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  1. Adler's Appetite Has New Singer

    I love Stevens drumming and he has good intentions, but I could see how he could get overwhelming. The constant turnover in his bands over the years is proof to that. Nothing that Steven is involved in goes smoothly or lasts long.
  2. As far as we know, Steven smokes pot but doesn't drink or do hard drugs. There was an interview with Chip Z'Nuff who said Steven talked to him after playing with GNR in Cincinnati and Steven told him he was smoking weed. That is just idiotic. No wonder Slash and Duff don't want to be around him. He has no judgment. Your sober friends finally give you what you've wanted for 20+ years and right after you light up a joint? Real smart, Steven.
  3. New single sounds great! They have definitely developed their own recognizable sound. Most people say it's boring and generic, I couldn't disagree any more! This is 100 times better than most stuff that gets played on rock radio nowadays
  4. Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

    I'm seeing them in Seattle later this month for the first time. Should be a treat to see Jimmy Chamberlin live in person. By far the best 90's drummer and one of the all time greats as well
  5. GN'R Ex-Guitarist Busted for DUI SWEET MUG O' MINE!

    That haircut alone is grounds to get arrested
  6. I signed it. Why not? Nothing to lose but a lot to gain. I honestly would rather Izzy play a solo gig with his usual guys (Rick Richards, Taz Bentley, JT Longoria). His solo material is great stuff and to hear a lot of it live for the first time would be killer. At this point, I've heard the GNR songs way too many times and am kind of tired of them. I would prefer something new.
  7. The most Epic Videos of Gnr post 90s

    Tremendous performance from Izzy. Too bad we didn't get to see that on the NITL tour.
  8. Totally agree. The chorus is painful in every video I've seen of GNR doing Slither. I can't believe Slash and Duff were willing to play it if that's what it sounded like in rehearsals.
  9. That’s a real insightful response. Instead of expressing yourself with emoji’s, maybe tell me why you think Axl is better. Link some videos where you think Axl is great. I’m open to discussion. You giving me nothing but face palms isn’t going to change my mind. Here's some video of Scott
  10. Agree. Dare I say that Axl is the weak link of the original 5? I think he is if you compare his recent performances to the other 4.
  11. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    There's a lot more cons than pros in regards to this tour. The only pro is getting Axl and Slash back together. Most people thought that would never happen. But there's a list of cons. No Izzy. Steven's limited participation. Terrible setlist. Poor performances from Axl. Little to no interviews and promotion. And Frank's mediocre drumming. If the plan is to continue with this lineup, I hope they bag everything and retire GNR. I'm much more looking forward to Slash getting back together with Myles and the Conspirators than I am for any future GNR shows. This lineup has lost its luster to me.
  12. Totally agree. I'd take that lineup over the NITL lineup every day of the week.
  13. Anybody with a decent ear for vocals can come to the conclusion that Weiland was much better than Axl. To me, Axl’s appeal was always about his attitude and unpredictability, not his singing. Even in his prime he was inconsistent. Weiland in his prime blows away Axl in his prime. It’s not even close in my opinion.
  14. Scott all the way. Axl ruins Slither by trying to be raspy in the chorus. Scott was true to the original on Its So Easy. And overall, Scott was a much better vocalist. He may not have had as wide of a range as Axl, but he was much more versatile. I like to call him a vocal chameleon. He could do the powerful hard rocking stuff and also sing ballads beautifully with a much cleaner toned voice. He was a much more diverse singer than Axl.
  15. You Ain’t the First is a great song, but I’d have to put 14 Years, Double Talkin Jive, and Pretty Tied Up higher on the list of my favorite Izzy GNR songs. Think About You and Dust N Bones are great too. Hard to pick because they’re all phenomenal tracks