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  1. And the trophy for the "ironically whining more than the people you say are whining" award goes to....
  2. I actually somewhat have some hope for that lol because clearly this band the past few years has shown themselves to be into milking the nostalgia factor in favor of new material so tricking out the UYI box set could be an excuse to delay making new music
  3. Some cool licks from both of them in the back-and-forths, I dig it. The vocals are kinda there, not super memorable or anything so definitely the guitarwork does the heavy lifting on this song. Cool to hear them both having a good time making music together!
  4. Maybe reading the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen while tinkering with CD2 mixes on ProTools
  5. Get Evader more Axl stems and that can basically be something we can do as fans ourselves
  6. The band has already self-isolated from releasing new material since 2008 so I would put it under the "you can't kill what was already a zombie" category
  7. I love Lies, but the two bands are so different that comparing Lies to Aenima is impossible IMO, at that point it is just subjective personal preference
  8. Although to be fair is that much odder than a high pitched singer wearing hot pants and mesh?
  9. Ironically I was just about to say how I saw Tool last year and my mind was blown lol, one of the best I have seen. It was right after the new album came out and they opened with the title track and from the get-go just all killer, no filler.
  10. Compared to GNR they are like Buckethead levels productive though, cards on the table lol Keenan himself is very productive though if you look at all the Puscifer, APC, and Tool albums he has released collectively the past 20 years. Ironically with Tool it is like the inverse issue where the singer is the one going "c'mon guys I am ready just send me the files"
  11. I saw GNR in 2016 twice, freshly reunited with Axl in fine vocal form, and Steven Adler on drums for a couple of tunes. At this point I am sort of making my peace with that being the best GNR experience I probably will ever have - and man was it kickass so I am content with that At this point beyond more of the same old touring with occasional random bursts of deep cuts brought out for a couple of shows, I am not expecting anything. If a new album ever comes I will probably find my fandom reignited but I am not expecting it anymore nor am I holding by break for one
  12. Dude that definitely takes me back ha yes I remember being sooo pumped with that Scraped teaser. The vocal intro is really epic and the intro I think definitely does kick ass. That was the song I was so pumped to hear - and I think it was the first one I skipped to when the album leaked with all the watermarked skipping on it Nowadays Scraped isn't necessarily a song I jam out to much just because I wish it rocked through the entire song as much as it rocks in the last 20-30 seconds, to me the energy level just isn't quite up to what I wish Scraped was
  13. That is definitely a valid point, the fact that in 2016/2017 so much time was spent on touring and that whole juggernaut that I doubt that they really worked on much beyond Slash maybe jamming on random riffs, recording them on his phone and putting them in a folder titled "possible GNR ideas" lol In fact I was huge on defending GNR in those two years because Axl sounded decent and they were still newly reformed. I was like "wait a year or two I bet something is going to happen". Well then 2018 and 2019 came and went and not even a peep regarding new studio recordings on the horizon and
  14. I just wish Axl realized this and wanted to release more material before they are too old or otherwise unable to
  15. Just subscribed and listened to the episode with Gorman - great interview!
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