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  1. If you still haven't listened to it, you are definitely in for a treat! I really love the Jacksons records (not as much as MJ solo obviously) and during this period they were absolutely on fire. You also get some cuts from Off the Wall in there (DSTYGE is phenomenal!) while that material was still fresh and it's absolutely an incredible listen. The live record is great. I have the original pressing from 1981. Did you pick up the new remaster they came out recently? I was curious how it sounds and if it might be worth picking up.
  2. He's going to be 78 when she reaches adulthood. That's about how old my grandma was when I turned 18. I had no idea his wife was only 36.....this is Hollywood we are talking about after all. They started dating when he was 44 and she was 19! I wish him the best, I really do. It's going to be difficult.
  3. Anyone who wants to read it should find the leaked copy online and give it a read. I am willing to bet that the new version will have the only interesting tidbits removed and replaced with more groupie stories.
  4. I wonder where this came from? We need to get this full show leaked soon.
  5. I will never miss a chance to see my favorite band. 3 shows isn't enough. It's a different situation for me than most of the people here. Some of yall have been seeing GN'R since the 80s and 90s. I am only 20 years old. These artists won't be around forever. I gotta see them as much as I can.
  6. To be fair to Fernando with the 'move on' stuff - It's not a shock that the band are upset about illegal leaks and its definitely not unheard of for the management of a band to refuse to discuss leaks. He could be a lot more direct about it and just say that he won't discuss them but we all know how he is. That's the only thing I can defend him on though.
  7. Why is it hard for some people to understand that some of us just don't like how Myles sounds? I've listened to all the albums, watched a large amount of live videos and then went and watched SMKC live in person and it just doesn't do anything for me. It has nothing to do with jealousy or whatever LMAO I will always pick Mickey because at the end of the day that's still Axl Rose and there's no one like him while there's a whole lot of artists like Myles Kennedy.
  8. The problem is that Mr. Robson in particular won't stop lying under oath and perjuring himself. He allegedly lied during MJ's trial back in 2005. Then just a few years back he sued MJ's estate and said a lot of things that he would later contradict in Leaving Neverland. One of his depositions from 2016 has been making the rounds online since last year and that single video alone contains at least 4 contradictions to things he says in the documentary that began filming shortly after. Is he telling the truth in court? Is he telling the truth to HBO? Is he telling the truth at all??? T
  9. Sadly. A lot of people aren't aware that the civil trial was approaching quickly while the criminal trial was lagging behind. He was going to have to give up his defense strategy just to save some money so he settled and waited for the criminal trial which ultimately never happened due to no evidence being found and Chandler's incorrect description. That situation inspired a change of law in California that dictates that a civil trial can no longer come before a criminal trial. The Chandler's also stopped cooperating with the police after receiving the settlement. I guess they didn't want
  10. Very true. He also completely stopped being around any other children than his own after 2003. Which is very inconsistent behavior with what we understand about pedophiles. They cannot control those urges but the anti-MJ crowd seem to suggest that he somehow could.
  11. I watched it. It really shocked me how much Robson and Safechuck contradicted themselves from what they present to audiences vs what they say under oath. Not to mention the flat out lies in there (Abuse happening in the Neverland train station when it hadn't even been built yet, claiming to go on trips with MJ alone when Wade's entire family was with them, Robson claiming to being forced to testify by subpoena when he actually volunteered to defend MJ, ect). These are the kind of red flags that people need to look out for, when the story they are telling continues to evolve and contains detail
  12. I would never go around calling someone a pedophile without doing enough research to back up what I am saying. But I understand that many others don't have the same moral code. The whole thing about having to do a significant amount of reading is becoming less and less relevant to this case as new documentaries continue to surface, giving the general audience a quick and easy way to learn about the case. Square One on Amazon Prime keeps being mentioned in this thread and hopefully it continues to get more and more attention.
  13. Fair enough I suppose. As I've stated in this thread, the sleepovers were inappropriate for a grown man. He was 100% in the wrong for doing that stuff. But it does not make him some sort of monster that should be shunned from history. It makes him a case study in what can happen to child stars forced to go through extreme trauma and have almost unlimited resources to try and re-do their childhood over again. He also serves as an example of what can happen when regular people are put in a situation where they can take advantage of a celebrity and exploit them for financial gain.
  14. I understand completely why people would look at the situation on the surface level and assume he was guilty. But why do so many people choose to not look any further? I can't think of anything worse you can call someone than 'pedophile'. It's an extremely serious allegation and therefore needs to be investigated thoroughly. He was investigated by several law enforcement agencies throughout his life and was cleared several times over. And then obviously went through the highly publicized trial where every little detail was discussed to death. And they determined that he was not guilty of any o
  15. Yep. The trial in 2005 where he was acquitted of all charges. The one that came after the 93 allegations and the strip search that proved the boy's description wasn't even close. You can't charge someone with a crime when the alleged victim is shown to be completely fabricating their description. MJ slept relatively normally from 2005 to 2008. He spent his time working on music and raising his children. The sleeping problems that killed him only began to creep up when This Is It was on the horizon. You would know that if you did a little bit of research into the man instead of acting lik
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