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  1. Posted on a forum dedicated to a band who peaked 30 years ago, that is like Axl Rose complaining that his dinner guests arrived 2 hours late lol
  2. It is fantastic! I haven't played any FE titles since the American released Gameboy Advance ones in the mid-2000s so I think a lot of the modern day FE additions were new to me for this one - but I really love it. The GBA ones were great but definitely a "cutscene, battle, cutscene, battle" thing where the Monastery in this game really opens it up and lets the story breathe a bit
  3. In that case if they ever decided to open the show with Paradise City you will get home making great time at least lol
  4. I sincerely hope that with GNR's live shows postponed so much they have done some serious reflecting on their live show and ways to change it up not just for the fans but for themselves as well. I can only imagine how boring it must be playing the same songs in pretty much the same order for 5 years Not that I think said self-reflection has or will take place lol but one could only hope. I think even simply starting the setlist with a few different songs would help it out - or putting Paradise City earlier in the set and ending the show with Nightrain or something
  5. All in all the idea originally suggested of this very moment in time allowing outdoor venues being at 100 percent, is not a great idea IMO. The science does not back up that outdoor gatherings packed with tens of thousands of people like sardines in a venue with no ability so social distance, is smart at least at this point in time.
  6. I like it overall, but think that it is more of a cool idea than it is something that is a great song. Like with a bit of re-arranging and reworking I could see it being a solid tune but to me it just doesn't quite reach its potential
  7. You can catch COVID outside especially if everyone is squished together per the 100% capacity suggestion
  8. Lately I am doing a ton of Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Switch
  9. Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose
  10. Although Axl had better come prepared for these shows or else "Axl Rose still dealing with the aftermath of getting COVID" will be the news headlines if he Mickeys it up
  11. I think that Slash and Duff posted the "GNR at Coachella" ad and logo on their social media prior to the Troubador show although I could be remembering wrong. I do remember the first time we knew they were back in GNR being them posting the GNR logos on their own social media, prior to the Troubador show - but the Troubador show itself was unannounced and a total suprise
  12. Ultimately as unhappy as I am with TB when it comes to how they approach GNR's business, I think that Axl is the one the buck gets passed off to. Because at the end of the day, managers are hired by the band, and Axl is definitely the one calling the big shots for the band - otherwise since Slash and Duff's return we probably would have had 5 albums and every album re-released in box set format if their productivity is any indication lol If Axl didn't like or approve of what they are doing they would have been long gone by now
  13. I love GNR but in no world would they ever beat The Stones, and in no world where AC/DC would beat Zeppelin lol
  14. Lol they can do a whole trilogy. Berlin 2018, Bridge School 2012, and then a re-release of Rio 2011
  15. I can relate so much to this post, like I was for so long able to let a ton of stuff slide over the years, especially from the reunion to 2018. I was willing to wait a bit and let the band get some stuff going on with the newly reformed lineup because hey, the buzz of having Slash and Duff back in the band was carrying me through it all But then longer and longer time passes it seemed clear that things on the creative end were the same as the 2009-2015 era - excuses, silence, and even worse than before because now we have even more meaningless products with the GNR branding coming out fo
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