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  1. More people from the GNR crew are nominated.. look The nominees for Production Coordinator/ Assistant are: Aaron Siegler- Rihanna Amber Jones- Beck Carmen Rodriguez- Beyonce Debbie Taylor- Guns N' Roses Jessica Sheehan- Justin Bieber Marie Claire Cazorla- Goo Goo Dolls The nominees for Tour Accountant are: Bill Thompson- Justin Bieber Chris Risner- Metallica Judd White- Pitbull Larry Richter- the Who Peter Merluzzi- Guns N' Roses Spencer Churchill- Beyonce The nominees for Video Director are: Chris Keating- Def Leppard Mike Drew- Justin Bieber Omar Montes Rangel- Carrie Underwood Paul Becher- Paul McCartney Steven Fatone- Guns N' Roses The nominees for Stage Manager are: Alan Doyle- Def Leppard Brian Bassham- Bruno Mars Donnie Floyd- Florida Georgia Line Kurt Wagner- Guns N' Roses Rocko Reedy- U2 Terry Cooley- Beyonce The nominees for Merchandiser are: Angel Juarbe- Henry Rollins Charles Midge Midgely- Guns N' Roses Lisa McLaughlin- Peter Frampton Mick Ridley- Whitesnake Richard Carter- Black Sabbath Steve Lewis- Journey The nominees for Backline: Drum Tech are: Charlie Workman- Brian Setzer Orchestra Eddie Meade- Alter Bridge Imy James- Guns N' Roses Michael Micro Shaw- Hollywood Vampires Robbie Cope- Celtic Women
  2. Congratulations, you do a excellent job! Cheers from
  3. Thanks for posting them. Great pics.
  4. Please cite the source
  5. Thanks to for all the pics to keysersoze robs us