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  1. Imagine how Liverpool fans feel..waiting 30 years for a league title
  2. Why would anyone give a fuck about a CD remix album..ita been 12 years since CD came out.beating a dead horse now..time to move on
  3. Fuck this fucking band
  4. There are shitloads of technically skilled guitarists...take a look at youtube...the real skill comes from writing memorable songs, riffs, solos..making people emote...Fortus has no track record of doing that...it's absurd how he is highly rated by some on this forum
  5. We are not in court...you know what I mean...care to address the point?
  6. What has Richard done for you to say he is currently the best guitarist in GNR?That is an absurd statement. Has he ever written a song???.let alone a hit?? He has no signature style or sound...is a glorified session musician...playing a pretend rockstar with the stupid windmills he does..
  7. The best musicians for GNR are Slash and Duff
  8. No ...there can't be any trace of Bucket and Robin...that era is over.....get over it...I want a raw bluesy tone...the true follow up to the Illusion records
  9. Showing your intelligence there with the "Ok Boomer" comeback
  10. I want to hear it..Corgan still writes some great stuff
  11. What the fuck is wrong with these guys?...they are a bunch of absolute cunts...just stick the music on the streaming services and let the fans find it...other major artists have no problem with this...they have made a fortune touring so money shouldn't be an issue...one album in 30 years from Axl...sitting on quality songs recorded 20 years ago and won't release them..the guy has serious issues...pissing away his God given talent
  12. Who's the Mac Daddy?

    Axl is obviously talking about himself
  13. Love the agression...need slash's guitar to bring that out of Axl..was missing on Chinese Democracy
  14. Silkworms is fucking great..love the aggression...that's what I missed most from Chinese Democracy...PUSSY FOR THE MAGGOTS!!
  15. Fortus has no stage presence...a complete poser...cannot stand the stupid windmill things he does...everything he does on stage is an act... forced rock star moves.....there is nothing to suggest he is a good writer either..he is technically a very good guitar player but that's it