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  1. I'd literally listen to any of these songs (excluding My World of course) over most of the songs on Spaghetti. Which, oddly enough, Human Being is my favorite song off that record. Imagine that.
  2. 1. Breakdown 2. Locomotive 3. Estranged 4. Civil War 5. Yesterdays 6. You Could Be Mine 7. Pretty Tied Up 8. 14 Years 9. Get in the Ring 10. Knockin' on Heaven's Door 11. Shotgun Blues 12. Don't Cry Alt. 13. So Fine 14. My World
  3. If they put out a new album, I think it'd be easy. There's so many staples in their set they have to keep, then just add in most of the songs from the new album. Boom. 4 hour show.
  4. 1. Coma 2. Don't Damn Me 3. November Rain 4. Right Next Door to Hell 5. Perfect Crime 6. Dead Horse 7. Back Off Bitch 8. Bad Apples 9. Garden of Eden 10. Don't Cry 11. Dust N' Bones 12. Bad Obsession 13. Live and Let Die 14. Double Talkin' Jive 15. The Garden 16. You Ain't the First
  5. But that's also literally how he sounded ALL of 2006, in addition to the fact that he had toned his voice to hit the mid-range notes from CD.