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  1. The latest Iron Maiden album (it rocks!)
  2. Studio lineup: AFD lineup (AFD/Lies) Live: Either the AFD lineup (86-88) or the UYI tour lineup (91-93)
  3. You're Crazy kicks ass, I must respectfully disagree on that one sir
  4. I think that the issue with that would be a "too many cooks in the kitchen" situation, especially since the general public would want more Slash and really no Bucket lol I do love Bucket, and his work on Chinese, but with Slash in the band to me Slash should be the focus and THE lead guitarist in the band, anything else is a distraction. Slash is THE GNR lead guitarist
  5. To me UYII was a bit darker in vibe and I always loved it, from Civil War to songs like Breakdown and Locomotive That being said I always viewed it as one huge album as opposed to two different ones
  6. For me, I always was a CD fan, even more than vinyl because it is like the perfect medium being compact and less physically fragile. I also love the fact that used CDs are super cheap and you can find better masterings of older albums than you can find digitally via streaming
  7. I don't know what is worse, that or my local LA radio station playing Greta Van Fleet as our "new" music even though they can just play your Zeppelin radio staples instead
  8. We have come a long way from the Axl who would routinely show up late and find moments to leave early lol. I am sometimes critical of Axl's vocal performance but I must admit that he is more professional than he ever was To go from the dude who you wouldn't even know would play the whole gig or show up within 3 hours of the start time, to go to the dude who starts on time and posts on social media when they are sick, is a monumental difference
  9. Yeah Estranged was huge, there was a lot of hype. Ron even put a bit of Estranged into his guitar solo spot in like 2009/2010 and I remember him being asked about Estranged on live chats he did online. When they finally busted it out in Rio 2011 during that live stream everyone was freaking out (and it even overshadowed Axl's oddness that night at the time lol)
  10. Is it possible that Spotify maybe just merely picked up on so many people searching Hard School as a term in relation to GNR that their algorithm just created that bridge between the words Hard School and GNR's artist page? Idk if that is a thing that can happen, but to me such a thing could be just as plausible as Hard School being uploaded, in Spotify's database, and the song linking to GNR only for some countries and not others
  11. Hey the entire album title is "Use Your Illusion", maybe they are going for some sort of abstract point of "all good things in life you must imagine they exist, like proper celebrations of the UYI 30th anniversary"
  12. Anyone else getting the vibe @kiwiguns is Beta's alter ego or is it just me? Lol
  13. Jfc do exist on this forum just to complain about the complaining!? Every single thread I point this out yet you never reply, you post your complaint and bounce lol
  14. That clip sounded cool, well hey between that whole Axl playing the studio version for a fan saying its coming and it being rehearsed today, I am more optimistic than I have been lately regarding HS lol. Like for the first time I feel like it could actually be a decent guess for the set tonight and it doesn't seem like a stretch
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