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  1. I get it for sure, just to me it would be like Playboy releasing photos of Pam Anderdon from 20 years ago going "here is the brand new Pam Anderson photoshoot" lol. I would rather he just release the CD era tracks as-is in a "1996-2008 Chinese Era" boxset related to that era and hang it up if he can't bring new vocals to a new GNR album, although judging by Rock the Rock I still think he can rock it in the studio
  2. I totally agree with that man, I personally have zero interest anymore in really much of any of the tracks that were tracked in the Chinese era. That era creatively is a decade or more past, and I don't want Slash and Duff merely overdubbing parts on 10-20 year old drum/vocal/additional guitar tracks. I am down for a few fresh re-recordings of CD era song with the current lineup with additions and revisions from Slash and Duff though I would love to hear some freshly written songs coming from Slash, Duff, and Axl
  3. I am sure Ted Cruz will get a few tweets aimed at him from Axl now that Trump is out lol. Unfortunately a lot of those spineless "election fraud" conspiracy theorists or conspiracy theory supporters are still in office so we are not completely out of the woods of the insanity
  4. Happy Birthday to Steven! Always has and always will be my favorite GNR drummer - seeing him guest at the Dodger Stadium show was one of my GNR highlights seeing the big 3+1 jamming it out on stage
  5. I honestly think that be it 2008 or in 2000, the biggest mistake Axl made was to attach this project with the GNR name. And that isn't even a "this isn't GNR" thing, I just think that not having the immediate association with one of the biggest and most famous rock discogs from the 80s onwards would have done Chinese some good and set it apart from preconceived notions I know Axl probably wanted the big record deal funding that comes from the GNR name, but maybe a tighter and stricter budget would have forced him to make a more cohesive musical statement in a shorter amount of time as we
  6. Wait, are you sure you are on the right forum? mytednugentforum.com is that way >>
  7. ^ That was a cool interview, some interesting guitar talk such as the string gauges and whatnot that Slash doesn't usually talk about much, or is asked about much in interviews
  8. He is probably at home figuring out whether he likes Hard School with Slash's guitar additions 1.5 dB louder or not
  9. Ironically Marc's guitar style would have benefited most with the ideas Slash brought to the table that Axl and Duff rejected lol
  10. All are pretty much the same, like same effects and all that, the only difference in arrangements from my memory is Josh versus Brain playing the drum track, or additional guitar overdubs on the Rough Mixes #1 disk I forgot how many actual different literal mixes there are because I deleted all but the best sounding Josh version and best sounding Brain version lol
  11. If Axl sounded like he did in 2016, without a question hell yeah! Otherwise, what was a sure thing would get me second guessing whether it would be a once in a lifetime event or a "well this would be amazing if this was 10 years ago" thing lol
  12. I am hoping that whatever songs they pick, new or old, all I know is the last thing I would want is Slash re-recording in 2021 a Bumble part from 2007 that was recorded alongside Axl vocals from 1999 and with Josh Freese drums that Brain recorded over only to be replaced by Frank lol So I hope that there is just a bit more of an actual band recording setting to capture the energy of the band in a way that IMO Chinese didn't (hell even Frank can sound great recorded judging by the couple random singles from bands he recorded with these past few years)
  13. Slash did sound great on this, I think having a rhythm section that pumped up and that energized helps give his solo ideas extra weight as well
  14. Personally I am still wondering why Black Hole Sun was/is still a regular setlist piece - even in 2019 Chris had been gone for 2 years and the setlist was already bloated with covers as-is It just isn't a song that I really clamor to hear anyone but the Soundgarden guys do anyways, with the exception being people who change up the vibe of the song and do their own thing with it like Norah Jones
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