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  1. Dear Fermanager,

    Your dream standards seem pretty low
  2. Dear Fermanager,

    it sounds promising
  3. DJ Ashba quits Guns N' Roses

    Having read Fernando's messages at HTGTH, all I can say is : :lol:
  4. DJ Ashba quits Guns N' Roses

    Yes, because it worked so well the first time they were in the "band"
  5. DJ Ashba quits Guns N' Roses

    yeah, let's stay positive! Fakegnr's future looks bright!
  6. Shut the fuck up, seriously.
  7. These girls have aged better than Axl.
  8. Duff shouldn't play with fakegnr. Sometimes, he's really spineless.
  9. CD isn't underrated. It's mediocre, that's how it is. Axl stole most of the weird sounds from "The Shining" soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qo7Ma768faY
  10. What Does Axl Do Every Day?

    Axl is working really hard on CD2 "All work and no play makes Axl a dull boy"
  11. Layla & Ron's "last goodbye"?

    The covers won't sound the same without him.
  12. There's nothing to be clarified: nugnr is over.