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  1. A new GnR pinball machine would probably be the only pinball machine made that would charge you for a "free play."
  2. Here you Go!! Sitting at work today streaming the Rock Station I mentioned playing Rock the Rock on rotation, and low and behold it came on. Took my phone out and recorded it.
  3. 2 versions of LA Guns?? Isn't this the same thing Queensryche went through?
  4. This station is actually pretty good, they play everything from Classic Rock to current....On an out of town drive this past Monday, I heard this station play the following bands: Kiss, Rolling Stones, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Metallica, Rival Sons, Black Keys, Motley Crue (New Single), The Beatles....pretty good mix of new/old.
  5. I was surprised when I turned on the radio yesterday to a local rock station, and heard the station playing the "Rock the Rock" song Axl did for the Looney Tunes episode. To my surprise again, I heard it on the way to work this morning. Once the song finished, the DJ stated, "Rock the Rock, the latest release from Axl Rose." The station is based out of Hazard, KY and is 97.9 WZQQ. Anyone else heard a version of this song played on the radio...anywhere?
  6. Old Axl Rose Diss Track?

    Wait a minute....what if Scott Savage is really Steven Adler's alias he uses...HUM...I think we found the culprit. LOL