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  1. If Led Zeppelin had continued past 1980...?

    hair metal
  2. Dropping the Needle: Alan Niven talks GNR

    3 milion worldwide ,hot sauce,weddings,Tommy Hilfinger private show Guns N Fucking Roses
  3. My theory on why there isn't a new album from GNR

    Chinese democracy was one of the biggest failures in music history .AXL has no confidence in nuGNR
  4. Do you think axl truley ment what he said at RIR3?

    bashing and trolling ? 1 album in 20 years,never ending gratest hits tour great band
  5. Do you think axl truley ment what he said at RIR3?

    because fakeGNR sucks so much
  6. unknown albums you like?

    not totally unknown - Mother Love Bone - Apple
  7. Ron and Dizzy on The Morning Show (Australia)

    DIZZY looks so badass
  8. Do you think axl truley ment what he said at RIR3?

    you mean for his money
  9. GNR Songs You Want Slash/Myles to Cover?

    Dont cry,Pretty tied up
  10. Film Thread

    i watched The blue lagoon ,Brooke Shields was damn hot
  11. Can you feel the electricity?

    new material
  12. Corey Taylor Speaking about Axl and NuGNR

    Slipknot,AXL and fake GNR sucks ass
  13. Let's find a band better than current GNR..

  14. It's Official! Paradise City is the best song of all time

    Paradise city is my favourite song epic