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  1. Happy B-Day Axl

    Happy Birthday, Axl. I believe in you.

    Shitty cupcakes.. On the other hand, what would be life like without them?
  3. Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl 2013 Poll

    Can't find where could I vote. o.O

    Seems like nothing has changed here since I was gone.
  5. Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel talk show Discussion Thread

    Happy happy happy!
  6. Which Affected Axl More - Annulment with Erin or Slash Leaving?

    Steph, I'd say.
  7. Rate the song above you

    Nothing special at all. 3/10
  8. adele vs gnr

    It's not Adele versus Guns. It's Adele with Guns.
  9. First record/CD you ever bought.

    These were first:
  10. Rate the song above you

    Very light piece. 8/10
  11. MYGNR Petition regarding Dumbledore

    Me too
  12. What is this ?

    Can you give me the link?
  13. Could be. Still...