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  1. So cute! Tattoos and all.. I really need these!
  2. Adler Playing YCBM

    AMAZING. He looks awesome and sounds awesome.
  3. Facing the Facts

    But I think they sound awesome and I'm serious? They didn't sound better in 80's or 90's, let's face the facts.
  4. Zonkeytoys said they will come out in December but who knows really..
  5. Ok so I sent Funko an email and they didn't know at all when they are going to release Axl and Slash Funkos. I also asked if it's true they are going to do Duff too and they didn't answer, they only talked about Axl and Slash so I don't know if they are going to do Duff at all or if it's a surprise. Gonna buy Lemmy soon and preorder Axl and Slash.
  6. GNR Women's discussion

    Thank you! and no, not a man!
  7. GNR Women's discussion

    Perla's new Instagram post tells me there is going to be some drama. Hope it's not between her, Slash and Meegan.
  8. GNR Women's discussion

    Pretty sure it's Axl posting on Slash's account.
  9. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Oh thanks! Do you guys think they will be doing any European dates in 2018 summer? 2017 looks pretty bad for Finland.
  10. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Yep!What were the prices before this tour?
  11. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    How much are the average GNR ticket prices in Europe? I need to know how much money I have to get. I don't need VIP tickets or anything.
  12. Rest in peace. 21 years is a long time..
  13. GNR Women's discussion

    I'm sure he actually does that. No doubt.
  14. Memorabilias stolen

    I am so sorry...