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  1. Eye On You kicks ass.... imagine if we got access to the vault...there is probably loads of great experimental stuff there...but Axl just sits on his ass..refusing to release music..Christ the dude has serious issues...needs a good kick up the hole
  2. It's always someone else's fault...how do other artists manage to release material?.
  3. Id love to meet Axl...sit him down and ask him how he feels about completely pissing away his talent..the logic behind releasing one album in 30 years...why he is sitting on completed songs for 20 years and not releasing them..what he does on a day to day basis..is he not embarrassed when he sees his peers releasing album after album..building up a legacy...why the fuck can he not stay in shape...the dude is hitting 60...the end is approaching..what the fuck is he waiting for?
  4. 2025?...really? ..based on what logic?...or did you just pull that year out of your arse...nobody knows anything..
  5. It's a weird board for sure with the Fat Axl crap...but there a couple of posters that seem legit and were on the ball with the leaks a couple of years ago
  6. Rumors on another board that Izzy and Adler are back in...
  7. Fuck me..that band is done..if it was good enough Axl would have released it..move on
  8. I have every confidence Hard School will be an absolute banger once Slash and Duff get their hands on it...even listening to the soundtrack snippet you can see the work gone into the intro...sounded much better...
  9. AC/DC are about to release a new album... Bon Jovi just released one..its shit..but he still got it out...Smashing Pumpkins are releasing a new album next month...tired of excuses.. Eddie Van Halen just died ...life is short...someone should tell Axl
  10. Finck had charisma... Buckethead had charisma..Slash has charisma..Fortus has no charisma
  11. That's a bit harsh...Definitely Maybe and What's the Story are all killer no filler....I fucking love the obnoxious cocaine fueled Be Here Now...My Big Mouth is incredible, Dont Believe The Truth was great as well..
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