to a deadly pandemic compared to how Trump responded. You're the one inserting your own assumptions. Right. So leadership does matter.
  2. Can you show me the ad or comment that does that. Because I really don't think that's what was inferred. Biden's comments on the Ebola outbreak are usually limited to how they had a thoughout plan that involved coordination with various health and medical agencies and local and state officials. I've never seen anything from the Biden campaign that suggests Ebola and Covid-19 are the same in transmission and CFR.
  3. That's not what they're doing. Biden has said repeatedly in his speeches (and he'll likely say it again in the debate) that Trump isn't responsible for the virus, but he is responsible for his handling of the virus. There is no problem with the ad. Whether Trump is responsible for some or all of the deaths, it's not a great choice to golf when 1000 Americans are still dying from the virus every day. It should be an all hands on deck approach every day. If Trump finds that too much, he shouldn't have taken the job. Not really. The Obama administration had a gameplan and f
  4. Yeah, but not as big. Not nearly as big. That's the whole point of drawing attention to this fact. You would be insane not to underscore Trump's incompetence in light of the number of Americans that died unnecessarily. How is that disgusting? It's campaign malfeasance if Biden's team didn't address it.
  5. But Biden's campaign ad isn't wrong though from a campaign perspective or even as it relates to managerial optics. If you were President, would you be golfing right now?
  6. Well, technically, by Trump's own standards since he blamed Obama for the two Americans who died during the ebola outbreak, Trump is responsible for all of them since they happened under his watch. That isn't to say there's much he could do about some of them. But if you want to get technical, they all happened during his Presidency.
  7. It's funny how Donald has done a 180 on Biden as a candidate. His entire campaign has been centred around the message that Biden is some senile old fool who can't tie his own shoes. Now it's starting to dawn on them that maybe it's not such a great look if Biden doesn't spend the entire two hours drooling on the mic in tomorrow's debate. But as a sign of how dysfunctional Trump's campaign is (to say nothing about Trump's former campaign manager possibly being run up on domestic abuse charges), it appears Don Jr. didn't doesn't understand the expectations game and didn't get the memo:
  8. No, I believe tens of thousands, if not a 100k+, will have died had Obama or Biden been President. But I do believe thousands of lives would have been saved had the country had capable leadership that didn't downplay the virus to this day. I think Trump's piss poor management has resulted in 100k+ more deaths. According to the Trump Death Count, it's estimated that 121k more Americans died because of Trump's shit job. https://trumpdeathclock.com/ (The math and epidemiological explanation for this total can be found here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020
  9. You haven't spent much time with the American electorate if you think most of them think he's a terrible person. Many of my American relatives loved the idea of a "success" business man and never for a second believed he was a tax cheat. I do agree that is a major factor when explaining his support. He hates the same people as many of his supporters hate. But he's not going to win re-election if he's pinning it solely on his supporters. There were a lot of Americans who voted for Trump despite not liking him. They thought they'd give the business tycoon a shot to drain the s
  10. You’re probably right. But imagine the cognitive dissonance to believe that a major publication faked legal documents because of some personal grudge. The audacity to believe the NYT could make up such a report is further evidence how broken the country is. In a sane country Trump should be losing by a minimum of 30-40 points.
  11. Good review of the most problematic issues around Trump's tax returns as it relates to his income: https://slate.com/business/2020/09/trumps-taxes-audit-loss-irs.html One of the most stunning revelations—beyond the headline figure that Trump paid only $750 in taxes in 2016 and again in 2017—is of Trump’s attempt to get a refund from the IRS for $72 million in 2010 by claiming $1.4 billion in losses in 2008 and 2009, which would not only justify the refund but also wipe out any income tax he would owe for years to come. This request apparently triggered the audit we’ve heard so much a
  12. How did candidate A lower his taxes? This is the part I love. Trump supporters claim Trump is the uber successful businessman and uses it as the basis for their support. They then claim Trump did what anyone else would do, pay less taxes through deductions. But those deductions undermine the supposed basis of his support: that he's a successful business man. If you lose over $2 billion over a decade or two and use those losses to reduce your tax burden, you're not a very good business person. That speaks to nothing about the legality of the deductions themselves. Th
  13. Blasphemy! Surely a man of such fine moral standing -man sent from God - would never put the well being of his flock at risk for his own personal gain.
  14. Surprised @Dazey didn’t beat me to this one: Maybe they can share a cell together.
  15. Fuck Mark Burnett... Sounds legit...
  16. They won’t and can’t. And they don’t care either. Trump hates the same people they hate. That’s all that matters. Just like with every damning revelation about Trump, they’ll employ a false equivalence and point to something about Biden or liberals they don’t like. It’s why Qanon is a thing... They can’t defend Trump so concoct a deranged conspiracy where there is something worse than Trump: a cabal of liberal elites running a pedo ring.
  17. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/09/27/us/donald-trump-taxes.html?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage
  18. Never thought I would pay more in income taxes than a “billionaire” who was running to become President... It feels as though these “surprises” are orchestrated in terms of timing. I would not be surprised if Trump gets hit every couple of weeks until the election day. I think Democrats learned in 2016 that one “grab ‘em by the pussy” news drop in the beginning of October wasn’t enough. Will be interesting to see what else they got on Trump in the coming weeks.
  19. Yeah, years 1914-1920, 1930-1945 might have to disagree with that assessment. And if you were living in Afghanistan or Iraq from 2001 to I guess now you might also disagree.
  20. No His issue here is that Clinton didn’t win 50 percent of the vote because of the inclusion of a strong third party challenger (Ross Perot). In Swamp’s eyes, Clinton’s failure to win 50 percent of the vote (despite winning more votes than any other candidate) is equal to Bush or Trump obtaining less votes than the candidates they beat because of the electoral college voting system. It’s a sad and petty defense of a candidate and system that misconstrues the point being made.
  21. I thought my remedial class on election results would be enough. I guess not. So let’s go over this again: winning a plurality is to win the popular vote. Many notable candidates have failed to reach 50%+1 but have won the popular vote (Wilson, JFK, Nixon). This is not up for debate. If you want to post trolling nonsense, do so somewhere else.
  22. True, but that didn’t seem to matter when Obama nominated Garland nine months before the election. There would be far less anger around ACB replacing RBG had Republicans not made up a phony rule for the Democratic President that it doesn’t apply to Republican President. Regardless, you’re missing the point that five supreme court justices have been selected by Presidents who lost the popular vote. They will now be able to strike down legislation for the next decade plus regardless of what future votes yield in terms of Democratic majorities. If you think this is a system that is both fair
  23. He's referencing the people that do show up. Of those who do vote, the minority has decided the makeup of the Senate and the White House.
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