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  1. Do you think that's always possible? Are there not people who are too far gone, too insincere, or committed too great offence that deserve some form of reprimand or removal from their present position of authority or power? Particularly if that person shows no interest or capability of remorse or reflection? I guess my issue here is that too often the criticisms of cancel culture are without context. It's become such a pejorative concept that any invocation of it against any target helps to produce some sort of backlash against what is sometimes a worthy effort to right an individ
  2. Caitlyn Jenner says she decided to run for Governor of California after hearing from her rich, private-jet flying friends that they’re tired of seeing poor people. Sounds like a winning message.
  3. True. But the same argument can be made about the criticisms of cancel culture. I do agree that too often people lose sight of what's important and forget the human element in all of this. Calling for someone to lose their jobs or be banned from various platforms rather than seeking to engage isn't going to help anything. That said, there are instances and times when removal is the only or best option. We here have been criticized for years for banning people that cannot or will not follow the rules or engage with others in a polite and sincere way. My problem with critic
  4. I don't think both are fair assessments. But I also think too much of this is painted with too broad of a brush. My issue with the criticisms of cancel culture are that they are often overly broad and often serve a political agenda. Conservatives like to paint all instances of cancel culture of the "woke" mob out to ruin anyone who disagrees with them. But as I've pointed out numerous times in this thread, they have a long history of trying to cancel people and groups of people they disagree with. Right now the number three Republican in the House of Representatives is about to l
  5. Cancel culture needs to cancel the world cancel... https://www.thedailybeast.com/fox-news-finds-its-new-dumb-outrage-claims-woke-mob-is-canceling-a-snow-white-theme-park-ride?ref=home
  6. Prior to this morning I wasn’t sure who is more fucked: Gaetz or Rudy... But after the report that came out this morning, definitely Gaetz... And now it looks like Stone might be going down as well...
  7. Let's be respectful of the fact that we're an english only forum and english isn't everyone's first language. Hell, it's the only language I speak and I have my own challenges almost on a daily basis.
  8. I think Trump has reset a lot of things, for sure. The President after Trump was always going to be given a bigger laneway since he was following an utter clusterfuck. But there’s no debate that Biden has been way more progressive as President than Obama ever was. And yet we see a fraction of the amount of pushback against his agenda from the general public than we did with Obama. If Obama had given the same speech Biden just did there would be protests for months about the radical socialist plan being imposed by the dictator president. There isn’t even much of a “we can’t afford it” re
  9. If this was my lead singer I'd probably quit too. Hope he's okay. Maybe just got burned out.
  10. It amazes me how muted Republican and conservative response has been to Biden's speech and policy proposals. Twelve years ago Obama proposed expanding healthcare by giving people options in the private market. And people lost their fucking minds. Biden has positioned himself as far more liberal and progressive than Obama ever came close to. And no mass demonstrations against run-away government overreach. It couldn't have anything to do with Biden's skin complication, could it?
  11. This is not good: https://www.axios.com/india-covid-variants-crisis-pandemic-worse-25bdc451-f904-4598-865d-c2b468a415eb.html And yet there are people out there who claim the pandemic is a hoax...
  12. Just like Log Cabin Republicans. I honestly don't think objectively trans or gay people lean either left or right in their economic politics. But most will vote left (or centre-left) since that's the side that doesn't vilify them in order to scare or gin up their base.
  13. Sure, we can do it, but it takes time and not something that can be done overnight. There was already a new vaccine production facility under construction that started last year. The federal government gave the company a ton of money to speed construction. But even then it won't be producing viable shots until November of this year. Vaccine production isn't something that can be ramped up in a few months. It requires a tremendous amount of planning, sourcing, and expertise to make sure production is effective, efficient, and safe.
  14. You guys have domestic production, we don’t. We use to, but the federal government stopped investment and subsidizing into domestic vaccine plants in the late 80s and early 90s. I guess the working assumption at the time was that because Canada and the US were such close allies we could rely on getting supplies from our southern neighbour. Turns out both liberal and conservative governments were wrong on that assumption. As much as I like to knock Trump, I’m not sure there would have been a huge difference in vaccine supplies in the US had he been re-elected. I’m positive there would hav
  15. Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately places that announce availability don't last very long. Plus we're in full on lock down so I don't think (nor do I really want) to make a three hour round trip drive into Toronto if it can be avoided. I do still follow vaccine hunters but it's pretty limited if you don't live in Toronto. The few posts about my area were out of date or just wrong the moment it was tweeted. I think it's more useful for people living in Toronto or other provinces where clinics that have finished with their appointments fill remaining doses with walk-ins.
  16. Alberta and Ontario are the only two provinces that chose to use a decentralized system for the AstraZeneca vaccine (and I believe J&J will be the same). If you want Pfizer or Moderna, there's a centralized website that gives you an appointment based on need, age, and when you signed up. It's a far more fair system that assigns shots to the most needy and isn't based on luck. But I'm still 20 years younger than the allowable age to get either of those shots. The 40+ crowd are limited to the AstraZenaca shot. Again, the problem with a decentralized program is that it ignores
  17. I'm on five waitlists for the AstraZeneca shot. I've given up on the idea of getting the Pfizer or Moderna shots since they won't be available for my age group until July or August. Really frustrating as everyone I know seems to have had at least one shot. Can't seem to catch a break. I do have an appointment for my first shot at the end of May, but I'm reading it's unlikely people with later appointments will get it since supply is running low. Meanwhile my brother-in-law decided yesterday he wanted to get it after being weary about it and signed up this morning. Found out a
  18. I don't see myself doing any of that. There's so much content out there through the four streaming services I already pay for I'm not going to bother with a VPN or torrents. Happy just to wait until one of the streaming platforms I subscribe to includes it in their service.
  19. Apparently Warner Brothers is only offering it in Canada as a digital rental, at $30 after taxes. So torrents it is!
  20. Would love to watch it but have no clue how to. Movie theatres are shut down here and I don't think it's coming to CraveTV (our version of HBO Max). Canadians have/had the same issue with the latest Godzilla v Kong flick. No distribution or easy way to watch it. First we get shut out of the vaccines. Now no Mortal Kombat. This sucks.
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