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  1. AC/DC are about to release a new album... Bon Jovi just released one..its shit..but he still got it out...Smashing Pumpkins are releasing a new album next month...tired of excuses.. Eddie Van Halen just died ...life is short...someone should tell Axl
  2. Finck had charisma... Buckethead had charisma..Slash has charisma..Fortus has no charisma
  3. That's a bit harsh...Definitely Maybe and What's the Story are all killer no filler....I fucking love the obnoxious cocaine fueled Be Here Now...My Big Mouth is incredible, Dont Believe The Truth was great as well..
  4. The first Beautiful Creatures album with DJ is fucking great...the dude can write hard rock riffs and songs... don't know why he was such a dud with GNR..the absolute butchering of the This I Love solo..Mother of God
  5. Its not gonna be released until they tour again..so you are looking at late next summer....and if the Americans continue to not treat Covid seriously... well ....we are going to be waiting longer than that
  6. I really liked Duff's new bass intro and the new Slash licks over the top.... thought it had potential
  7. They are very well known in the UK...and everywhere else on the fucking planet
  8. Why would anyone give a fuck about a CD remix album..ita been 12 years since CD came out.beating a dead horse now..time to move on
  9. There are shitloads of technically skilled guitarists...take a look at youtube...the real skill comes from writing memorable songs, riffs, solos..making people emote...Fortus has no track record of doing that...it's absurd how he is highly rated by some on this forum
  10. We are not in court...you know what I mean...care to address the point?
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