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  1. It's not really comparable. Jon hasn't sounded like himself since 2002 at the earliest. Other than a few performances or concerts in the last decade or so, his raspy powerful voice from the 90's has been nonexistent. Trust me, as a Bon Jovi fan, I would know. Whereas Axl Rose, just 8 years ago, had a strong powerful voice. It was full of rasp and power, his energy on stage was high, and he was in better shape and IMO was the last time he looked like Axl Rose. Every since Rock N Rio 2011 he was a completely different person IMO with little drive and hardly any passion. Were their good performances here and there, yes. But, they added more classic songs like Estranged and Civil War, dropped Chinese Democracy songs like If The World and IRS. Axl gained significant weight and started to look more like Elvis is the 70's than the Axl Rose only from 2010 that was in better shape and with more passion. IMO, something happened between the last show in 2010 and RNR 2011 that changed Axl. People can compare the 80's singers to Axl Rose, but the problem is a lot of the 80's singers lost their voice a long time ago. Vince Neil hasn't sounded good live in 20 years, the fact that were comparing Axl Rose to Vince Neil (who was not a great singer to begin with) is astounding. I like how people only compare him to bad singers, and not singers like Bruce Springsteen, Steven Tyler, David Coverdale, Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx who still sound good after 30 years.