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  1. Reunion Tour / Dream setlist?

    Welcome to the jungle It's so easy Mr brownstone Rocket queen Estranged Bad obsession Dust n bones Civil war Patience 14 years Sweet child of mine You're crazy (acoustic) Yesterdays You could be mine Don't cry Pretty tied up November rain Nightrain Encore Slither Whole lotta Rosie Paradise city
  2. Axl Rose's book about his side of things Hand written lyrics to November Rain The band's original contract with Geffen The UYI tour documentary footage Slash's top hat Axl's Mean Machine Jersey
  3. Please pick me, I would love to see my favorite band again!
  4. Axl if you're seeing this

    Maybe the songs are ready and he is willing but the label wants no part of it as they have stated in the past? Never get why this escapes people who just demand music
  5. Its more of a fuck the label thing for me.......they get too much of a pass since we know they rejected a record from this lineup a few years ago. I think Axl's hands are tied in regards to a new record and theirs nothing he can do since he doesn't want a reunion.
  6. Hey everyone, I live in Vegas about 10 mins away from Hard Rock. I would be willing to share my place and drive if someone wanted to go. Send me a PM if you are looking to save a few bucks instead of buying a hotel.....
  7. Axl's piano from the Vegas residency

    Is Las Vegas tacky? Always been fun to me
  8. Do you think Interscope takes Team Brazil seriously?

    Is TB officially BFV Productions as in Beta Fernando Venessa? Ive seen this on docs, just checking?...
  9. Why I feel Team Brazil / Axl have let the fans down.

    3. Rose Is Shopping for a New Label Deal Geffen released Chinese Democracy via an exclusive deal with Best Buy that was a total bust. But Axl isn't done with the label system just yet. "Once I get the next things sorted out with the label, then I feel I can get to that creative place that I've been fighting to get to, and to use Guns N' Roses to do so," he said, later adding, "We're gonna be busy we're gonna be busy all next year. We'll be putting out new stuff as soon as we can figure out what our deal is with labels, blah blah blah." Axl 12/2012
  10. What do you consider the finest moment of Axl's career?

    The ritz show
  11. So, whats the deal?

    Its gotta be or most likely the advance money to record n book studio time right? There's no way in hell he gets millions again so he had to tour to get the money. Its probably taken way longer than he thought it would due to production costs, lower attendance, cancelled movies, things like that. They've probably proven the market is improving for the brand but the label has probably walked out of any offers from rose's camp. Axl may have asked the members to come up with cash so u have dj selling his soul, hot sauces, etc. All of this is speculation and the last part is probably the least likely....I haven't touched the reunion idea which is probably always a card the label wants to use even if its a song or two with slash. The label keeps asking, axl says fuck off and hits the road for months. They come back, check the numbers and its back to the drawing board. This year seems to be more festivals which may be more lucrative
  12. What Axl NEEDS to do to become successful!

    Even a casual fan would know he's highly successful. At his peak, he couldn't be touched as king of the entertainment world. Sold out stadiums, supermodels, excess to the infinite degree, millions in thr bank, and a sick house in malibu. We all dream of a day like that, hes lived it. Has he fallen, yes, but everyone does. Most should know he could care less what outsiders think. He will release another album and retire, both on his terms...
  13. Axl has stated that there will be a new cd in time. It has little to do with team brazil. Most of this is baseless speculation due to people being impatient.