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  1. Angus Join GN`R, its offical guys.
  2. I wouldn`t hold it against him for holding back a little bit now that he has to prepare for songs Brian Johnson did for 36 years.
  3. Probably like 09-10 a lot of the time butmore natural headvoice in Welcome To The Jungle andSweet Child O' Mine. Notrunninglapsaround the stage like he usually does, with preparedhis phrasing, still has the same delivery butdressed normal people clothes (maybe ared nike sweater)or something not $6,000. I think he'sgoing to sing like he's starting over for the first time and take on a new generation of his career.
  4. Skid Row's New Singer Revealed - Dragon Force's ZT Theart

    He is quite excellent in his own right. Not exactly ideal for Skid Row but it was better than i expected. Stillbetteroff inBon Jovi or Shania Twaincover band. I absolutely am just kidding, the album he did with Tank is solid.
  5. Fun time- name the tour!

    Guns N' Roses Football Stadium Exclusive: Soon Is The Word Tour Back Up In That A$$ Like It's 1993 Worldwide Mob Tour featuring $lash
  6. Who misses '10 Axl Rose?

    I`m just glad that he is still at it and didn`t pursue his dream of working at a video store. Every few years that go by i realize i was too critical of how he was on tour. I was shocked at how little he promoted the album to come out a year later under full preparation but he`s never really so bad. The HD broadcast of rio is forgiving as i could see how fucked the stage is so i don`t count it as being a fail on Axl`s part. He keeps the show together now so it`s all in good favor to simply rest his voice between extensive touring.