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  1. Probably not the worst thing that happens to these kids on the journey (14yo girls arrive at the border with morning after pills packed by their parents), and those laws haven't changed since Obama - if he's reacting to this then he's watching too much Fake News. Some musicians release politically motivated songs.... Maybe theres something locked in the vault
  2. You appear to be correct, my mistake - I've confused the "kill your idols" slogan - Axl wore one with a picture of Jesus.
  3. The fact that he doesn't do interviews, doesn't release new music, used to wear Che Guevara (not the hero most people think) and Charles Manson tshirts etc. - its hard to fathom how he now identifies with "the left" and makes the effort to regularly comment against Trump on Twitter. Makes me feel there must be some specific thing/issue... or maybe he just watches too much "fake news"
  4. Slightly off topic, but does anyone have a theory why Axl is so anti-Trump?