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  1. I agree with what you said specifically about the word "fun" and it puts into words exactly what I feel like Axl and nuGNR lost without the rest of the dudes. When you hear Don't Damn Me, or My Michelle, or Brownstone, it just sounds like a band vibing and having a blast rocking the hell out. I wish we could have even a tiny bit of that energy I like Chinese Democracy, but "fun" is not a descriptor I would ever use for it, which is a shame because "fun" is the descriptor that made me fall in love with this band's music to begin with. Give us some killer fun, bluesy rock tunes with blis
  2. If the look has no cornrows I will take it as a plus no matter what it is lol
  3. Scott was definitely phoning it in, to me the Stone Temple Pilots "reunion" album with him in 2010 suffered from the same lack of emotional connection and energy. Libertad and that album are just completely lackluster compared to what Scott was capable of which is a damn shame because that dude in his prime IMO was one of the greats of his generation
  4. Fun little jam, Slash was in the pocket for the solo and busted out some cool leads. I do wonder if he gets more excitement out of these random one-offs than he does doing the same setlists with GNR night after night
  5. Probably around the same time Vince Neil sings all the words to Dr. Feelgood live
  6. I myself visit the board not nearly as much as I used to, and thinking about it I honestly can't blame the fans for the negativity but GNR itself in that sense When you have only one underwhelming album to show for the fandom since 2008, an Axl vocally declining since 2017 onwards, declining venue sizes in a time where they should be thriving due to people clamoring to see live shows, very little substantial changes in the setlist beyond a short lived Locomotive, GNR toy trucks and other cashgrab scenarios - yeah I found that I really can't blame people for bringing the critical comments
  7. No shame in arena shows whatsoever - but just from me perspective arena shows that stem from needing to downgrade the stadium shows even post-COVID where everyone is eager to see live shows again, mostly stemming from a lack of new material and the same old same old since 2016? Definitely disappointing as a fan of this band and wishing they would be at the top of their game
  8. That reminds me of what Steve Gorman said in his book about The Black Crowes where everyone could be at the point of near-fistfights backstage but then give the show of their lives right after it lol
  9. An honest billboard would read "THEY ARE COMING! But don't worry if you already have plans they will be back in a couple years with the same setlist"
  10. I am probably gonna wait on tickets and see the state of the setlist and Axl's vocals before I get my wallet out. Honestly so many acts are getting ready to tour coming out of this pandemic and as much as it sucks to admit this, other bands may provide more musical bang for my buck. I wouldn't want to see the same show I saw twice in 2016 but with more random covers and a lesser Axl
  11. I still catch Howard every now and then, mostly for the interviews whenever an interesting guest appears. The interview he did with Eddie Vedder recently was actually fairly solid I am mostly there for those moments though, I don't listen to the normal show anymore because it just isn't the same
  12. If it was mid-2000's Stern Axl would be in for a doozy, however modern day Stern gives much more of a softball interview nowadays. He doesn't really confront people about things much if at all anymore and the things he does bring up are either probably things the artist gives the green light to ahead of time It is almost fitting for Axl to go on Howard's show - GNR and The Stern Show both have a reputation for being "dangerous" but both today are like their tame, corporate non-evil twins
  13. Yup, and that is partly why Robert Plant has actively refused getting back with Zeppelin for a tour actually lol.
  14. They have vitality live because of the things they did in the past creatively up until 2008 (or 1991 if you are going by what the general public cares about song-wise) - hence "nostalgic" I don't think there is anything wrong with being a band that sells tickets based on the past, but with GNR I just wish they would drop the always ongoing pretense of new material if they are not going to release anything
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