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  1. To me it is dissapointing that it sounds like the only stuff we will be getting is "Slash and Duff re-record over 20 year old stuff". There really is something to be said for new songs fully recorded at the time of writing, and I think that it is a shame that a band known for that is no longer operating in a way that serves the music at hand. For rock music, I want a rock band being a rock band. Not a couple of rock musicians re-recording over a 20 year old recording and modifying those recordings in a Frankensteined way I don't mind if they use Axl's old CD era material - just be an actual band and record the rhythm tracks and overdubber tracks like an actual live rock n' roll band
  2. The key is to not believe any of these people to begin with if something actually does surface you are pleasantly suprised, if nothing occurs, it is to be expected in GNR world
  3. If I had a shot for every time Tommy Lee said "fuck" in that near 3 minute clip the ghost of John Bonham would visit me and tell me to chill out
  4. Just like I still have a sealed copy of Chinese Democracy I purchased at Best Buy on it's release day for sentimental reasons, to me this Hard Skool/Absurd CD will be a memento of a snapshot in this moment in time for me. I am cool spending 6 bucks on such a thing, even if I wished there was more there to really cling onto sonically
  5. Lol for real you joined in 2016 and I have not seen a single post that isn't just shitting on other people's posts you disagree with, I would suggest shitposting with us and talk GNR on occasion What's your fav GNR song? Who is your fav GNR guitarist? I think if your posts are all complaining about fans and nothing actually about GNR you may wanna reverse that lol
  6. Gimme 2017-2021 over 2001-2 anyday IMO. What Axl doesn't have during these recent years Slash more than makes up for it with his guitar work which is in my opinion the MVP of the reunion I am all for sonic evolution, but I am also a Slash fanboy
  7. Somebody tell Axl that the end result of GNR not releasing new albums is a GNR forum turning into people talking about the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in a GNR new album thread
  8. Tour is over and the new songs have been out for a little while now, it is fairly typically to have this level of activity during the downtime If GNR were actively promoting the new songs via interviews, music videos, etc. it would probably be a bit more lively at the moment
  9. The mix was EQ'd to me in a way that just sounds... thin. Almost like you are hearing it via an AM radio If you put on a track from Appetite from the original '87 mastering and this, the 1987 mix and master sounds richer and more encapsulating of the frequency spectrum, which is crazy. I dig the actual arrangements and the new performances via Slash and Duff, but the mix is a bit lacking IMO
  10. Gonna listen to this tonight, thank you as always for keeping the GNR flame going with these podcasts dude!
  11. Don't get me wrong it is very well done! Maybe it is because I got into mixing a bit when getting my degree, but the fact Axl's vocal track was made with spliced syllables using audio manipulation to change the pitch and layering it to mask it, is very obvious - as well as the tones and overall presentation. It is very well done of course, but to me there are many giveaways that would easily debunk it as a genuine GNR recording / a non-home recorded affair
  12. Checking Reddit, how the hell are so many people genuinely fooled by it though? lol
  13. Evader's version is so well done it is fooling people still years after the fact
  14. To the general public, it for sure is the first "real" GNR sounding track since the old days, based on the people I have talked to who have heard it
  15. Honestly I would be so grateful if you can ask Josh if he remembers if Hard Skool was a Slash-era GNR tune or a Chinese era tune! Because of all the rumors of it being an old school GNR track made for the Jackie Chan movie back in the right-before-the-breakup era of GNR and he may be one of the few who can answer that for us. He definitely seems, based on previous interviews to be open to GNR questions and this would be thematically appropriate since HS just came out!
  16. Honestly and I am saying this from personal experience being a longtime GNR fan, nobody should give a single thought or a single care in the world to that database stuff or anything. Don't even consciously give it any thought, only if an official from-the-camp full album announcement happens lol. Anything else is a waste of time, and a ticket straight to disappointment If we care too much about that database shit, we will all be disappointed if a full album doesn't happen. If we don't even give it a thought, what is the worst that happens? A new album doesn't happen and we are less disappointed, or a new album does happen and we are pleasantly suprised Idk maybe it is just because I have been burned too many times, but I am just over the speculation aspect of GNR. I don't even care at this point, unless an official announcement happens
  17. That being said there were some killer moments that night. Fiona Apple singing All Night Thing was unexpected (until her last min announcement) and was amazing
  18. Yeah Hard School especially to me is the most "demo" sounding out of the two but I hooe that if they are on a proper full album they get a new mix to blend wirh the rest of the material. Rush did that with two songs off Clockwork Angels, did an initial mix for the singles and then another mix for the album
  19. What should be next: interviews to promote the recent singles to keep the buzz going, a new album next year and shows to support that. Remastered UYI box set perhaps What probably is next: radio silence, Axl ranting about politics on Twitter, and a new line of GNR toys being unveiled on social media
  20. If you wanna know what a collab with DJ Khaled would be like just take PRL and add him saying the words "I am DJ Khaled" over and over again on top of the track
  21. Definitely to me a "what's next" should be a buildup to an album release, and timing the album release with shows next year. That would give Slash time to do his stuff with SMKC as well
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